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Tom Cruise opens up about his divorce from Katie Holmes for the first time, “I didn’t expect that”

Tom Cruise has opened up about his divorce from Katie Holmes for the first time, admitting, “I did not expect that.”

The actor is speaking publicly about his divorce last year. “Life is a challenge. You are 50 and you think you have everything in order and suddenly it hits you, that’s what life is all about.”

Katie Holmes, 34, left Tom just five days shy of his 50th birthday. He now says it gave him “an incredible amount of time to reflect” as he celebrated his 50th.

The former couple entered negotiations almost straight away and last month a settlement was agreed with Katie being given primary custody of their six-year-old daughter, Suri, and Tom getting extensive visitation rights.

Neither couple have ever given a reason for the split but rumours persist Holmes was unhappy with the control the religion Scientology had over the family.

Speaking to German TV Cruise said getting stuck into work helped him get over the heartbreaking split.

‘Life is like a tragic comedy, you need a sense of humor,’ said Cruise.

The pair married in a lavish ceremony in Italy in November 2006 after meeting in April 2005.

Daughter Suri was born in April 2006 and played a star role in their nuptials.

The star – who was previously married to Mimi Rogers and Nicole Kidman, with whom he has two children, Isabella, 19, and 17-year-old Connor.

I recently read Amy Scobee’s book “Abuse at the Top,” which is about Scientology. It is SCARY this “religion.” I can’t imagine why anyone would even think about being a part of it. It’s a really interesting read, if you are wanting to learn more about the scary things that happen behind the doors.


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Jessica Simpson’s Mom Wants Her To Stop Ashley’s Partying!

Tina Simpson is concerned for her youngest daughter!

According to a source close to the fam, the Simpson matriarch is hoping sister Jessica Simpson can help stop the partying and the boozing that Ashlee Simpson seems to be into these days!  Not sure what she means (and when I say I’m not sure, I mean, I have no photographic evidence of Ashlee out and about on the town), but if there are some bad habits, it can’t be good for Ashlee’s kid, Bronx to be around that kind of behavior.

A source close to the family says:

“Tina’s asked Jessica to look out for Ashlee and make sure she doesn’t start partying too hard once again. With Jessica focusing on her second pregnancy, she’s a calming influence on Ashlee because she doesn’t want to go out on the town. Instead, she prefers family nights in relaxing and has encouraged Ashlee to join them when they are all together, which she has been doing.”

Aw, that’s nice!  But…are there buttered pop tarts involved in these “family nights?” (Sorry! I had to!)

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Katie Holmes Disappointed By Tell-All Biography

Katie Holmes has a new tell-all out about her…and she’s PISSED!

Marc Shapiro’s new book, Who Is Katie Holmes? An Unauthorized Biography was released on Wednesday, a little expose into Miss Holmes from Dawsons Creek through her ill-fated marriage to Tom Cruise. And Katie is “disappointed” in how she’s been portrayed!

An insider reveals:

“Katie has been so focused on Suri and getting her career back on track, that she just doesn’t see the point in someone publishing a book with stories that have already been reported in the past… She’s disappointed that people try to capitalize on her life…especially when it’s certain things from the past she’s been trying to let go of or forget.”

Well, she IS a celebrity, for pete’s sake. It comes with the territory, so suck it up!  Shapiro, who is a New York Times best-selling celebrity biographer, has a different perspective on his work:

“Katie Holmes is not the typical Hollywood rags to riches story. In true storybook fashion she came out of nowhere to become the next big thing with Dawson’s Creek, but after her sudden stardom she became just another working actress. She did films that never boosted her back up the ladder to true stardom.”

Shapiro continues:

“She tossed her career away when she married Tom Cruise. Now, post TomKat, the fire is burning again and she has returned to her true love, with the possibility of true accomplishment. The Katie Holmes story we tell is something everyone, in varying degrees, has experienced and we can all relate to.”

Plus, like, a TON of money, right?

Okay, I see how Katie might be pissed, but it doesn’t sound like it’s that bad. Maybe she’s just sick of her own hype? I think it’s human to be sensitive about our career and romantic missteps, but hey, being famous means you’re FAMOUS, and people talk about you.

Do you want to tell Katie to go cry into her money, or do you feel for her?
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Kris Humphries Chose Basketball Over Kim Kardashian’s Deposition

Kris Humphries had better things to do than listen to Kim Kardashian wax and wane about their relationship…like shoot some hoops.

Kris’ lawyer, Lee Hutton, made a big stink about Kris’ constitutional right to look Kim in the eyes as she testified under oath regarding their  messy, short-lived marriage.  So why’d Kris bounce?

According to TMZ, Kris had practice and travel obligations Tuesday, and as Kim was taking relationship stuff Kris had just finished a game Monday night in Michigan, had practice Tuesday and was traveling later that day to Dallas for a Wednesday game.

Don’t worry, though- Kris is dead set on showing up to the May 6th trial, even if it conflicts with basketball stuff. So we’ll definitely have the two in a room together very soon. I’m sure sparks will FLY!

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Kim Kardashian Sits For Deposition In Tumultuous Divorce Proceedings!

Kim Kardashian  had a long day on Tuesday, trying to (finally) get some legal closure on her ill-fated marriage to Kris Humphries!

Kim secretly sat for her deposition at her lawyer’s offices two days ago (you remeber Laura Wasser, right? A real softie), testifying under oath that when she did accept Kris’ proposal and subsequently married the guy, that she actually did love him!

Apparently, Kim had a lot to say because the deposition lasted a whopping 9 HOURS!

TMZ Reports:

Kris Humphries’ lawyer probed for evidence that Kim defrauded Kris and only married him to goose ratings for her reality show, but we’re told Kris didn’t make any headway. He’s shooting for an annulment based on fraud, but sources say the depo didn’t help his case.

Get this … Kris did NOT show up for the depo. His lawyer made a big stink in court that  Kris had a right to be there. He didn’t even have a game on Tuesday.

As for the reality show … we’re told Kim testified it played no part in her decision to tie the knot.   Other than that, we’ve learned Kris’ lawyer, Lee Hutton, did not ask much at all about the reality show and whether it was staged. Hutton has made numerous threats that he would blow the lid off the reality show during the trial, so it’s surprising he virtually ignored it in Kim’s depo.

For almost a year-and-a-half, Kim’s wanted to be not married to Humphries.  Do you think they can make it a round two years? Yeesh… The trial is set for May 6, so it’ll be at least another month of this. There’s your update, people! It’s a real countdown to Kardashian/West baby and Kardahsian/Humphries divorce!

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