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Jessica Alba Drops Honor- and Lots of Toys- Off At Daycare

Jessica Alba dropped daughter Honor off at daycare today…with a bunch of brightly colored, plastic toys and a training potty!

It must have been really fun for passerbys to see the actress- looking chic as usual- struggling to carry a bunch of children’s playthings with Honor slugging along a big, green training toilet.  I love all the pictures of this adorable family…they’re growing up so fast!

Do you think Honor should get to bring all her favorite things to daycare?

Photos: FameFlynet

Posted Tuesday, September 18th, 2012 at 2:14pm
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Jessica Alba’s New Sin City 2 Look

Jessica Alba‘s got a new ‘do for her Sin City 2 role!

The actress stopped by the Firing Line indoor shooting range for target practice in Los Angeles yesterday, and then headed to The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for a drink.  The star’s been lightening her hair a bit for her upcoming (and much anticipated) role but now it’s looking really blonde!

What do you think: does her new look seem over processed and unnatural, or do you think it’s got an edge?  I kind of dig the way many stars are looking a touch 1992 these days: the denim, plaid flannel…


Photos: FameFlynet

Posted Monday, August 27th, 2012 at 3:15pm
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Gabby Douglas Getting Slammed For Hairstyle Choice

While two-time gold medal winner Gabby Douglas should be celebrating and focusing on her next events- some people are coming down on her hard for her choice of hairstyle!

The 16-year-old’s hair is under major for for its appearance and supposed failure to “represent” the African American community, critics say.

Douglas’ hair is  chemically-straightened  and pulled into a ponytail with barrettes and gel.  Since gymnastics involves a lot of motion (obviously) the ponytail is tight and the hair held down by product.  Gabby’s hair matches the coifs of her four Caucasian “Fab Five” teammates Aly Raisman, Mckayla Maroney, Kyla Ross and Jordyn Wieber. It’s not just the style, though- many African-American women are bashing her for her hair being straightened, and would prefer her hair to be in curls, free-flowing, or in braids.

Of course Gabby’s awesome mom, Natalie Hawkins, quickly came to the defense of her champion daughter.

“It’s really been African American women that have come out and attacked her,” claimed Hawkins of the tweeters who criticized Douglas. “They don’t know about gymnastics. She has to keep her hair in a ponytail 28 to 30 hours a week. We grew her hair out because she preferred long hair. I’m not going to make her cut her hair just to please someone else.”

Nor should she! I get that the African-American community wants Gabby to represent them, but she’s just a teenager who wants to do well in gymnastics! Can’t she wear her hair the way she prefers it, and it not get interpreted as some grandiose statement about race? Sheesh!

Photo: FameFlynet

Posted Tuesday, August 7th, 2012 at 1:13pm
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PICS: Miley Cyrus gets the Rachel haircut from Jennifer Aniston’s hairdresser!

Miley Cyrus has gone Rachel!

The singer had a very famous house call over the weekend, when one of Hollywood’s most famous stylists, Chris McMillan, stopped by for an appointment. Chris is one of Hollywood’s hottest hair dressers, the man, in fact, behind Jennifer Aniston’s “Rachel” haircut from her ‘Friends’ days.

Not only has McMillan worked with Jennifer Aniston, he’s also cut the hair of Cameron Diaz and Nicole Richie.

During McMillan’s visit, the 19-year-old Tweeted pics of the cut and color process. “Who says Chris McMillan doesn’t color? Oh yeah Chris himself :) Just for his favorite little angel,” Cyrus wrote on Saturday.

After he was done, Miley Tweeted a picture of her signature high bun, and said “Whew. Still fits in bun.”

What was behind Miley’s transformation? Could it be for her wedding to fiance Liam Hemsworth?

What do you think of her new hair do? I LOVE it. I think she looks beautiful!!


Posted Monday, August 6th, 2012 at 7:07am
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