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Future Jr. Is Going To Have A Stressful Childhood

Ciara at The Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Sports Awards 2015 in LA

Because Future Jr. is going to be passed back and forth by the unprofessional, bitter, bickering ex-couple Future and Ciara.

Ciara got shot down in a big way in custody court Monday, when she showed up asking for sole custody of the ex-couple’s 1-year-old son, also named Future (unfortunate, right?). Ciara claimed her ex was a bad parent who was not present in the child’s life, and then proceeded to trash talk him with her lawyer to the judge.

Now, I’m not saying that stuff isn’t true, but I am saying that probably looks pretty unprofessional to trash talk your ex and then be like, “now, give me that baby.” Future, on the other hand, didn’t run his mouth in court, according to TMZ, and the judge was on his side.

California courts favor joint custody, so the decision was in line with the law- and the two are splitting time with their kid.

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Surprise: 50 Cent Has Another Son!

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 9.30.17 AM

Oh, 50 Cent. How ARE you going to pay for this?

For the last 20 years the public thought 50 Cent had just two sons: 18 year old Marquise Jackson and 3 year old Sire Jackson. This weekend, however, 50 was in for a SURPRISE.  His IG revealed that the dude has a third son, a boy named Davian. 

He shared a picture of himself standing next to Davian, who is shown with tears streaming down his face. “My life is full of surprises, this little guy is my son DAVIAN,” wrote 50 in the caption of the post. “He started crying, I was thinking why you crying I gotta pay for this shit. LMAO.”

Awkward. But for real- how will 50 pay for this shit? Dude’s bankrupt. Sorry, Davian. Hopefully you’ll settle for college at a state school?

Hey, at least 50 looks genuinely happy for this new family addition. In general I consider him to be a pretty good-natured celebrity, though his sense of humor is (obviously) a little wonky.

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Posted Monday, April 25th, 2016 at 10:10am
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Sarah Palin Is Getting Her Own “Judge Judy”-Style Show

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 12.13.14 AM

And the rapture is upon us.

Former Alaska Gov. and general giant, fantastic idiot Sarah Palin is coming to your TV soon. No, this is not a joke.

The former vice presidential candidate signed a deal last month that will have her preside over a planned reality court show. If it gets picked up by stations, it’ll premiere next year under Montana-based production company Warm Springs.The company first approached Palin with the idea in 2015 and has a team around her including the TV executive who found Judge Judy and Judge Joe Brown.

Obviously, she’s wildly unqualified to judge ANYONE, but hey, I guess she has some TV experience. Sigh.

A source via People says “Palin’s telegenic personality, wide appeal and common sense wisdom make her a natural for this kind of format and she was Warm Springs’ top pick for this project.”

Oh, GOOD. I’m curious who their B, C, D choices were.  I can’t really believe this is happening. Or, in this Trump-as-presidential-candidate age, maybe I can. Ugh.

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If 50 Cent’s So Broke, Why’s He Lying In A Giant Bed Of Cash?

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 11.00.59 AM

And eating a popsicle?

While he might be eating a popsicle because they’re delicious, it is hard to wrap my head around why 50 Cent‘s snuggling up to a big bed o’ cash if he’s SO BROKE, know what I mean? And his judge felt the same way.

Sure, 50 has a long history of posting photos of himself with stacks of cash on social media- and he’s kept it up into his bankruptcy biz, with an even more aggressive air. Some of his creditors alerted the judge to 50′s many Instagram posts featuring tens to hundreds of thousands in cash, and the judge wants fiddy to ‘splain it to him:

Judge Ann Nevins told the 40-year-old entertainer’s lawyer that his Instagram photos are raising questions about whether he is being truthful about his financial situation.

“I’m concerned about allegations of nondisclosure and a lack of transparency in the case,” Judge Nevins said at a hearing Thursday in Hartford, Conn., on Thursday. “There’s a purpose of having a bankruptcy process be transparent, and part of that purpose is to inspire confidence in the process.” She added that bankruptcy is a place where “honest, but unfortunate” people can get a fresh start.

Earlier court papers put a spotlight on three pictures of 50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis James Jackson III, with bundles of cash. One picture showed cash piles in his fridge.

And another showed him cuddling with them in bed. He also bragged on Instagram about buying a home in Africa.

The photos were flagged by Lastonia Leviston, who won $7 million in a sex-tape dispute but hasn’t been able to collect that money since Mr. Jackson filed for bankruptcy last summer. Two other groups—Mr. Jackson’s mortgage lender and a partner in a failed headphone deal owed roughly $18 million—joined her in a fight to have an outside financial professional manage his money until he pay off the $30 million he owes creditors.

In response to the social media posts, Mr. Jackson’s lawyers said the photos were included in court filings to “disingenuously smear” him.

“By including pictures from [Mr. Jackson’s] social media accounts and implying that [he] is hiding assets…the [three creditors] intentionally ignore that [Mr. Jackson] is in the entertainment and promotion business and must maintain his brand and image (or those of the products he is promoting),” his lawyers said in documents filed in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Hartford, Conn.

“All his income was reported,” he told Judge Nevins.

(Wall St. Journal via NY Daily News)

Also on 50′s Instagram are pictures of his Porsche, Ferrari, motorcycle, and like, tons of gold. Not sure why he’s not ordered to sell that off, but all of this sounds like total BS to me. Rich people- they think they can get away with ANYTHING.

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