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LeAnn Rimes Childhood Mentor: “Hollywood Has Changed Her.”

Here’s a pic of LeAnn Rimes from 2002, back when she was looking less emaciated and much happier.  The theme of this post: what LeAnn USED to be…

As  you all know, LeAnn is spending her first days as a 30-year-old undergoing “stress and anxiety” treatment at an in-patient facility.  One of her early music mentors, Bill Mack,  is speaking out about how much LeAnn has changed since he worked with the young music talent. Mack affirms that that show business has impacted the singer for the worse, and that some of the issues she’s going through could be directly tied to her work-dominated childhood.

Mack worked with Rimes almost 20 years ago and wrote one of her earliest hits, Blue. He says the star is now getting attention for all the wrong reasons: breaking up marriages, having an eating disorder and now going to get treatment.

“Her appearance alone is cause for concern, as she looks much older than 30 years old… she doesn’t look healthy anymore” he told the MailOnline. “I think Hollywood has changed LeAnn for the worse and I don’t know exactly what is causing all her unhappiness, but [treatment] is something we all saw coming and I think it’s a good idea.”

Mack says that many of LeAnn’s current issues date back to 1997: the year her parents split up and the year she essentially became famous.

“She made good money, but she didn’t have the love and support she needed and she had a lot of anger bottled up inside,” he said, “which is now starting to affect her both physically and mentally.”

The country mentor also said that LeAnn was robbed of her childhood, and the issues she encountered as a kid have been bottled up for quite some time.

“She was overworked and overbooked with such a high degree of personal stress that she never had the opportunity to just be a kid,” he said. “Now that she has time to sit down and sort through her emotional problems, it’s finally all catching up to her 15 years later.”

Sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of celebrity problems because celebrities often seem ridiculous or self-involved…but Mack is right. These are real-and serious- issues that LeAnn needs to confront.

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LeAnn Rimes Turns 30, Celebrates With Weird Theme Party

LeAnn Rimes is my favorite bizarro celeb…And this week, I’m elated that the actress is turning 30 with a “Die, 20′s, Die” themed party!

LeAnn celebrated her birthday in Laguna Beach, California with 20 of her closest friends in a party that included lots of angelic and deathly themed imagery. The opening bar had tequila, bird cages and angel wings,  and “sin” confessionals; purple orchids and white blooms (along with rhinestone skulls) serve as the décor centerpieces throughout the party. Of course, the birthday festivities culminated in a cake featuring LeAnn in a bikini, on top of a coffin.

“We laugh so hard all the time because people have this obsession with me in a bikini,” she tells PEOPLE. “I’ve always said, ‘I’m on the beach, what am I supposed to wear?’”

Still, enough with the creepy cakes already, you and hubby Eddie Cibrian are WEIRD.  Rimes goes on to say:

“I think there’s something that happens to women when you turn 30, that you enter into being a true woman.”

A true woman who commissions an edible, bikini-clad likeness of herself.  For more pics, visit People!  Cheers!

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LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian go for a ride on his Harley!

LeAnn Rimes was spotted hopping on the back of her husband’s Harley on Saturday in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old singer grabbed lunch with Eddie Cibrian at Lunch Box Cafe before heading out again.

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LeAnn Rimes Has Weird Taste In Birthday Cakes

At least, in her husband Eddie Cibrian‘s birthday cake…

Okay, okay- let me backtrack.  For Eddie Cibrian’s 39th birthday this weekend, the doting LeAnn Rimes ordered her hubby a tri-level red velvet cake smothered in fondant. The third level of the cake portrays an edible Rimes and Cibrian in bed (and not sleeping!), while the second level features Cibrian’s sons Mason and Jake…just sort of sitting there, waiting. It gets even grosser: the cake is captioned “Eddie’s Favorite Things Birthday Cake.” Check out the cake here!

GROSS, right?

Obviously, this marvelous cake calls the 29-year-old Rimes’ taste into question- and we’re not talking taste in frosting and cake, here.  I wonder what the bakers were thinking making this three-tiered monstrosity?

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PICS: LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian cheering on Eddie’s son Jake at his soccer game in Calabasas

Eddie Cibrian’s ex-wife, Brandi Glanville was also there – sitting off to the side.

I’m surprised they could all sit close together, considering what went down last week. In a nutshell, Bravo was ready to promote Brandi Glanville from a “friend” to an official “housewife” on ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’. That was – until Eddie Cibrian got involved. He told Bravo they are not allowed to film his children – at all – so Brandi will remain a “friend” on the show, and not get a full-time spot. You know that pissed ol’ Brandi off.

As for the soccer game, while LeAnn was there, she tweeted this: “I’ve learned that people say mean things out of their own unhappiness. I don’t take things personally anymore. I LIVE.” Gee, I wonder who she was talking about!?

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