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Chris Brown Was A Court No-Show, But Still Kinda Won.

2014 iHeartRadio Music Festival - Night 1

Wow, Chris Brown. Way to keep your MONEY.

The pop star scored an early victory in what will probs be a loooonnnnnggggg custody war with baby mama Nia Guzman that could end up saving him hundreds of thousands of dollars. TMZ reports:

Chris was M.I.A. from the courthouse in Houston, but during the hearing the judge shot down Guzman’s motion to move the case to California. Although Guzman now lives in Cali … the judge pointed out she was living in the Houston area when the case was filed.

Brown’s attorney opposed the motion to move — most likely because California courts tend to award more money in child support cases than Texas. Remember, Chris is currently paying Nia $2,500 per month, but she wants to bump that to $15k.

The hearing’s still going on — the judge still has to hash out a custody arrangement, and rule on the gag order Chris wants to stop Nia from bad mouthing him.

Strange that Chris no-showed, since he was already in Texas- he performed yesterday in Dallas. I think the money Nia already gets is appropriate but this gag order? No WAY could I ever stop badmouthing CB, and she shouldn’t, either!

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Hey Kardashians: Don’t Play With Fire, You’ll Get Sued.

2015 NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment Upfront

The Kardashians need to learn that fire can be dangerous…especially in COURT.

Twelve Marina del Rey homeowners (including several celebs) have banned together and filed a small claim court lawsuit against Khloe and Kris for that massive fireworks show Khloe threw for boyfriend James Harden’s bday. OOPS. TMZ reports:

Each resident will demand $7,500 … the max allowed in California small claims. As for their damages, one homeowner says her kid freaked out. Another says she has MS and her condition has worsened since the incident. They all say they suffered emotional distress.

The people suing say money is not the object. They want to come face-to-face with Khloe, Kris and the others and confront them for conduct they say was rude and supremely selfish. The reason they chose small claims … lawyers aren’t allowed, so the famous family will have to appear.

I gotta say- I don’t know if these residents are just being rich whiny babies or if Khloe and Kris really did put on an obnoxious, loud show. What do YOU think of this EXPLOSIVE controversy?

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Not So Fast, Enrique Iglesias!


Enrique Iglesias probably won’t be your hero, baby…at least if you’re on the passenger side.

The singer got busted for trying to slip out of the driver’s seat of his ride when cops pulled him over recently, which is a very dignified way of saying, “why yes, officer, I AM driving with a suspended license. Thanks so much for checking in on me!”

According to TMZ, Iglesias was driving a white Cadillac Escalade back in May when cops pulled him over for driving in a closed off express lane (which is something you should DEFINITELY do if you are driving with a suspended license). That’s when Miama police say Enrique did the old switcheroo- he hopped into the back seat while his passenger slid into the driver’s seat.

Obvi, cops were NOT amused.

Enrique and the passenger, his tour manager, both got arrested and as of now, both pled not guilty to obstruction. Enrique also pled not guilty to driving with a suspended license.

I’m no fortune teller, but sounds to me like you have some community service and a major fine in your future, Enrique.  Next time- get your license renewed, and maybe stick to OPEN express lanes?

On that note, have a save weekend, y’all.

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Mischa Barton Is Suing Her Own Mother?!

Mischa Barton Sued For $320,000 Over 'Promoted' Movie Snub

This family drama sounds SO FUN. And by fun, I mean like a living nightmare. 

Mischa Barton is suing her own mother/manager for taking a large chunk of her salary on The Hoarder, a new film she’s acting in…and for kicking her out of her own home.  According to the filed lawsuit against momager Nuala Barton, the 29-year-old is claiming her mother is a “Greedy stage mother posing as a talent manager.”


The document also says Nuala lied to Mischa about her income for her work on the new indie flick; when the actress found out what she was actually making from the production company on the set (which was, uh, a lot more than she thought) and naturally, she was pretty pissed. In the lawsuit, Nuala took the difference and a 10% management fee, but no specific numbers were revealed in the legal docs.

In ADDITION, the actress claims Nuala used her name to start a handbag line and to open a Mischa Barton fashion boutique in London, and kept all that moolah for herself.

And FINALLY, Mischa is claiming her mom changed up the paperwork to give herself co-ownership of Mischa’s the eight bedroom, 11 bath Beverly Hills mansion, taking out loans against the property and kicking Mischa out of her own house!

Apparently neither Barton parent have had a job outside of their daughter’s brand in years, and I can see why. Sounds like they are totally taking advantage of Mischa’s fame. This would be crazy even if it was just a manager, but a MOM and manager? Man, so sad.


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