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Dennis Quaid Has A New Young “Model” Girlfriend

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32 years younger? No problem.

Dennis Quaid is a 62 years old  man who is (admittedly) still very attractive for his age, but to his discredit he does enjoy much younger women. He had an on-and-off marriage with Kimberly Buffington (who is 17 years younger than Quaid), which seems to be “off” again, as of June, which is when they re-filed for divorce, and now he’s got a new piece who’s 30, named Santa Auzina. Santa is being described as a “model” (sure) and a French-Canadian. She’s also pretty active on Instagram, which is how we know about this new love affair: she’s got Quaid’s mug all OVER it. Complete with hashtags like #mylove #spiritual #soulmate. LOL. I love it.

So, there you go, and I’ve put some photos of their ENDURING LOVE in a little gallery, which you can creep on below. I guess I should be happy she’s not in her teens? Ugh.

Photos: Instagram

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Misty Copeland Married Tay Diggs’ Cousin

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Congrats, you beautiful-crazy KIDS!

Misty Copeland married her boyfriend of ten years, Olu Evans, on Sunday. Which is crazy- Misty’s been dating the same dude since she was 23? And trying to work up the ballerina ladder? Respect.

ICYDK, Copeland is the first African-American female principal dancer for the American Ballet Theatre, and she announced her engagement to Evans, an attorney in the September 2015 issue of Essence. Weirdly enough- Olu is Taye Diggs‘ cousin. How’s that for a sexy pair?

Misty says she is excited for her summer wedding, but glad she’s got help:

“It’s coming along! It’s happening this summer so it’s very soon,” Copeland said. “I’m super busy so I have amazing people taking care of a lot of stuff.”

“I think I’m a pretty simple girl, so I like for there to be no drama. I just want to enjoy the day, and not have it be about the preparation,” she said.

(Via People)

We are excited for your drama-free nuptials, girl. Hope it was everything you wanted it to be!

Photo: Instagram

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Bella Thorne And Dane Cook Are BFFS Now

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Bella Thorne and Dane Cook apparently hang out together in Los Angeles all the time! Like, it’s totally normal and NBD. SURE.

The two hit the town on Wednesday night, and while you’d think an 18 year old and a 44 year old (both C list, at best) seems like a very straight out of Hollywood power couple, apparently the two bonding was “strictly business.”

Sources tell TMZ that the duo are working on a new movie together and have been spending a lot of time together off-camera to bond. Don’t believe me? I hope we’ll get a statement by Gregg Sulkin, whom Bella has been boning for over a year.

Do you think there’s something a-brewing between Dane and Bella? Ooof.

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Photos: Instagram

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Is Ed Sheeran Secretly Married?!

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This for real?

Despite being longtime BFFs with Taylor Swift, the original relationship stunt queen, Ed Sheeran keeps it a little quieter when it comes to his own ginge love. He never confirmed if he was ever actually doing it with a Pussycat Doll last year, and he’s rarely seen out and about with his girlfriend  Cherry Seaborn, whom I like because she looks like a NORMAL HUMAN. And someone Ed would date (Ed Sheeran and a Pussycat Doll? Like, for real?) I mean clearly dude’s still dating up but I can BELIEVE it, you know?

According to The Sun, things might be going so well with Cherry that he might’ve gone and got secretly married to the woman! Two days ago, a picture of Ed attending a friend’s daughter’s 5th birthday party hit the internet in which he just so happened to be showing off a ring on that finger.

What do YOU think? Did a secret marriage happen?! Weigh in below!


Photo: FameFlynet

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