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Jennifer Aniston’s Tan-tervention. -And other LINKS!!!

Jennifer Aniston is all smiles on the set of 'The Bounty' in NYC Pictured: Jennifer Aniston Ref: SPL116667  300709   Picture by: Jackson Lee / Splash News Splash News and Pictures Los Angeles:	310-821-2666 New York:	212-619-2666 London:	870-934-2666

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Ariana Grande Ain’t Nobody’s Property. -And Other LINKS!!!


Ariana Grande doesn’t play like that Dlisted

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Of Course Spencer Pratt Has To Pipe In About Bruce Jenner

3rd Annual Reality TV Awards

Wait- a way to get into the limelight for two seconds? Spencer Pratt is IN!

The Hills alum talked to US Weekly at the fourth rung of hell- er, I mean the Reality TV Awards on Wednesday, where he discussed Bruce Jenner‘s transition from male to female and in true Pratt form, made sure the media knew he knew what was up the WHOLE time.

“I did watch Bruce’s special [with Diane Sawyer],” I was pretty aware of the situation for like, the last ten years, you know,” he told Us. “I knew there was something going on, you know, years ago, certain things…”

Not surprisingly Pratt was not keen on telling US Weekly any more specifics, but he did want to note that he talked to his brah Brody Jenner about it because, you know, brahs talk about this stuff.

“Yeah, I’ve talked to Brody about it! It’s all great. He’s very excited… supportive!” He added that he was throwing his full support behind Brody and of course, Bruce. “He can do whatever he wants,” he told Us, while fembot Heidi Montag chimed in: “We support the pursuit of happiness!”

And the next thing the two were DYING to talk about aside from gender politics and the role of the media? REALITY TV, of course:

“We love reality TV,” Montag, 28, noted. “It’s hard being on reality TV now! It’s like, so competitive and cut-throat and crazy. It’s gnarly. But we love Love & Hip Hop, we love Party Down South, we love love Real World/Road Rules Challenges, we love Total Divas, we love…”

“Kardashians,” her husband continued. He also spoke about what he likes about the genre. “I’m not complaining, but in a perfect world, we could just watch reality TV all day long,” he told Us. “So much more fun watching than being on reality TV.”

(US Weekly)

Yes, in a perfect world you two would be watching reality tv all day, so you’d be too occupied to give ridiculous interviews.

Photo: FameFlynet

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Jon Cryer And Demi Moore Used To Date. WEIRD!

Jon Cryer Talks Hookers, Porn And Charlie Sheen

Wow, this sounds AWKWARD.

Jon Cryer admitted in his recently released tell-all memoir that he and Demi Moore– ex of Ashton Kutcher- used to be an item way back in the day.

While dishing with Entertainment Tonight, Jon ‘fessed up to how awkward it was in his first meeting with Charlie Sheen‘s replacement:

“It was awkward in that I’m not sure she even told him that we dated. In our first meeting, we’re trying to have that let’s-create-that-chemistry meeting, and the whole time I’m looking at him, waiting for him to drop the bomb.”

Eek, Awkward to the max.  Don’t believe that quote, while on Live! With Kelly and Michael, Jon elaborated on how excruciating the whole interaction was:

“It was a little bit awkward because she and I had dated when he was 7, so there was that aspect. I don’t know if you recall, but this was during the firestorm of all the craziness when Charlie Sheen left the show and he was a possible guy taking over, so we had a meeting to see how it would go…

I didn’t know if she had even told him that we had dated, so for the whole meeting, he didn’t say anything. Every time he’d make a joke, I’d be kind of awkward, like, ‘Ha, ha, ha! That’s a great joke! Because we’re old friends, you know? It’s not like I dated your wife!’ It was a very awkward meeting, but at the very end of it, he said, ‘She told me. It’s cool. Don’t worry about it.'”

Woah, Ashton was SEVEN when Demi and Jon dated. Wrap your head around THAT.

Photo: FameFlynet

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