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Now Ariana’s Saying Big Sean’s Lyrics Were The Problem

57th GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

And a new development in the Ariana Grande/Big Sean Breakup…

Ariana Grande apparently broke up with Big Sean because she had a problem with his vulgar lyrics pertaining to HER.

Sources connected with Ariana tell TMZ that the last straw was when Sean dropped his track, “Stay Down,” in which he raps:

I ain’t even gonna lie, I got a million dollar chick
With a billion dollar p****y
Every time I c*m, I swear to God I feel like I be rich

Apparently Ariana felt humiliated because Sean was treating her like a piece of meat/gross rappers girlfriend. Ariana’s grandmother came to her and asked about the lyrics, which was especially embarrassing. TMZ continues:

But there was plenty of tension leading up to the song. Sean claims she made him pay for all sorts of extravagances. But our Ariana sources say SHE is the one who foot most of the bills, including vacations and private flights.

As we reported, Sean complained that Ariana didn’t show up for his big House of Blues performance in February because she selfishly cared more about her Grammy’s performance the following day.

But our Ariana sources say it was Sean who was self-absorbed. Ariana’s Grammy performance was live and during the day on Saturday when she rehearsed her voice was strained and her vocal coach ordered her not to even speak for the rest of the day, and Sean got pissed.

As for Sean saying Ariana set up the Bieber stage grab to humiliate her, Ariana says it’s total B.S. … they were already broken up and she did NOT ask Bieber to engage in a stunt.  And she says Sean never even brought it up.

A real HE SAID SHE SAID! Whose camp are you in? Ari or Sean?

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TRUTH ALERT: Emma Stone Dumped Andrew Garfield

"The Amazing Spider-Man 2" - World Premiere

As you well know, adorable dream couple Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield called it quits this month after kinda being on a break, and kinda not, culminated in Emma Stone going to Disneyland.

But, we never quite knew why this three year relationship hit the rocks…until now. Apparently, in part it was Garfield’s lame commitment to this new role, and generally harshing Emma “Sunshine” Stone’s buzz. I get it.

They’ll always have The Amazing Spider-Man. As reported earlier this month, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone went their separate ways recently after dating for more than three years. And while sources initially told Us Weekly they were just taking a breather, an insider now says their blockbuster romance is over for good.

Stone, 26, “ended things and moved back to L.A.,” the source reveals in the April 27 issue of Us. “It’s finished. It’s not just a break.”

One factor in their apparent split was Garfield’s intense commitment to his role as a 17th-century Jesuit in director Martin Scorsese’s upcoming movie Silence, which costars Adam Driver and Liam Neeson.

“He’d been in a dark place for months, getting into his role,” a second insider tells Us of the Never Let Me Go actor, 31, who lost nearly 40 pounds in preparation for the film and has been shooting in Taiwan since January. “He wasn’t being the best partner.”

(Celebitchy via US Weekly)

You gotta do what you gotta do, you hot, adorable kids. I’m still kinda hoping for a reconciliation, though…

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Did Justin Bieber Break Up Big Sean And Ariana Grande?

Justin Bieber Isn't Looking For Love

Yeah, this is the dude who breaks up couples.  Really?

As we reported, Ariana Grande and Big Sean recently decided to end their eight-month relationship, but according to sources close to the former couple, the breakup was a long time coming. Why? Big Sean pulled the plug because  Ari was “immature.” PerezHilton Reports:

Apparently their relationship started going downhill in February when the 27-year-old made one of the biggest and most important performances of his career at the House of Blues in West Hollywood, California.

The same source is saying that everyone and their mothers showed to support the rapper except for Ari. She reportedly needed to get ready for the Grammys the next day and Big Sean was said to have found that move extremely selfish on her end.

But the “immaturity” ain’t over yet…

The insider revealed that the Blessed rapper traveled to visit his lady 10 times more than she did. They’re even saying he claimed the petite songstress demanded he spend thousands of dollars to take a private jet to see her — another sign of immaturity.

Big Sean and Ariana were supposedly thinking of reconciling after their quiet breakup, but the door closed on that opportunity when Justin Bieber jumped on stage and got all touchy feely with the singer.

Even though Ariana pushed the Biebs away after his unwelcome on-stage PDA, the rapper believes Ari planned all of that to hurt him.

Well, from a girl who wears cat ears at pretty much every performance, what do you expect? Move on, Big Sean. you’re 27, find yourself a woman (who won’t get felt up by Justin Bieber).

Do you think these are legit reasons for Big Sean to break up with Ariana?


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Inside The Hilary Duff And Mike Comrie Custody Battle

Hilary Duff & Mike Comrie Take Luca To Breakfast

Man, it seems like just yesterday that these two like, MIGHT get back together…these days, not so much.

Hilary Duff‘s estranged husband Mike Comrie just responded to her divorce filing, demanding joint custody of their 3-year-old son, Luca.

In the docs, the ex-hockey star says he wants to share custody, even though Hilary asked for primary physical custody of Luca, and only wanted Mike to get visitation. Word on the street is that Hilary is worried Mike will be a garbage parents due to his hard partyin’ ways. In fact, she filed for divorce the day after Comrie was reportedly drunkenly propositioning women at Mastro’s in Bev Hills.

Classy, Mike Comrie. All friggin class!

Both acknowledge that they have a prenup to  sort out their property and support issues, but clearly, Luca’s gonna be fought over by both.

Who do you think should get primary custody of Luca? Hilary “mermaid hair” Duff or Mike “boozy proposition city” Comrie?

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