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Christina Aguilera’s Fiance Issues Marriage Ultimatum?

Christina Aguilera's Fiance Issues Marriage Ultimatum?

Is Christina Aguilera’s fiance Matt Rutler trying to pressure her into tying the knot already?

The couple became engaged on Valentine’s Day in 2014, but when the anniversary of their engagement came to pass, he wasn’t too romantic. In fact, he wanted her to take the next step in their relationship and make it official.

An insider said, “The one-year anniversary of their engagement came on Valentine’s Day. But it was hardly romantic with Matt telling Christina that he’s going to walk unless they’re married by summer’s end!”

Sources close to the singer have revealed that Matt is “sick and tired of waiting for Christina to make the relationship official.”

When asked about marriage recently, Aguilera said, “Having just moved into a beautiful home, having a baby and being so excited to get back to work on ‘The Voice,’ I am not in a rush to set a date.”

Insiders have said that her statement had Matt steaming mad. The source said, “Matt was totally insulted by Christina’s public comments on matrimony. He wants a commitment now that they have a daughter. But she says she’s too busy with ‘The Voice,’ recording a new album and producing a new series.”

The source added, “Matt wants the security of marriage, even if that means signing a prenup. They can’t stop fighting over when – or if – they’ll ever get hitched.”

Do you think any of this is true?

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Christina Aguilera Wants Her Daughter To Be A Lioness

Christina Aguilera Wants Her Daughter To Be A Lioness

Christina Aguilera has already opened up about her daughter Summer Rain Rutler in the pages of the latest issue of People magazine. Now, she has revealed that she wants her daughter to be a lioness.

More specifically, the singer said that she wants her daughter to embrace her inner lioness. She said that she hopes her daughter will grow to realize that she is already perfection and won’t have any issues with body confidence.

She revealed, “I think by having me as a mom she will learn to stand up for herself and others, to work hard and never take no for an answer. One thing I’m very sensitive to is wanting her to always feel that she is good enough! I never want her to feel that she needs to change herself or her body to fit a stereotype. She’s perfection just how she is.”

She said to People, “Most important, I want her to be surrounded by love and grow up feeling safe. That’s something I didn’t have when I was young and something I have been very vocal about providing for my children.”

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Christina Aguilera Explains Her Daughter Summer Rain’s Name

Christina Aguilera Explains Her Daughter Summer Rain's Name

Have you seen the adorable pictures of Summer Rain Rutler yet? She’s so cute – as evidenced by the People magazine spread by The Voice judge and her new daughter. In the magazine, Aguilera explained her daughter’s name – in case you were wondering where it came from.

Aguilera revealed that she wanted her daughter’s name to be “filled with inspiration, love and joy.”

She said, “Summer is a time of spreading warmth and light, while rain washes away…replenishes and brings new life to allow growth and new beginnings. And that’s exactly what she brings to all who encounter her. Her beauty and sunshine exude from within. She has brought so much love into our family.”

She went on to say, “I feel like every day she is surprising us with something new. Trying to crawl is her new thing. She’s pretty strong. And I notice she already loves trips and travel. She’s a very happy, content girl, who already makes it clear in letting you know what she wants.”

In the meantime, her son Max is starting to realize that his mother is famous. She said, “Max will come home from school now and ask, ‘Mommy, how do people at school know who you are?’ What I do as an artist is very separate from being mommy at home. But it all contributes and morphs into the person I am. It shows up in my music and allows me to grow and be challenged in ways I know I never could be without being a mom.”

She added, “Right now my focus is geared on my work since I stopped the world for Summer last year. So before I think about having any more I want to get back to me first. I do think that’s important for all moms.”

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Christina Aguilera Introduces Daughter Summer Rain – Photos

Christina Aguilera Introduces Daughter Summer Rain - Photos

Christina Aguilera introduces her new bundle of joy with fiance Matt Rutler on the cover of People magazine. Isn’t she just as cute as a button?

“I was speechless,” the singer, 34, tells PEOPLE in an exclusive interview for this week’s cover. “She was literally like an angel … We had an immediate calm bond, and I felt unexplainably connected to her and her spirit.”

Since then, she and her fiancé, film producer Matt Rutler, who was by her side for the delivery, have only become more smitten with their little girl, now 6 months old.

“Her smile lights up a room and I know it melts mama and daddy’s hearts,” says Aguilera. “She laughs a ton and is easy to make smile. She just wants to be where the action is!”

Christina Aguilera Introduces Daughter Summer Rain - Photos

Christina admitted that being a working mother isn’t without its challenges. She said, “It’s definitely not easy juggling work and motherhood, as being a parent is a full-time job within itself. You just have to make it work for you. My life has so many different moving parts, but my kids are the center focal piece, and everything else shifts around them.”

She said, “It’s hard to know you won’t have all the right answers at the right times. And ‘mom guilt’ is the worst thing ever. But you have to surrender and let go, knowing you’re doing your very best and no one loves them, or wants what’s best for them more than you.”

She added that both of her children will always come first. She said, “They are the center of my universe.”


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