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Eminem Meets Terminally Ill Fan


Though I usually think of Eminem as an angry, violent rapper- this story really shows that the dude has a good heart.

Eminem caught wind of 17-year-old Gage Garmo- who has been diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer- three days ago, when Gage’s friends and family started up the hashtag #GetGageGarmoToMeetEminem in an effort to bring star and fan together.

And…it worked! Learning Gage had only one week to live, Eminem arranged for a home visit at Gage’s place in Michigan, which, oddly enough, is only about 20 minutes from where the rapper lives.

The best part about this story is that Eminem was adamant that he didn’t want the visit to be a huge media thing, and he kept the whole thing on the DL when he arrived to Gage’s home around 5PM Sunday. The two spent around an hour together, talking and hanging out…but the visit meant the world to the teenager.

Eminem, you’re a pretty good dude, you know that?

Photo: FameFlynet

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Iggy Azalea Hits Back At Eminem Over Rape Comments

Iggy Azalea Hits Back At Eminem Over Rape Comments

Australian rapper Iggy Azalea is hitting back at Eminem on Twitter after he started a battle with her over some rape comments in a recent song. The song is called “Vegas” and here are part of the lyrics:

“So, what’s it gon’ be?
Put that sh-t away, Iggy
You gon’ blow that rape whistle on me … scream!”

Iggy wasted no time in hitting back at Em on Twitter:

im bored of the old men threatening young women as entertainment trend and much more interested in the young women getting $ trend. zzzz

its especially akward because my 14 year old brother is the biggest eminem fan and now the artist he admired says he wants to rape me. nice!

women in music have the bigger balls anyhow we endure much more harassment and critic. good morninnggggg!!!!!! off to camera block for AMAs!

And there you have it!

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Who Said You Could Talk, Eminem?! -And Other LINKS!!!!


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PICS: Rihanna & Eminem Perform At The Rose Bowl

PICS: Rihanna & Eminem Perform At The Rose Bowl

Rihanna and rapper Eminem kick off their Monster Tour at the Rose Bowl on August 7, 2014 in Pasadena, California.

PICS: Rihanna & Eminem Perform At The Rose Bowl

The duo are planning to play the Rose Bowl again tonight before heading to East Rutherford, N.J. on Aug. 16-17 and Detroit on August 22-23.

Last year, Rihanna spoke of working with the rapper. She said, “The moment I worked with him on ‘Love the Way You Lie,’ I wanted to work with him again, and we did ‘Love the Way You Lie Part 2. And then I wanted to work with him again. I just love working with Eminem. He’s just one of my favorite rappers, and his lyrics—he’s a true poet, and I enjoy that about him.”

She continued, “For this song, I needed someone with not only his skill, but his personality. And I needed someone who really understands the perspective and the metaphor in the song of going numb and being numb to everything around and to say, ‘F*ck you.’ Eminem is definitely the perfect guy for that.”

Are you going to one of their three-city concerts?

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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