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Chris Brown Talks Mistakes And Lessons On Instagram

Chris Brown Talks Mistakes And Lessons On Instagram

Chris Brown has made a lot of mistakes in his life and he is finally owning up to them. The R&B singer posted the above photo of himself clad in an orange jumpsuit on his Instagram account where he opened up about his mistakes and the lessons that he has learned along the way.

He captioned the picture:

I been through a lot in my life. Made a lot of mistakes along the way. But through it all I’ve always been true to myself and through God I’ve been able to take care of my family!

I should regret some things but I think the lessons learned will shape me into a real man. I’m grateful and appreciative! Thank you for life!

Most recently, Chris’ most recent girlfriend Karrueche Tran called time on their relationship after he liked some old photos of himself with Rihanna on Instagram. He retaliated by taking her close friend with him on a vacation to St. Tropez. Doesn’t sound like he’s really all that mature at all, does it?

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Karrueche Tran Has Broken Up With Chris Brown

Karrueche Tran Has Broken Up With Chris Brown

Karrueche Tran has finally seen the light and has decided to call time on her relationship with Chris Brown — and it has a little bit to do with Rihanna.

Chris recently liked two photos on Instagram showing himself and RiRi together, causing Karrueche to explode with anger. But that’s not the only thing that has caused their split — sources say that she has been unhappy for a while now. A spy revealed that “Chris acts immature, like a child” and she thinks he is ruining his life by partying instead of working on his music career.

TMZ reports:

Chris’ reaction to the break up has been breathtaking. He went to St. Tropez this week and took a very good friend of Karrueche’s along for the ride. And he made a point to be photographed with her … making sure Karrueche would see it.

Karrueche’s reaction was not jealousy. We’re told she’s changed her phone number … specifically so Chris couldn’t contact her.

That’s Chris and Karrueche’s friend in the photo above. Let’s hope that he doesn’t try to go crawling back to her and she takes him back. The woman needs to wise up already and stay away from this loser!

Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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BET wants a Chris Brown reality show

BET wants a Chris Brown reality show

Chris Brown has broken the law of several accounts, is generally not a nice person and yells at valets over $10 parking fees…but that’s all well and good because BET wants cameras to follow this clown around for a reality show.

Multiple sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ … BET has made it clear to several production companies … the network would absolutely air a Chris Brown reality series, chronicling his life after jail.

We’re told several production companies are angling to sign Chris, but so far that hasn’t happened. If it does, we’re told the show will get on the air.

A focus group was held Tuesday in the San Fernando Valley … asking participants if they’d watch a reality show in which Chris tries to stay on the straight and narrow — free from violence and drugs.

We’re told the group — comprised entirely of African American females — was split, but the majority said they’d watch to see if Chris would screw up.

We can’t imagine watching the show… would YOU?

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Chris Brown is Back in Court

Chris Brown Heads To Court In D.C.

Ehhh.  I don’t know why I’m bothering posting about Chris Brown, since I’m just so anti and I feel like typing his name gives him more attention then he deserves… but here we go.  Chris Brown is back in court.  For maybe the millionth time.  He was spotted entering the D.C. Superior Courthouse earlier today for a hearing on the assault charge he faces.  TMZ reports:

Chris Brown just REJECTED a plea deal in his Washington assault case — so he’s headed for trial.

TMZ caught up with Brown as he darted into his lawyer’s office for a wardrobe change before his D.C. court appearance.

Chris was close to copping a plea but the deal fell apart because the prosecutor and Chris’ lawyer, Mark Geragos, couldn’t agree on a statement of fact about the events leading to the alleged assault.

Chris has said all along … he didn’t attack the alleged victim last year outside a hotel.

If Chris had pled guilty to assault, he would not have to serve any additional time in jail.  Now it looks like he’s going to trial so jail is on the line again.

A trial date has been set for September.  Brown’s bodyguard, Christopher Hollosy, has already been convicted of the assault.

Can we just deport him somewhere already?  He’s bringing me down.  I believe in due process of law- so the courts can decide what they want…. but… ughh.  Also, according to Hollywood Life, Brown is annoyed with his girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, for partying without him.  He’s allegedly avoiding the club scene right now.  And I have a theory why.  He likes to hit people.  Which is apparently causing him some legal troubles.  Tran must like a good project.

Photos: FameFlynet, Source

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