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Sofia Vergara’s Wedding Had An IV Station Where Guests Could Re-hydrate

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Sofia Vergara, I LOVE YOU.

During a Monday appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres show, Sofie’s costar Julie Bowen talked about the more bonkers (less romantic, still cool) part of Vergara’s fairy-tale wedding to Joe Manganiello.  And let me tell you, as romantic as this wedding was, it also seems so freaking TAXING!

“If you’ve ever been to a Sofia event, it’s three days,” Bowen, 45, said of Vergara’s Nov. 22 nuptials in Palm Beach, Florida.

“It’s like a slow-moving trolley: You jump on, you drink and you dance and then you jump off. You can’t stay on the trolley for three days,” Bowen explained. “It’s a party train. It’s insanity. And it’s really fun.”

And yes, rumors about an IV truck were absolutely true.

“It was crazy. You had to hydrate,” the actress said. “They had a little ambulance truck, an IV station where you could go get IV hydration.”

“Like, literally a needle goes into your arm and they give you hydration? That’s how much people were drinking?” asked an incredulous-sounding DeGeneres.

“Yes, I thought somebody had had a heart attack or there was an event, ’cause there was this first aid truck set up outside of the pool area where all the bungalows are. And there are people, sipping espresso, getting IV rehydration,” Bowen said. “There is nothing, apparently, nothing you can do in three days that can’t be undone by some IV rehydration.”

(Via People)

Dang. Sounds like these people party HARD. Where was my invite, SOFIA?!!

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Kylie Jenner confirms she’s back together with Tyga

Kylie Jenner confirms she's back together with Tyga

It was quite the confusing weekend for Kylie Jenner and Tyga. Last Thursday, it appeared that they were no longer together, but on Sunday, everything was cleared up between the two of them.

If you’re curious as to whether or not they’re together, Kylie appeared on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show to chat about the situation.

Ellen questioned the 18-year-old reality star about the status of her relationship with the rapper:

“No, honestly, people have it all wrong,” Jenner says.

“What is it? Straighten it out,” DeGeneres replies.

“Well,” Jenner says as the audience cheers. “Okay, stop!” she says, laughing.

“We’re not broken up,” the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star eventually says.

“We just … honestly. We became best friends before anything happened, so I think that’s awesome and we’re just like, I don’t know, hanging out. Living life,” Jenner says.

“What does that mean, hanging out?” DeGeneres persists.

Jenner keeps it vague, saying “that’s it,” though she adds they’re “still together.”

“Didn’t he buy you a car or something?” DeGeneres asks in reference to the $320,000 Ferrari that Tyga gifted Jenner for her 18th birthday in August.

“I know, I drove it here,” Jenner says with a smile.

I still have to wonder what broke them apart in the first place. There were rumors that he was cheating, but if that’s the case, then maybe she wouldn’t have taken him back so quickly? What do you think?

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Justin Bieber talks about his penis and Selena Gomez on ‘Ellen’

Justin Bieber talks about his penis and Selena Gomez on 'Ellen'

Justin Bieber sat down for an interview with Ellen DeGeneres which will air today. He talked about the experience of having his junk revealed on the internet for all to see and said that it wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be.

Ellen asked him how he couldn’t have spotted the waiting paparazzi hanging out in that boat while he was on vacation, but followed up with the question of when he actually became aware that the full-frontal shot had been taken.

He said, “A couple of days later Scooter [his manager] rang and he was like, ‘Yeah, I hate to tell you this, but your penis is on the internet.”

He went on to say, “So the first thing I saw was the censored one which had the black thing over it, and I was like, ‘Oh my goodness, I don’t know what this is going to look like!’ And then it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.”

Ellen replied, “I’m not an expert, but I heard that it was good.”

He smirked and responded, “It was alright.”

She then talked to Justin about the possibility of a reconciliation between himself and Selena Gomez. He said that he hasn’t ruled anything out yet. She asked if it could happen and he replied, “Maybe.”

He continued, “We have a lot of history together so it could possibly happen. I think we’re both just on our own journeys, figuring ourselves out and once we’ve figured ourselves out we could maybe come together and make an awesome duo. Or she’ll find someone awesome and I’ll find someone awesome. I just want her to be happy, honestly.”

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Ellen DeGeneres is Karla Kardashian for Halloween

Ellen DeGeneres is Karla Kardashian for Halloween

Ellen DeGeneres is busting out with the animal prints, tight pants and insane cleavage for her Halloween costume. She is Karla Kardashian, the youngest of the Klan and she gets all of the sisters’ unwanted hand-me-downs. Hilarious!

She’s also sporting Kim’s Shape-Ups along with a large butt – something that the Kardashian sisters are all known for. She said in a preview of today’s show, “I bet you’re wondering who I am. And obviously if you are wondering who I am you didn’t see the latest ad for Keeping Up With The Kardashians.”

She went on to say, “That’s right, I’m the lesser known Kardashian sister. My name is Karla Kardashian with a K. Because we’re known for our double K’s. These are double K’s, too, by the way,” as she motions toward her cleavage.

She added, “Since I’m the younger sister, I get all the hand-me-downs. So these are Kim’s Shape-Ups that I’m wearing. This is Khloe’s old blouse. And the booty is all mine.”


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