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Shailene Woodley In The Next Divergent Film!

'White Birds In A Blizzard' New York Screening

Woah, I was NOT a huge fan of the first Divergent film, but take a look at THIS!!!

The first teaser trailer for the upcoming film Insurgent, just presented itself to the internet, and I think it looks kinda rad.  I love Shailene’s short hair in this one, and oddly enough, the thing looks like a dreamscape in which he has to try and rescue her mother, played by Ashley Judd.

I don’t know, but she’s gonna kick some major BUTT, I reckon.

Are you into this film? What do you think of the teaser? Consider me TEASED!

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Posted Wednesday, November 12th, 2014 at 2:14pm
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Will Smith & Tom Hardy In Suicide Squad Adaptation

Will Smith Supports His Little Girl

Are you ready for another DC Comics adaptation?

This week Warner Brothers identified Suicide Squad as one of its priority projects  set to for release in 2016, and is moving aggressively forward on the film. The project will be directed by  David Ayer as his follow to the Brad Pitt-starrer Fury. Will Smith, Tom Hardy and now the Wolf of Wall Street’s Margot Robbie are set to star!

So what, you might ask, is the premise? Well, according to Deadline, it’s about a group of supervillains are brought together to tackle high-risk black ops missions for the government.

So what do you think? Does this casting excite you? I’m curious, for sure!

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Posted Friday, October 17th, 2014 at 9:09am
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Chris Hemsworth’s Wife Makes Sneaky Appearance In New “Thor” Flick!

2013 Toronto International Film Festival - 'Rush' Premiere

Natalie Portman might be Chris Hemsworth‘s costar, but Chris’ life partner, Elsa Pataky, got to give him an onscreen smooch!

Co-star Natalie Portman revealed to Daily News that due to a scheduling conflict, she couldn’t reprise her role as Thor’s mortal girlfriend in time to film the final scene of Thor: The Dark World. So a special stunt double cane to the rescue…Hemsworth’s real-life wife (and Fast & Furious 6 actress) Pataky!

“It was for reshoots (after the film was finished) and he was working in Hong Kong and I couldn’t get there because I was working on my own film,” Portman told the News. “And so they put his wife in my wig and costume, that’s why it was so passionate.”

The Spanish-born Pataky and Hemsworth married in 2010, and now they have a second kid on the way!   Elsa was traveling with Liam at the time, anyway, so it just…worked out!

Kinda romantic…and fun!

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Posted Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013 at 3:15pm
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James Franco Being Considered For A “Spring Breakers” Oscar Nomination!

'Homefront' Las Vegas Premiere

James Franco was AWESOME in Spring Breakers. I know I’m biased, because I loved the movie. But…do you think he deserves an Oscar for his performance? The film’s distributors seem to think so!

The distributors of the Harmony Korine indie darling are asking voters this award season to take a look at James’ tour de force role and “consider this sh*t!” via a print campaign and now a full video by  A24 Films. The video showcases James in the flick along with all of his critical acclaim.

Okay- from someone who got a nod for a heartwrenching movie like 127 hours, it would be amazing/hilarious/perfect if he got the win for Spring Breakers!

Of course, the chances of Franco actually getting nominated for Best Supporting Actor seem slim to us. Selena Gomez even asks at the end of this campaign video: “Are you being serious??”

BUT: Spring Breakers just recently picked up an Independent Spirit Awards nomination for Best Cinematography, and a spokesperson for A24 insists that this is NOT a joke! A rep for the company said:

“James Franco has created a character so indelible it deserves recognition. We are excited to be able to support it with a campaign and know the impact of Alien will last far past this awards season.”

Team Franco!

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Posted Monday, December 2nd, 2013 at 5:17pm
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