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Relax Kaley Cuoco, We Know You’re Dating Richie Rich, Er, Karl Cook

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Get with it, Kaley Cuoco. We already knew you were dating equestrian rich kid Karl Cook like MONTHS ago.

The Big Bang Theory actress used her Instagram to announce what everybody knew on Friday, that she likes to kiss and joke around with her BOYFRIEND. Yes, BOYFRIEND (and give us all the finger). She captioned the photo “Finally.” Uh, OKAY.

The 30-year-old actress, who is also a horse girl,  he recently told CBS This Morning, “I think the horse connection is special” and added, “He’s special.” Yes, horses DO bring people together!

I don’t get how this recent revelation is supposed to be news, but whatev. Kaley is annoying, and she’s been posting pics with Karl on Instagram for a while now. I hope that they get married soon and that her horrible show gets canceled.

What can I say? I love love.

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Photos: Instagram

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Taylor Kitsch And Rachel McAdams Are Still A Thing

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Yes, they are still ON.

Taylor Kitsch and Rachel McAdams have been official for about a year, to everyone’s disbelief. Why? Unsure. Maybe it’s because they’re both hot Canadians who have been working forever, and maybe it’s because True Detective Season 2 was so bad nobody could think any love could begin under such conditions. But alas, it DID!

About three months ago, we got a new piece of news: that the two were co-habitating. Also, adorable. Also, an insanely private relationship getting serious. Well now, a person on twitter mentioned that they were sitting next to the couple at some kind of meal, and took a pic with Rachel. So, their love is still GOING STRONG!

Rachel’s got some downtime while she decides her next project (Oscar noms can do that) and  Taylor’s supposed to be working on Xavier Dolan’s The Death And Life Of John F Donovan although Xavier is in Cannes this week so he’s probs on a break too. Which means, romantic brunching errryday!

Do you think this couple will get hitched? Be real and weigh in below!

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Kylie Jenner And PartyNextDoor Are “Definitely Dating.”

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I already love this dude for Kylie Jenner.

Namely, because he seems somewhat less douchey than Tyga. But hey, things are still new so PartyNextDoor has a lot of time to creep on other women and be shady as hell.

Usually you have to wait forever to see if a couple are actually dating or not; seeing them making out at restaurants a couple times, maybe a couple instagram selfies and BAM: they come out as dating (or deny it and it fizzles away). But a couple pap pics, and everybody’s confirming that Kylie and PartyNextDoor are more than just friends. US Weekly reports:

Though Jenner, 18, and PND, 22 (real name: Jahron Anthony Brathwaite), didn’t hold hands, they seemed friendly in the photos (above).

Photo: Instagram


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Chris Evans Is Pretty Much A Homewrecker

Captain America: Civil War Premieres in LA

Oh goodness, this timing is NOT looking good for Chris Evans.

Last week, we broke the story that Chris is quietly dating comedian-actress Jenny Slate. And yes, Jenny Slate JUST announced her split from her husband of four years a few weeks ago, which makes things very…uh, how should I put this? AWKWARD.

But let me break this down: Jenny and Chris met last year, on a film called Gifted. It was filmed in hotlanta, away from big city life…in a small town where only the other actors could keep them company. So yeah, Captain America got his. And destroyed a MARRIAGE, pretty much.

When Chris Evans and Jenny Slate met on the set of their upcoming drama Gifted, their connection was undeniable. Last week, PEOPLE confirmed Evans and Slate were dating, and those around them say they it was difficult to ignore seeing the sparks between the two.

“It was obvious they had chemistry and were really into each other,” a source tells PEOPLE.

When they weren’t busy filming, Evans and Slate would spend much of their free time hanging out together.

“They were always talking and laughing on the set,” an insider tells PEOPLE. “You could tell they were great friends and just had a lot of fun together. They would hang out with the crew during takes and just be joking around.”

The new couple were also often spotted taking walks together in between takes, where they were seen laughing and even singing show tunes to one another.

“It was cute,” said the source. “When she was on set filming they were always together. They would go eat at craft services together, take walks together.”

And as if Slate needed a reminder of how hunky her new beau is, the actress couldn’t help but blush whenever Evans was spotted showing off his toned body.

“When Chris lifted up his shirt to wipe off the sweat, she tried really hard not to look at his abs,” added the insider. “We were all looking but you could tell she was trying really hard not to.”

(Via People)

Well edited, People Magazine. A cute story about unexpected chemistry and hit us with some marriage deets.

Chris and Jenny’s people have tried to do a small amount of damage control, though this shizz is really flying under the radar. The real victim is Jenny’s husband, who is very very hot in his own right, and looks a lot more like the kind of dude Jenny would have a boner for (hipster, handsome, etc.) Sorry, dude.

Photo: FameFlynet

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