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Chris Brown Found A Rando Naked Woman In His Bed

57th GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

Well this is frigging weird.

Chris Brown came home Wednesday night to find a naked woman in his bed, which is not usually a problem except he DIDN’T KNOW WHO THE WOMAN WAS, and henceforth called the cops.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that the singer returned to his home in Agoura Hills, CA yesterday with his security team around 9:00 PM when he found a woman’s clothes in the foyer and “I LOVE YOU” spray painted on the kitchen counter (breaking and entering AND vandalism? Tsk tsk, crazy lady).

Chris and his team went to investigate, and found a totally random woman totally nude and totally in Chris Brown’s bed. Chris called the cops, who came and cuffed the woman and took her to the station, where she was booked for felony burglary and felony vandalism (and very much chided for having terrible taste in men, I hope).

Cops believe the a 21-year-old female had lingered there for a while, because police found dishes in the sink and discarded food. Chris had been in Las Vegas for the past few days, so she was probably hiding out in the Brown compound for us, a while (free TiVo!).

TMZ also says  the woman vandalized Chris’ silver Rolls-Royce and his black Range Rover by spray painting “MRS. BROWN” on them. Gross- and again, kind of a waste of spray paint.

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Chris Brown’s LA Battery Case Is Closed

57th GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

Congrats, Chris Brown. You’re slightly less of a douche than you were yesterday.

Law enforcement sources claim that on Tuesday the man who accused the Loyal singer of punching him during a basketball game called the police to drop the charges…the charges that were vehemently denied by Chris Brown and his crew!

We aren’t sure why they were suddenly dropped, but hey…they were. And regardless, the new Dad can put this mess behind him, and keep instagramming his kid, Royalty, and talking about how #blessed he is.

Oh, btw, Brown JUST settled a 2013 lawsuit over a brawl that took place at 24-Hour Fitness in LA., too. Maybe this is his lucky week? Or maybe he settled everything by throwing some money at the problem?

What do YOU think?

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Chris Brown Still Wants You To Know He Loves His Daughter

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 9.26.05 AM

And in other ROYAL BABY NEWS…

Chris Brown can’t get enough of his 10-month-old baby girl, Royalty, and he’s got instagram pics to prove it. The singer shared yet another photo of his little princess via Instagram yesterday and gushed about how much he loves being a dad.

“I honestly never knew I could love someone as strong as I do,” Brown captioned a pic of Royalty sleeping. “I’m gonna give her the world.”

Yeah, he loves his daughter but also FYI he got in trouble with the law like YESTERDAY, so I dunno, maybe if he loves his kid so much he should uh, start being a good role model to her? Revolutionary, I know, but JUST SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT.

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Surprise Surprise Chris Brown Still Has Anger Issues

Chris Brown Wants To Be Close To His Kid...And Other LINKS!

Ugh, of COURSE Chris Brown is getting into more crap, right after he finally worked off all of those battery community service hours. Classy!

Early monday morning, the singer was accused of brawling with another guy  during a basketball game in Las Vegas,  and police have named him a suspect for battery. TMZ reports:

The altercation went down at the Palms Casino Resort — according to police … Chris was playing hoops at 3:42 AM and at some point he got into an argument with one of the guys playing — and allegedly punched him. The pickup game was being played in the famous Hardwood Suite … where Chris was staying.

Police responded to the scene, but didn’t talk to Brown when they got there.

Cops say Chris now has 2 options: either sign a citation for misdemeanor battery, and agree to show up in court to face the charge — OR take his chances with the D.A … who would decide whether to press charges.

Man, Chris Brown can’t catch a break! NOT.  He’s terrible. What do you think should happen to Chris Brown?
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