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Don’t call Ryan Gosling’s girlfriend “baby”!!

Don’t call Ryan Gosling’s girlfriend “baby”!

According to the NY Post, Ryan Gosling and his girlfriend Eva Mendes were in NY to promote their new movie, “The Place Beyond the Pines,” when an unfortunate incident went down. The pair were at the Bowery Hotel on Friday when a fashion photographer shouted “Hey, baby!” at Mendes. Apparently Ryan completely went nuts, and “it got heated,” according to their source.

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“Ryan got in the guy’s face and said, ‘Who are you calling baby?’ Eva had to jump in and calm everyone down before it came to fisticuffs. Ryan then made nice and shook the guy’s hand.” The couple, who quietly have been dating since September, worked to keep their privacy intact the night before during a Svedka-sponsored party for the flick, also at the hotel. Gosling brought his mother as his date and arrived and left separately from Mendes, says a source, with the actress turning up at the bash 45 minutes later than the rest of the cast. “I didn’t see Eva and Ryan interact once,” says the spy. “They stayed at opposite ends of the room from one another.” Gosling’s rep didn’t get back to us.

I think it’s kind of cute my little Ryan coming to the defense of his lady!

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Jessica Simpson’s Mom Wants Her To Stop Ashley’s Partying!

Tina Simpson is concerned for her youngest daughter!

According to a source close to the fam, the Simpson matriarch is hoping sister Jessica Simpson can help stop the partying and the boozing that Ashlee Simpson seems to be into these days!  Not sure what she means (and when I say I’m not sure, I mean, I have no photographic evidence of Ashlee out and about on the town), but if there are some bad habits, it can’t be good for Ashlee’s kid, Bronx to be around that kind of behavior.

A source close to the family says:

“Tina’s asked Jessica to look out for Ashlee and make sure she doesn’t start partying too hard once again. With Jessica focusing on her second pregnancy, she’s a calming influence on Ashlee because she doesn’t want to go out on the town. Instead, she prefers family nights in relaxing and has encouraged Ashlee to join them when they are all together, which she has been doing.”

Aw, that’s nice!  But…are there buttered pop tarts involved in these “family nights?” (Sorry! I had to!)

Photo: FameFlynet

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Did John Mayer Dump Katy Perry Over A Few Pounds?

Shockingly, there are more rumors about the breakup between Katy Perry and John Mayer!

Word on the street was that John was only dating Katy to stay in the spotlight while he recovered from his throat granuloma. Well, now people are saying that maybe there’s a little extra info that we may not know, and by extra info, I mean extra pounds!

“John Mayer seems to be “Hot N Cold” when it comes to Katy Perry. After gushing over his relationship in recent interviews, stating that he is “quite happy,” the music industry’s most notorious ladies’ man has hit an all-time low — dumping Katy for getting fat! The “California Gurls” singer, 28, who started dating 25-year-old John last summer, is “devastated,” says a pal. “She is so confident, but as soon as she put on a few pounds, he was constantly putting her down.” Despite John’s shallow reasoning, insiders say a shattered Katy would still like to make it work! “She’s going to make sure she looks amazing,” continues the source. “She wants him to take her back.”

(The Star Via Celebitchy)

Any way you theorize, it just seems to me that JOHN MAYER IS A DOUCHEBAG. Come ON, Katy! Let’s just look at this for what it is…a blessing in disguise!

Photo: FameFlynet

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Liam Hemsworth is back in Los Angeles!

He’s baaaaaaaack! Liam Hemsworth is back in Los Angeles, after being in overseas for three weeks!

So are he and fiance Miley Cyrus still together? The 23-year-old was spotted leaving LAX last night, and according to paprazzi, went straight for Miley’s house. He “seemed rested and relaxed” after his 13-hour flight, according to sources.

Hemsworth flew to Australia on March 1 amid reports he and Cyrus were having problems – and photos were published showing her without her engagement ring. He was later spotted strolling shirtless along a beach in his native country.

The actor then flew to the Philippines this week, where he debuted a scruffy new look and promoted the clothing line Bench.

Cyrus, meanwhile, had her ring back on in Twitter photos she posted Tuesday. Late Wednesday she posted a new twerk video on Facebook, in which she dances around in the same unicorn hoodie seen in the Twitter pics.

Were they together all along? Did we get it wrong, people!?

In case you missed it earlier, you must watch Miley’s “Twerking” video.

Source, Photos: FameFlynet

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