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Gwyneth Paltrow Wants To Know Why Women Are Mean To Each Other

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Gwyneth Paltrow is back on her high horse, but she also kinda has a point.

In the February issue of Harper’s Bazaar U.K., the GOOP founder explains what she means…

“Women really need to examine why they’re so vitriolic to other women,” the mother of two says. “Why they want to twist words, why they want to read about someone else in a negative light and why that feels good to them.”

That’s not to say that Mortdecai star Paltrow, 42, thinks all women are mean girls at heart. “But I also know a huge tribe of women who are loving and supportive of other women, in ways that are completely transformative,” she adds.

“I think we are a generation of women who are different in a lot of respects, and some of us want to be ambitious, and for it not to be a dirty word,” she tells the magazine. “We want to be feminine and soft, we want to be maternal, we want to be sexual, we want to be explorers – and we can be a combination of all of these archetypes.You can be powerful, but you can also be vulnerable,” she says. “[I have] learnt the power of kindness and the importance of non-judgmental ways of looking at others.”

(Via People)

Of course, she’s right.  But it’s just so OBNOXIOUS when Gwyneth says it…

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GOOP Does ‘Jailbird Cake’ To Shade Martha Stewart

GOOP Does 'Jailbird Cake' To Shade Martha Stewart

Back in October, Martha Stewart took a stab at poking fun at Gwyneth Paltrow’s divorce from Chris Martin with a full page recipe for a holiday pie with the title “Conscious Coupling”. Now, it appears that Gwynnie has decided to fire back with her “Jailbird Cake”.

From Martha Stewart’s holiday pie picture:

Every Thanksgiving table should be blessed with the presence of a long-married pair who bring out the best in each other, are completely enamored despite their differences, and leave every other guest thinking, I’ll have what they’re having. Our holiday pies honor such so there’s a pleasant mix of textures and flavors in every bite. No matter how you slice partnerships, each spotlighting the perfect marriage of crust and filling these six irresistible desserts, there is a whole lot to love.

Jailbird Cake seems kind of a lame response to Martha’s shade, so we’re going to award this round to Martha. You can check out the recipe for GOOP’s lame cake here.


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Did Gwyneth Paltrow Ditch Her Healthy Lifestyle?

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Gwyneth Paltrow may be known for her effete “healthy” lifestyle…until now!

In Touch reports that when the GOOP founder discovered her ex-husband, Chris Martin, got back together with Jennifer Lawrence, she ditched seen at the Coldplay rocker’s Malibu home on both Oct. 27 and Oct. 30.

I guess “Conscious uncoupling” might be a bit more difficult than it sounds! According to InTouch:

On her way to a photo shoot on Halloween, Gwyneth was so on edge she started smoking and even tried to get her driver to stop for a drink so she could calm her nerves, the insider tells In Touch. “She never smokes or drinks like that,” the insider adds, “so everyone knew something was up.”

“She was a mess all day,” the insider says of Gwyneth, who last year declared that she allows herself to smoke a single cigarette every Saturday night. (Oct. 31 happened to be a Friday.) She was chain-smoking, says the insider, and “started frantically texting Chris.”

I LOVE seeing perfect Gwyneth a little on edge. Is that wrong?

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Gwyneth Paltrow Isn’t Perfect?!?! -And Other LINKS!!!

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