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Wilmer Valderrama Supportive Of Demi Lovato Following Nude Photo Scandal

Wilmer Valderrama Supportive Of Demi Lovato Following Nude Photo Scandal

In case you’ve missed it, a new set of photos featuring Demi Lovato in various stages of undress recently hit the internet. Never fear, fans, Wilmer Valderrama was there to offer up his support for her. “HollywoodLife” reports:

“He is talking her through this unfortunate experience and making her feel more comfortable with how things should be handled,” the source said. “He is calming her and making it not get to her as much as it should. That is why she loves him, he gets her.”

Sadly, after the original alleged pictures were release, Demi was afraid more would come out.

“Demi has definitely come to the realization that more pics and even video might be released in the future,” a source close to Demi revealed EXCLUSIVELY to “She thinks that it will be released around a time that she has something to sell like a song, book or something that goes with her career.”

Who do you think leaked the photos?

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Demi Lovato Engaged To Wilmer Valderrama?

Demi Lovato Engaged To Wilmer Valderrama?

Is Demi Lovato engaged to her ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama? That seems to be the rumor making its way across the internet, but we’re here to tell you that it’s not true!

Just recently, she shared a photo of the two of them on Instagram, which started the speculation. She wore a ring on her engagement finger and captioned the photo, “Sooooo I don’t think I’ve ever been happier in my life than this very moment that I am fully living in…”

Her hordes of fans were left wondering if Wilmer had finally popped the question, but apparently that is not the case. Her rep quickly put the rumors to rest with a simple denial.

And there you have it! Are you surprised?

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Is Demi Getting A Christmas Proposal From Wilmer?!

Demi Lovato Book Signing For Her Book 'Staying Strong 365 Day A Year' At The Grove

Is Wilmer Valderrama going from Demi Lovato‘s ex…to fiancé?!

Rumors running wild today that Wilmer’s gotten Demi a very sparkly ring this holiday season. Reportedly,  Wilmer bought a ring at Tiffany & Co. and even had it engraved with the very special message, “With you and by you always.”

But is it a proposal, or just a piece of nice Christmas bling? An insider revealed:

“It looked like an engagement ring, but could have just been a nice expensive ring he was giving to Demi. He was really low-key at the store and was trying to stay under the radar.”

Demi Lovato has a lot on her plate…and I’m not a huge fan of Wilmer. What do you think? Is it a proposal, a gift? And….should Demi accept it?!

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Selena Gomez Is Proud Of Demi Lovato

Selena Gomez Is Proud Of Demi Lovato

Former Disney starlet Selena Gomez is super proud of her pal Demi Lovato for speaking on the topic of her time in rehab in 2010.

Selena is super glad that Demi was able to overcome her issues enough to help other people who are going through the same thing. In a new interview with i-D magazine, she said, “I’m very proud of Demi and her being able to accept the challenges she went through, but also for staying a good role model to people who do struggle with the things that she’s gone through.”

She continued, “I’ve always been taught that you are who you surround yourself with. So if you surround yourself with good positive people you can only do good things for them and they can only do good things for you.”

She added, “It is frustrating at times when certain things are being said, but other than that I’m just a normal girl living a normal life.”

We’re proud of Demi, as well. It’s got to be hard to go through these things, but to share her story in order to help others? Good for her!

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Demi Lovato Was Suicidal At Age 7

Demi Lovato Was Suicidal At Age 7

The X Factor judge Demi Lovato appears on the latest cover of Cosmopolitan magazine. Inside, she has revealed that her problems have gone on longer than we’ve previously thought. In fact, she says that she was suicidal at the tender age of only seven-years-old.

At seven-years-old, she was singing the theme song on Barney & Friends, but her troubles were just beginning. She said, “At the time, I was just so grateful to be on TV, but I was also really struggling. Looking back, there was a connection, probably between any kid who’s ever sang that song to Barney, a little place in a child’s heart, a void, that could be filled. And maybe Barney fills it. Even before Barney, I was suicidal. I was 7.”

She said that Barney helped her through what she was going through at the time. She said, “I guess subliminally, I did have a relationship with this figure that was saving my life in a way. I’ve talked about being bullied and the years of being a teenager, but I went through things when I was younger that I’ve never talked about that probably caused me to turn out the way I ended up turning out.”

I feel for her…poor thing!

Photo Credit: Cosmopolitan

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