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Amy Schumer And Jennifer Lawrence Danced To Billy Joel. -And Other LINKS!!!


And they danced, and they laughed, and they danced.  Dlisted

Miley Cyrus is making LOTS of friends. Fishwrapper

Michelle Rodriguez‘s O Face?!  Celebslam

Justin Bieber‘s new song, “What Do You Mean” is uh, confusing ASL

Ellen Page is an atheist Celebitchy

Jennifer Aniston went back to work! INO

Miley Cyrus went undercover to see what people think of her EvilBeetGossip

Lindsay Lohan went on a naked Italian wedding rampage Dlisted

Everybody wants Rob Kardashian to succeed Fishwrapper

Errybody in Kylie Jenner‘s club getting tipsy Celebslam

This butt is definitely NSFW. ASL

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Ben Affleck took his wedding ring off…FOREVER  Dlisted

Justin Bieber and Chris Brown are BFFS yay perfect Fishwrapper

Well Chelsea Handler just won worst instagram of 2015 Celebslam

Chris Pine’s creepy piercing blue eyes just turned 35 ASL

Benedict Cumberbatch‘s mom thinks he’s “very talented” Celebitchy

I’ve never liked Anne Hathaway so much in my life INO

Demi Lovato promises she never did ANY vagina flicking EvilBeetGossip

Love me some Chewbacca Crocs Dlisted

Hey anyone wanna date Jack Nicholson? No? Bueller? Fishwrapper

Ali Larter has perfect golden retriever hair Celebslam

Who’s signing up for the Justin Bieber apology tour? ASL

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Surprise! AshleyMadison.Com Is One Big, Lame Sausage Fest

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 9.22.31 AM

One of the more lame things about might not be that the site was so susceptible to a hack…but that all the women on the site were FAKE.

Based on in-depth analysis of the leaked user data, it turns out about 31 million men had profiles on the site, and only a mere 5.5 million “women,” and by women I mean…fake profiles generated by employees.

All in all, statisticians estimate that only 12,000 real women were actually signed up and of those, only about 1,500 actually checked their messages on the site. Wow.  Isn’t that funny how such a high profile site could be so…unsuccessful in ACTUALLY making good on it’s claim for a “guaranteed affair?”

Sorry, unfaithful SUCKAS.


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Chris Brown Keeps Making AMAZING Decisions. -And Other LINKS!!!


Oh, Chris Brown. I am LOVING THIS. Dlisted

Don’t forget Selena Gomez‘s hotness! Fishwrapper

Josh Duggar‘s first mistress pipes up celebslam

Calvin Harris wants you to know he does not appreciate photoshopped tweets ASL

Here’s a marriage you NEVER thought would be on the rocks Celebitchy

Justin Theroux talks married life INO

Is Justin Bieber banned from doing live interviews? EvilBeetGossip

Happy Birthday, Melissa McCarthy! Dlisted

Carmen Electra seems to never age. celebslam

Uh, this mess of a family falling apart was pretty much written in the stars Fishwrapper

Coco Austin proves it’s never to early to be a bad parent! ASL

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