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LeAnn Rimes Denies Pregnancy Rumors

LeAnn Rimes Denies Pregnancy Rumors

There are reports that country singer LeAnn Rimes is expecting her first child with hubby Eddie Cibrian.

Star magazine was the first to report the news in their latest issue. Sources revealed to the magazine that LeAnn was already seeking treatment from a top gynecologist and is eager to become a new mother. The source said, “LeAnn is over the moon right now. She has wanted this baby for over a year.”

Despite the reports to the contrary, LeAnn has taken to her official Twitter account to deny the reports that she’s pregnant. She tweeted, “Lmao Star Magazine! I don’t know if you dr the pics or pic the worst one you can find, but I’m far from pregnant & just dropped a jean size”.

And there you have it! Did you think LeAnn was pregnant by looking at just one picture? Or were you waiting on the official confirmation from her directly?

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian Doing TV Show “Based on their Reality.”

LeAnn Rimes and her husband Eddie Cibrian are headed back to television land, in an effort to show critics what the “real” Cibrian/Rimes reality looks like!

“We’re doing a TV show based on our reality,” Rimes, 30, tells People. “We’ll take things out of our lives and elaborate them and make them funny. People have been laughing at us – we want them to laugh with us!”

“For some reason, everyone is so interested in our lives but they don’t actually know about them,” Rimes says. “What they read is what they see. We want to be able to take control of our lives again so we want to do a show about us, about our lives, but scripted.”

Scripted? Oh man, this sounds like it’s going to be corny as hell, another contrived version of what they show to people (and what people judge them for).

The show doesn’t have a network yet, but Rimes don’t care! She’s excited to work with her husband again, now that, ya know, they aren’t married to other people (as you recall, the pair met on the set of Lifetime’s Northern Lights in 2008, and ended their marriages to be together).

“That’s why we explored the idea of doing the show, to be able to be together.”

Hey, want to show the world the real you? How about stop posing for bikini photos, making creepy cakes and generally laying off of twitter fights with your husband’s ex, to start? Geez.

Photo: FameFlynet

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LeAnn Rimes was never anorexic, her heart was just breaking.

Remember when LeAnn Rimes was anorexic? I mean…. anorexic-looking? Allegedly? Well apparently, LeAnn was NEVER anorexic, but instead lost all that weight because she was under immense pressure surrounding her personal life.

“People said I was [anorexic], but I didn’t have a problem with eating, as I ate a ton all the time — I could eat my husband under the table!” she tells the U.K. publication. “But I was going through a time when I just wasn’t sleeping — my mind wouldn’t shut off and my heart was breaking.”

That heartbreak was a result of her very public affair two years earlier with now-husband Eddie Cibrian. As first revealed by Us Weekly, Rimes, 30, and Cibrian, 39, met on the set of Northern Lights in 2009 when both were still married to other people — she to dancer Dean Sheremet, he to future Real Housewife Brandi Glanville. They fell in love and eventually tied the knot, but the last few years have not been easy.

Rimes describes the period after their affair as a “turbulent” one. “To say I’ve been on several roller coasters is an understatement,” she admits to the Daily Mail.

These days, though, she’s in a much healthier place, both emotionally and physically. At least part of that is attributable to her decision last August to enter a 30-day rehab program for “anxiety and stress” issues. The other part, she says, is thanks to the support she gets from Cibrian. NEW BIKINI PIC AFTER THE JUMP – CONTINUE READING! (more…)

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LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian are pitching a TV show about their lives.

We’ll file this one under: OF COURSE THEY ARE.

LeAnn Rimes, 30, and her husband, Eddie Cibrian, 39, are out hunting for their own TV show.

The married couple of two years, “have been shopping around a scripted comedy based on their lives together,” a source tells US Weekly. “They would play versions of themselves, kind of like on Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

The series will even draw inspiration from their ongoing, real-life drama with Cibrian’s former spouse (and Rimes’ rival), Brandi Glanville, 40. Explains the insider, “The show will have a crazy ex-wife!”

Not appearing on camera? Cibrian and Glanville’s two sons, Mason, 9, and Jake, 6, who Cibrian famously forbade from taping episodes of their mom’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

“Mason and Jake are not involved,” the source says. “If kids end up being on it, they would be played by actors — not Eddie’s children.”

After several pitch meetings with TV executives, the fictional series is inching closer to reality. “They’ve met with a few networks,” adds a second insider. “Nothing is finalized yet, but they’re seeing where the show could go.”

How desperate can they be? Almost as desperate as posing in your bikini for paparazzi pics? (See those pics after the jump!) (more…)

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