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JWoww Hates Her Pregnancy Body — And Other Links!

JWoww Hates Her Pregnancy Body -- And Other Links!

JWwow hates her pregnancy body — see it here – DListed

Taylor Swift has good form – Celebslam

Kylie Jenner needs to get off Instagram & go to school – Fishwrapper

Neil Patrick Harris has a snake in his pants – ASL

Kim Kardashian still looks stupid in Paris – Celebitchy

Leonardo DiCaprio is an excellent dancer – Popbytes

The IRS is still after MC HammerEvil Beet Gossip

Zac Efron & Halston Sage are totally dating – INO

Lindsay Lohan was drinking like a fish at Coachella – DListed

Jessica Simpson is noticeably less round – Celebslam

It’s time for Jenny McCarthy to STFU – Fishwrapper

Mad Men season 7 premiere recap: “Time Zones” – ASL

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Farrah Abraham’s Porn Sequel — And Other LINKS!

Farrah Abraham's Porn Sequel -- And Other LINKS!

Farrah Abraham is a porn star now – DListed

George Takei is wrong, for once – Fishwrapper

Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt made $500k from staged photos – Celebslam

Could Adam Lambert be joining Queen? – ASL

Tom Hiddleton’s cute self gets scruffy for Top Gear – Celebitchy

Take a ride on Lily Allen’s “Air Balloon” – Popbytes

Here’s what Mia Farrow sent Woody Allen for Valentine’s Day in ’92 – DListed

Natural Nicki Minaj is the best Nicki Minaj – Fishwrapper

Is LeAnn Rimes’ butt flabby? – Celebslam

Norman Reedus explains why viewers love Daryl Dixon – ASL

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Pretty Little PHOTOSHOP. -And Other LINKS!!!


Ashley Benson does NOT like this promo. Here’s why! Dlisted

Kanye West got a little more hilarious Fishwrapper

Lea Michele talks Corey Monteith ASL

Daniel Craig‘s grumpy sex appeal Celebitchy

How will you celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Spice Girls? Evil Beet Gossip

Miss yourself some Katie Holmes and Suri? INO

This couple that has been together more than 11 years just broke UP! Dlisted

Did Jennifer Aniston just call her marriage to Brad Pitt “awkward?!” Fishwrapper

…and speaking of awkward moments CDL

Kirsten Dunst without makeup!  ASL

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Carrie Underwood Was #2 Casting Choice For “The Sound of Music”

The 65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards-Arrivals in LA

Not sure if you watched The Sound of Music last night,but it was met with mixed reviews, especially in terms of Carrie Underwood’s performance. Turns out, though, that the original von Trapp family was NOT on board with Carrie’s casting as Maria!

In fact ,they wanted someone TOTALLY different for the job.  Find out who after the jump!


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Rashida Jones Is RAD. -And Other LINKS!!!


Rashida Jones is a hero, and should be treated as such.  Dlisted

Guess what star looks AMAZING without makeup? Fishwrapper

Robert Pattinson spent a night out with what couple?! ASL

You’ll never miss Lady Gaga in this getup.  INO

Brad Pitt be cheatin’ Celebitchy

Guess what star is a MAJOR artist celeb stalker? Bohomoth

Kirstie Alley thinks Leah Rimini is a bigot have u heard

Seriously, how long before Justin Bieber gets arrested? EvilBeetGossip

Spencer Pratt is still a total idiot Dlisted

Joe Jonas says more stuff about drugs n’ sex Fishwrapper

Kate Middleton is recycling dresses now.  ASL


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