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Justin Bieber Stole Joe Jonas’ Girl!

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You heard me!

On Monday evening, Justin Bieber hit up LA hotspots Henry’s and The Nice guy with a Hailey Baldwin look-alike named Jessica Serfaty, which wouldn’t be super weird except the America’s Next Top Model contestant was just locking lips with Joe Jonas last month. Dang, girl! Smooch those A listers, why dontcha!

This is kind of a message to the world that Justin and Hailey are NOT a couple, even though they rang in the new year together. But it is strange that miss Jessica does bear a striking resemblance to Hailey, so maybe he’s just missing his girl?

What do YOU think?

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Brooklyn Beckham Is A Professional Photographer Now

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Rob Kardashian And Blac Chyna Might Be Drugging It Up Together

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The Kardashians think Rob Kardashian‘s new relationship with Blac Chyna is a serious threat to his sobriety…and hey, they’re probably right.

Apparently the dude’s been contacting his old party buddies because the same day Khloe came home from a trip and found Rob and Chyna in her house (gross) the family received a call from a guy who used to party with Rob.  The guy (who’s now clean) wanted them to know Rob had been calling other non-clean party plaz trying to score drugs.

Now, I don’t think I 100% knew Rob was sober, but this doesn’t sound good.

In Blac Chyna’s camp, it sure SEEMS like she wants Rob healthy again, cooking for him and inspiring him to exercise. Yet in addition to being drunk in Austin, cops say they found ecstasy pills in Blac’s sunglasses case. WHOOPS.

I think most importantly, the Kardashiklan is super concerned that Rob isn’t taking his diabetes meds. TMZ reports that Kris Jenner brought Rob’s insulin and other Rx meds to Blac’s house because she worried he had stopped taking them.

Sounds like Rob’s being immature AND irresponsible. What do YOU think of his life choices?

Photo: Instagram

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Pamela Anderson And Tommy Lee’s Son Is A Hot Model Now

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It seems like just yesterday that Dylan Lee was just one of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee‘s cute lil kids…

But don’t get it twisted, the dude is 18 now and all grown up. And by grown up I mean he’s making good use of his very good genetics, because he just snagged a HUGE Yves Saint Laurent modeling campaign!

To see what little Dylan looks like now, click CONTINUE!


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