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Britney Spears Talks Sex, Vegas and Fame In New Documentary

Britney Spears Watching Jayden Play Soccer

Though she doesn’t look so famous in this pic (she’s watching her kiddies play soccer!) Britney Spears has a LOT to say about a lifetime in the spotlight in her new documentary, “I am Britney Jean.”

The Britney Spears’ E! special premiered on Sunday, and the 32-year-old pop star gave plenty of weird and titilating quotes during her interview. All’s fair game when it comes to Brit Brit, am I right? Here are some highlights, via X17:

On Gearing up For Her Vegas Show: “This is a big year for me, it’s the first show I’ve done in two years,” she admitted. “I am trying to let myself relax a little bit but not too much because I know that I have a lot ahead of me.” She added that she has “hardly seen” boyfriend David Lucado in weeks.

On Sex: “I love sex, I think sex is great, but I feel a little different about it now that I’m older. Sometimes I feel like I’m 20, sometimes I feel like I’m 50.”

On Love: “Love is just an unexplainable thing and there’s a saying that I have in my bathroom in Louisiana. It says ‘Go beyond reason to love, for it’s the only safety there is.’ And it’s true, you should always go beyond reason to love and to be with the person you want to be with and to be cherished and to be treasured. I think it’s why we’re here as people.”

Watch the whole thing HERE!
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Beyonce Jealous Of Katy Perry?

Beyonce seems a little envious of other superstar musicians who have their own “origins” documentary, so she’s going for it, herself!

Lately, musicians like Justin Bieber and Katy Perry have been producing documentaries detailing their rise to fame and their musical POV.  Now, B’s representatives at agency ICM have ibeen shopping a nonfiction film to Hollywood studios about the celebrity’s life and career.

Not only will Beyonce star in the piece, but she wants to direct and produce the documentary, as well!

The LA Times reports that the doc will be music and personal testimonial, blending concert footage with confessional interview. There have been 20 minutes shopped around to many distributors, and from the looks of Beyonce’s life, it seems like an appealing project. And you know the last year of her life has been pretty darn colorful, as well: she’s released a top-selling album (“4″), split from her longtime manager (her father), and had a baby. Lots to talk about, and lots for an audience of fans to enjoy!

What do you think about Beyonce’s new project?

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Katy Perry claims she “did everything” to save her marriage

Katy Perry’s 3D documentary “Part of Me” opens up on July 5th. The movie will not only explore her career highs – but her personal lows as well.

Fans will find some of those personal moments pretty surprising, considering she is very candid about her split from her ex-husband, Russell Brand.

The film picks up just a few months after the two tied the knot, as Perry embarks on her biggest tour to date, the California Dreams Tour. Fans witness Perry put in hours of hard work preparing for the tour and traveling to hundreds of different cities. Yet, with the success that she was having onstage, it was offstage where things were falling apart.

It seems her new marriage and a grueling tour schedule were not mixing well, but it was not from lack of trying: Perry was adamant that while on her nearly yearlong tour, she take time out to see her husband, but in the end, it just couldn’t save the marriage.

At one point, while flying to one of her tour stops, Perry admits to the camera, “I’m trying to keep my marriage alive.”

“Part of Me” gives fans a rare glimpse inside a celebrity marriage, with Brand featured throughout the film. Some moments are touching, like when the comedian comes to wish her well on the opening night of her tour, yet some are heartbreaking to watch. In one scene, Perry is crying uncontrollably, delaying the start time of the concert, but like a true professional, she chokes back the tears and puts on a brave face for her fans.

Perry talks candidly about Brand in the film, revealing that it was her skyrocketing career that could have played into the downfall of her marriage. “I thought to myself, ‘When I find that person that’s going to be my life partner, I won’t ever have to choose [between the partner and my career]. They won’t be threatened or have weird motives.’ Then I started to realize, that’s not true,” she admits. Yet, when asked in the film whether she still misses Brand, Perry begins to cry and admits that she does, but says she did everything she could to make it work.

“I have that same belief system with everything, from career to my life to my personal life, everything. And I will do everything it takes to not fail,” she shares. “And I did everything it took, but it still failed.”

Perry recently told MTV News that even though the subject of her divorce is difficult to deal with, she felt she would be doing her fans a disservice if she didn’t include it in the film.

“The truth will always prevail,” Perry said. “Everything has to be handled integrously and appropriately, and it’s not nice to air all your dirty laundry, because that stinks, so I had to be very delicate with the situation, but I couldn’t avoid the elephant in the room,” she explained. “If you were to have seen that movie and walked out and [my breakup] wasn’t at all mentioned, like it never happened, you’d be like, ‘Eh, this is weird. What is she trying to hide?’ I don’t like to hide.”

I’m actually really excited to see her documentary, I think it’s going to be really interesting. I read somewhere that Russell begged Katy to take him out of her movie, but she refused. I can understand why! I don’t think Russell was a stand-up guy in that situation.

Here are some new pictures of Katy arriving for an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel last night.

Source, Photos: Fame/Flynet

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Katy Perry: “I’m Still A Good Christian Girl.”

Katy Perry wants to bare it all in her upcoming 3-D documentary, “Part of Me,” but still leaves some questions and parts of her life to the imagination.

WiLD 94.9’s Nessa recently caught up with Perry, who said she tried very hard to showcase her true self in the film.

On makeup: “I took my makeup off! Oh, everyone is screaming around the world, ‘The horror,'” she said jokingly, adding that she wasn’t scared to show her bare face. “Look, I don’t always want to look bloated with zits, but it’s real, it’s human, right? We’re not always so pretty, and sometimes that can bring people together.”

On playing her music during sex: “I’m not a narcissist,” she shouted. “OK, I’m a narcissist, but that would be over the line. Having sex to your own song, that’s horrible. I’m a good Christian girl.”

Oh really, Perry?  She wouldn’t comment on threesomes or about her favorite sexual position, but she did comment about a possible collaboration with her good buddy Rihanna: “No. But we’re going to have sex.”


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