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Natalie Portman Will Play Jackie Kennedy In New Biopic

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Natalie Portman is taking another stab at what others have done (and in my opinion, failed at)…playing Jackie Kennedy!

This news was announced days after Portman was confirmed to play another U.S. political figure, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, in an upcoming biopic. But why not play two important historical figures? Corner the biopic market, girl!

Variety reports:

Portman will star as the former First Lady in the upcoming film helmed by Chilean director and Oscar nominee Pablo Larrain. The movie will span the first four days of Jackie’s life following the assassination of her husband President John F. Kennedy.

The movie, titled Jackie, will be produced by none other than Portman’s Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky. It will go into production at the end of this year.

As you know, Portman is one of many stars in Hollywood to play Kennedy in recent years. Katie Holmes tackled the role in the 2011 series The Kennedys, Minka Kelly barely showed up in Lee Daniels’ 2013 flick The Butler, Ginnnifer Goodwin was pretty mediocre in the 2013 docudrama Killing Kennedy, and Sarah Michelle Gellar in a 1991 miniseries called A Woman Named Jackie…didn’t see it, but I can only assume.

How do you think Portman will fare?

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Zac Efron’s New Movie Looks Legit

Zac Efron Gets Messy On The Set Of 'Dirty Grandpa'

Zac Efron vs. the wardrobe department?

The actor was spotted filming a scene for “Dirty Grandpa” which…I guess… involves Zac in a cutoff fringe tee, zumba pants and loafers while covered in blood leaving a Georgia police station. I know- you can put all kinds of narratives together from these pics, but apparently this comedy is about an uptight dude who  is tricked into driving his grandfather, a perverted former Army general, to Florida for spring break.

Where the blood factors in? I guess we’ll just have to see the movie.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Thought The Fourth Terminator Film Sucked!

PICS: Arnold Schwarzenegger Leaves His Office In His Bugatti

Tell us how you REALLY feel, Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Schwarzennegger is playing the media game right now, feverishly promoting and doing interviews and getting people pumped up about his upcoming movie, Terminator Genisys.  If you’re not clued in about the state of the Terminator Franchise, this film is the fifth installment in the Terminator series, and unlike the fourth film, Terminator Salvation, this one stars the ORIGINAL Terminator himself!

Schwarzenegger was too busy being California’s governator to star in the fourth film, but that doesn’t mean he’s being polite about his opinions on the flick. In fact, when asked about his feelings on the different Terminator films, Arnold replied he likes different pieces of all of them. Except for Terminator Salvation, which according to Arnold “sucked.”


What do you think: is he a little pouty because he couldn’t be in the film but they still made it, or do you think he thinks it actually sucked?

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Amy Pascal Is Leaving Sony

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Wherever you go, you KNOW Amy Pascal is going to keep her passwords locked UP!

Just months after he whole Interview debacle/Korean hacking/everything else that made these execs look bad, the movie mogul is leaving Sony to set up her own production firm, Daily Mail reports:

Pascal, 56, was targeted during a cyber attack on the movie studio ahead of the release of the Kim Jong-un assassination comedy The Interview, which saw a string of her emails leaked – including one in which she made an embarrassing jibe about President Obama.

While Sony eventually made the decision to release the film, starring Seth Rogen and James Franco, online and in theaters, grossing about $18 million on its opening weekend in December, Pascal still had to deal with the fallout from the scandal.

Pascal’s production venture will be based at Sony and today, in a statement released just hours after Daily Mail Online revealed Sony execs were working on an exit strategy for the chair, Pascal said: ‘I have spent almost my entire professional life at Sony Pictures and I am energized to be starting this new chapter based at the company I call home.

Wow, sounds like Pascal got outsed and she’s doing the best she can to take it graciously.  That being said, it’s not like she was banished from Sony; she’ll be able to make films. But who would want to work with her? Definitely not Angelina Jolie, am I right?
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