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Minka Kelly Is Thankfully Already Over Wilmer Valderrama

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Okay, I’ll be the first to admit when I’m wrong, y’all.

Last week, I criticized Minka Kelly for seeming in too deep with Wilmer Valderrama and know what? They’ve already broken up, so I take it back. I take it all back!

“They stopped dating,” the insider told Us this week. The pair, who first dated back in 2012, enjoyed a dinner date at Palms Thai restaurant in Hollywood on Wednesday, August 31.

Another source told Us that the exes started seeing each other about a month prior to their Hollywood get-together. An eyewitness told Us that the pair’s August outing definitely “looked like a date.”

(Via US Weekly)

On Thursday, September 8, Kelly, 36, hinted that she and Valderrama, 36, had already amicably parted ways, and I misrepresented that as her being VERY into it. She said:

“He’s a good friend to me. Wilmer’s a really, really good person,” the Friday Night Lights alum told Power 106’s J Cruz and Krystal Bee. “And any woman would be lucky to have him.”

The search for love continues for both Wilmer and Minka. Will they have another post-Thai food bang fest? Who knows. Do I hope not? Yes. I feel like Wilmer dates up, and I wanna see him date someone who’s not completely out of his league. Dunno, just my two cents.

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Jennifer Garner Caught Ben Affleck Texting Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Garner Running Errands In Brentwood


Star claims that Jennifer Garner caught her estranged (but still cohabitating) husband, Ben Affleck, texting with (newly single) Jennifer Lopez. This story could be more Star fan fiction, but we do know Ben and JLo are still friendly so it doesn’t seem completely implausable to me. Affleck ALSO has admitted that he still emails with Lopez, so, why not. But I’m also not sure why that would necessarily “SHOCK” Jennifer Garner, either.

“Ben’s been back in touch with his ex-fiancee, Jennifer Lopez,” the source tells Star. “Jen couldn’t believe that Ben would contact J.Lo – it really sent her into a tailspin.”

“They were having a blast [on Ben’s birthday in Montana, but Ben kept slipping away to check his phone – and Jen eventually began to wonder who it was he felt compelled to contact so often.”

What she ultimately saw when she finally found a moment to check his phone shocked and horrified her. According to the source, Ben had been having a text-fest with J.Lo, 47, who recently split from her longtime boyfriend, backup dancer Casper Smart, 29….

Though the texts were innocent, with Ben lending support to J.Lo through her romantic problems, the source claims [sic]. Yet Jen couldn’t help but feel betrayed. “Everyone thought she and Ben were on the road to reconciliation. But his reaching out to J.Lo made her question what’s really going through Ben’s mind, not to mention his heart.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

What is a “text fest?” 10 texts a day? 40? What’s the deal? I feel like innocent texts aren’t a huge thing to make a thing. Of course, GossipCop has a denial from “a reliable source close to the situation” who says there is “no truth” to this report and that “Affleck and Garner are still separated and not on the verge of reconciling their marriage, despite still being on good terms and successful co-parents.” Sure.

Honestly, I doubt Ben and JLo will get back together. I think, if anything, Ben will get back with Garner or move on to some very young starlet who will idolize the dude. Eh.

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Uh Oh, Minka Kelly’s Already In Too Deep.

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Oh, Minka Kelly. You’re with a dude who just broke up with his long-term girlfriend. What do you THINK is gonna happen?

The actress opened up about Wilmer Valderrama during a radio interview with Power 106’s J Cruz and Krystal Bee on Thursday, September 8, pretty much gushing about his potential as a mate:

“He’s a good friend to me. Wilmer’s a really, really good person,” Kelly, 36, said. “And any woman would be lucky to have him.”

Kelly ultimately played coy about the couple’s past and present, however. “It’s funny — he’s not my ex,” she said Thursday. “We are good friends, and we always have been. We’re not exes!”

Which is true, really. The Friday Night Lights actress and Valderrama, 36, dated in 2012 but Wilmer ALSO dated Minka’s bff Mandy Moore for two years, from 2000 to 2002. So friends, exes, dating? Who knows anymore.

She added that having her personal life out in the open can get “really frustrating” at times.

“I think it comes with the territory. It’s a small price to pay for the extraordinary life that I live. I think if they’re paying attention, that must mean there’s something [I’m doing right],” she said. “Look, if it’s true and it’s out, then it’s true and it’s out … You just have to find the comedy in all of it.”

(Via US Weekly)

Ah yes, the comedy. For whatever reason, Wilmer’s got it, and Minka digs it. Again.

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If It Was Up To Him, Drake Would Marry Rihanna TOMORROW

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As we know, Drake and Rihanna’s relationship had a big “coming out” at the VMAs two weekends ago. Since then, they haven’t left each other’s side. It’s being said that Rihanna is finally fine with the world knowing that they are together, though I’m not sure why she wasn’t fine in the first place. Clearly, he’s been through a lot and she probably still has a lot to work through. And yet…she got herself a tattoo about Drake. It’s a cam0-shark and the story is REALLY cute.And Drake loved it. Also, Drake is into this. For GOOD:

Rihanna and Drake’s on-again romance appears to be steamier than ever, and for good reason. While the two have dated in the past, it seems as though they’re both finally on the same page about their relationship. A source tells E! News that the inseparable duo, who was most recently seen at a club in Miami after one of his concerts earlier this week, “want to make this work this time with each other.”

“Drake is very committed to Rihanna,” our insider dished to us. “They are both mature and ready to commit now. Drake loves Rihanna so much and if it was up to him, he would marry her tomorrow.”

It looks like this is a classic case of that old adage: absence makes the heart grow fonder. Our source added, “Things are different this time between them for the better.”

(Via E! News)

“If it was up to him, he would marry her tomorrow…” I hope he didn’t tell her that though, because that seems like the kind of sentiment that would have Riri packing. Eeek!


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