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Kelly Clarkson Had Some HORRIBLE Pregnancy Complications

Kelly Clarkson Attends American Music Awards Nominees Announcement

Especially in HER field!

Kelly Clarkson‘s adorable little daughter River Rose is like, the best thing ever, but when pregnancy complications caused Kelly to lose her voice, that must have made her flip the eff out.  I would, and I’m not even a singer.

After giving birth and not being able to sing, Kelly talks about what a dark place she was in…

“Afterwards was the part where I literally had a moment where I cried and drank wine all day. I was like, ‘Oh God, I’m not going to be a singer anymore.’… I was bawling to my husband and completely hammered, just going, ‘Oh my God, it’s over. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I guess I could do more charity work.'”

(via PerezHilton)

Can you imagine arbitrarily being incapable to do your dream job, a job you got through a ton of hard work and training?  Sounds like Kelly got super unlucky- thankfully, her voice came back.

I’ve never heard of anyone loosing their voice from being pregnant. Have you?!

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Nanny Sues Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon


Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon may be getting divorced, but they’re gonna have to hang out soon, because they’re being sued by their former nanny…

Why? Because Simonette DaCosta- the nanny in question- said she showed too much affection to their twins!  TMZ said that DaCosta, who was the full-time nanny when the kids were just infants, said that the twins loved her and it did NOT sit well with Mariah.

Wow, Mariah getting beligerent. Who would have thunk it?

DaCosta claims the singer berated her for showing too much affection, meaning she was jealous because the kids dug their nanny more than their banshee of a mom. DaCosta also claims she was worked too hard…like an upwards of 90 hours in a week.

She wants back pay and other damages…and maybe a cut of Mariah’s Vegas Money? Oh wait, that’s Nick.

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Nick Cannon Won The Divorce Race

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Attend the 2012 Project Canvas Exhibition and Art Gala

While Mariah Carey celebrated her new and lucrative Vegas residency, Nick Cannon was busy at the courthouse.

According to TMZ, Cannon has quietly filed for divorce, originally filing papers on December 12. The date is relevant because on December 2, Mariah showed up 3 hours late to tape a segment for the NBC tree-lighting special.

At that point, Mariah was on the phone with her lawyers going over the terms of her property settlement. That syncs up with Nick filing papers a week later, after they hashed out a deal.

Mariah and her cadre of lawyers have been pretty deft about squaring away a deal- she’s artfully detached Nick from her new, awesome Vegas opportunity. Smart girl!

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It’s Official- Mariah Carey Gets HUGE Vegas Payday!

Mariah Carey Announces The Launch Of Her Go N'Syde Bottle 'Butterfly'

Mariah Carey really won the jackpot on this deal!

After almost being there and lots of speculation, the singer has officially signed on as the newest resident diva in Las Vegas. TMZ reports that Mariah snuck into Vegas last week to seal the deal. Need proof? TMZ has video of Carey and her entourage leaving the Palace Cheesecake Factory, escorted by security.  

Wow, the cheesecake factory? Classy.

Carey is taking the Caesar’s Palace slot formerly held by Celine Dion, who is on break to care for her husband.  Marah will probably be in Vegas all year until Celine returns.

And of course, the deal is GINORMOUS. Where Britney Spears rakes in $475K a show, Mariah will be getting at least that and maybe even more!


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