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Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn Have A Weird Mother’s Day Tradition.

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Uh, okay.

Kate Hudson and her mom Goldie Hawn are gearing up for a low-key, fairly weird Mother’s Day.

On the red carpet of the annual Goldie’s Love In For Kids benefit in Beverly Hills, California the mother-daughter duo told reporters they plan on spending the day in bed being served brunch and mimosas by the men of the family.

“We’re going to Kate’s,” Hawn said. “Everybody’s kids will make things, and all the guys will be there, and then we’ll all get in bed and eat.”

Eh, weird. I know Hudson, 37, and Goldie, 70 are close, but come on. First of all, why isn’t KATE spending time with her two kids? Is this just no calorie, appreciate Goldie/Kate day? Are Kate’s kids (Ryder, 12, and Bingham, 4) chopped liver? Or will they be slaving over a hot oven making their mom some kind of gluten-free pancake? Bing’s only 4! COME ON!

Also, Kate is IN the movie Mother’s Day,  which is obviously currently in theaters. So they aren’t going to see/premiere that? All this sounds super weird. Sigh. Well, I guess mothers day is whatever you make of it.

What do YOU think of Kate and Goldie’s Mother’s Day Plans? WEIGH IN BELOW!

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Goldie Hawn: ‘Kurt Russell and I don’t have the perfect relationship’

Goldie Hawn: 'Kurt Russell and I don't have the perfect relationship'

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell have been together forever, but she says that they don’t have the perfect relationship. Hey, they’re making it work and for that they should be applauded after doing it for 32 years.

In an interview with “People”, Goldie said, “We have our ups and downs like everybody else. You have to want to stay together, and we really want to. Therefore, you work to be together. We don’t have a perfect relationship, sometimes I get mad and sometimes Kurt gets mad. It’s normal.”

She said that they do their best to keep the communication lines open to avoid any tension. She revealed, “Continuing to listen and grow is important because we get into bad habits in relationships. We’re cognizant of these things in our relationships, being mindful and caring and listening. In relationships, particularly love relationships, people are impatient. They don’t listen.”

There were recent reports that the long-time couple planned on walking down the aisle together, but Kurt shrugged those off in an interview. He said, “I was just talking to Goldie last night and I said, ‘I should really have fun things to say, I have none. They trot that one out every four or five years, now that we’re 400 years old. No, unfortunately, for those that need to hear yes, I do not have good news.”

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Kate Hudson, Oliver Hudson “Not Surprised” By Dad’s Behavior

51764205 Celebrities attend FL2 Launch at Gramercy Terrace at The Gramercy Park Hotel on June 4, 2015 in New York City, New York. Celebrities attend FL2 Launch at Gramercy Terrace at The Gramercy Park Hotel on June 4, 2015 in New York City, New York. Pictured: Kate Hudson, Oliver Hudson FameFlynet, Inc - Beverly Hills, CA, USA - +1 (818) 307-4813


After Bill Hudson publicly disowned his two eldest children, Kate and Oliver Hudson, on Sunday , apparently Goldie Hawn‘s kids were not surprised by his harsh words.

US Weekly’s source said the kids had “zero relationship” with their musician dad for years. “They don’t care and are not surprised by this,” the insider tells Us. “It’s been this way, and he’s been saying this stuff forever.”

Another insider close to Oliver echoes what the first source told Us. “They weren’t surprised at all that Bill spoke out,” the pal says. “He’s always trying to clear his name and his image.”

The whole exchange started on Father’s Day, when Oliver posted a throwback photo with Bill and his famous sister, dubbing the occasion, “Happy Abandonment Day.” And the rest- is celebrity family feud history.

Who do you think is the “villain” in this story? Or is everyone just immature and painfully misguided?

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Goldie Hawn on aging: ‘It’s all about how you make it’

Goldie Hawn on aging: 'It's all about how you make it'

Goldie Hawn gave an interview in the newest issue of Porter magazine and inside she revealed her thoughts on the aging process.

Now that she has reached the age of 69-years-old, the actress is embracing growing older. She told the magazine, “Getting older is a fact of life. By living mindfully you understand that there are many transitions in life. You just go through them.”

She also revealed that the key to happiness lies in your perspective. She sends a positive point of view out about her approach to life as a whole.

“It’s wonderful to know you’re aging, because that means you’re still on the planet, right?” she jokes.

“It’s all about how you make it. It’s all in your mind.”

Hawn’s Zen attitude on life has helped her sustain one of the longest surviving partnerships between megastars in Hollywood.

On the secret behind her 32-year-old relationship with Kurt Russell, she tells the magazine, “a lasting relationship isn’t about marriage. It’s about compatibility and communication.

“Intention is the key,” Hawn says, adding, “It’s also about not losing yourself in each other. Being together, two pillars holding up the house and the roof, and being different, not having to agree on everything, learning how to deal with not agreeing.”

What do you think of the interview? Aside from that, the picture of her makes her look decades younger, doesn’t it?

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