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Chris Pratt May Lived Out Of A Scooby-Doo Van

'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Los Angeles Premiere

Chris Pratt appeared on Ellen DeGeneres‘ show on Thursday and talked about his time spent living in…wait for it… a Scooby-Doo van on Maui.

Yep.  Makes sense, right? Chris Pratt being…Chris Pratty. The best part? He didn’t even have the whole van to himself! He had a ROOMMATE!

Ellen made fun of  how this experience might’ve hindered his chances with the ladies, but the Everwood star confirmed the exact opposite…he did pretty GD well for himself (well, again, he IS Chris Pratt).  He stated:

“You’d be surprised! You’d be surprised . . . I was young.”

So did you guys lock the van when the other was getting busy? Or are there hookup shifts? Seriously, how does that work?

According to Perezhilton, Pratt went on to talk about how he had very little while living on the island when he was only 19-years-old (except each other!). Regardless, the comedian returned to Hawaii with his wife, Anna Faris, to film the upcoming summer blockbuster, Jurassic World.

My question is…did they share a van?

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Amanda Peet’s Cleavage Brought To You By…Cabbage?

Emma Roberts at The American Horror Story: Freak Show Premiere in LA

Amanda Peet,  I’m not sure I’ll look at cole slaw the same way again…

Ms. Peet, who gave birth to a baby boy on December 6th, sat down with Ellen DeGeneres today to explain the odd tradition of- wait for it- putting cabbage on her boobs. Believe me, I am as CONFUSED AS YOU ARE.

Apparently, however, cabbage is natural remedy to alleviate the pain a woman experiences when she breastfeeds.

The actress said:

“Apparently when you get engorged after the baby’s born and the milk comes in… you can put cold cabbage leaves on your boobs and apparently it stops the milk.”

NOTED.  To find out how Peet’s hubby feels about the cabbage bra, check out this video.

The question is: Would YOU cabbage up your cleavage?!


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Anne Hathaway Talks About Dealing With Internet Bullies

Anne Hathaway Talks About Dealing With Internet Bullies

Anne Hathaway appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” to talk about all of the backlash that she has received on the internet lately. Ellen told Anne, “For whatever reason, and it’s a small group, trust me, but they’re loud. I went through this, and voices that don’t like you and say mean things really stick with you for some reason, more than voices that say you’re great.”

Anne said in response, “Well, I listened at first. I couldn’t help it. You know, you try to shut it off, and I couldn’t. Then I realized why I couldn’t: I hadn’t learned to love myself yet. I hadn’t gotten there. If you don’t love yourself when someone says horrible things to you, part of you is always going to believe them.”

She went on to say, “So then I was like, ‘Okay. I don’t want to believe these people. I don’t want to agree with them on any level, and I want to figure out who I am. I want to learn who I am. I don’t want to feel like I’m fragile every time I leave the house because I’m so dependent on what other people think about me.'”

She also said that she listened to the words of her pal Matthew McConaughey. She said, “I just took a step back, and as he would say, ‘I just kept living…'”

She added, “It’s been a really cool journey. I feel like I arrived in a place where, maybe not every minute of every day, but way more than I used to, I have a tremendous amount of love and compassion for everyone else, and best of all I have it for myself, which I never enjoyed before.”


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Taylor Swift Fears Being Framed For Murder; Wouldn’t Do Well In Jail

Taylor Swift Fears Being Framed For Murder; Wouldn't Do Well In Jail

There is something that Taylor Swift wouldn’t be able to shake off and that’s being framed for murder. It is something that she fears, just because she wouldn’t do well in jail. Taylor appeared on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show where they discussed the topic. This particular episode airs on Monday and the singer also talked about her fear of sea urchins.

She explained her fear of the sea creatures as “they are like a grenade…sitting there waiting to completely injure you.”

With regard to doing time in jail, Tay Tay said, “I’m scared of being framed. So many people could frame me. And they can frame you for any crime you could go to jail for. Look at me, I wouldn’t survive in jail.”

She explained, “I think the dream and nightmare of being framed comes from — I could do nothing wrong, I could sit in my house with the cats all day and somehow there could be an article about me buying a house in a place I’ve never been or dating a guy I’ve never met. So, it’s like…then you take it a step further and in a nightmare world it’s being framed for murder.”

Is she just being paranoid?


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