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Jenny Slate’s Career Is Going Better Now That She’s With Chris Evans

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Jenny Slate and Chris Evans have been banging for probably close to a year, but they’ve only been official for a couple months. That being said, while I think dating Jenny has given Chris some street cred, Chris is giving Jenny…some of that A list cache. Why? Because he’s apparently followed her around while she’s done stand-up, and now her stand-up acts are selling out because… people think they might run into Chris.

Dating Chris Evans is doing wonders for Jenny Slate’s career. In the not-so-distant past, the stand-up comedian, 34, had to constantly remind fans that tickets were still available for purchase the day of her show, but not anymore!

“Jenny recently performed two sold-out sets in Boston,” reveals an insider, who suspects ticket sales are up solely because fans are hoping to catch a glimpse of Captain American in the flesh – since he showed up at the Sinclair in Cambridge’s Harvard Square to cheer on his girlfriend Aug. 7.

“Chris is super-supportive of Jenny,” adds a source. “If being with him gives her career a boost, he’s more than happy to help out.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

It IS annoying that Star is attributing a woman’s success to her boyfriend, but part of me is also like, “Well, she DID hook up with Captain America” I’m not saying Slate was an untalented nobody, but come on. It’s an indie comedy in and of itself.

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Demi Moore Thinks She’s Too Good For Network TV

Demi Moore Catches A Plane At LAX

Demi Moore, get REAL.

I haven’t seen her in anything recently, but according to IMDB, Demi has three films in the can, waiting to be released this year or next.  I personally think Demi would be good on a television show- but know this: she thinks she is above network TV.

Demi Moore is too good for ABC. The actress was set to star in the upcoming drama “Ten Days in the Valley,” but pulled out once the network got on board, Variety reported. A source told Page Six that Moore “dropped out when ABC picked it up because . . . it was originally supposed to be a cable show. She only wanted to do cable or streaming. It’s more ‘prominent’ to go to cable or streaming.”

The show would have been Moore’s first full-time TV gig since the 1980s. Kyra Sedgwick will take over.

(Via Page Six)

A lot of talented people work on networks but yes, it doesn’t have the same acclaim as HBO. And now, everyone is not-so-secretly making fun of Demi for being “above” the network tv system:

TV industry insiders were snickering after reports that Demi Moore dropped out of ABC’s upcoming series “Ten Days in the Valley” because the star feels it’s “more prominent” to do cable or streaming rather than network TV. (The series was originally for cable before it landed at ABC, and Kyra Sedgwick was brought on to replace Moore). But a source told us that ABC wasn’t exactly knocking down Moore’s door to do the project either, and ABC insiders are over the moon to land Sedgwick as her replacement.

“The fact is that no one cares about Demi, and Kyra is a bigger star, so [ABC] jumped at the opportunity to work with her,” the source scoffed. “I mean, who’s really dying for ‘streaming’?”

(Via Page Six)

Lol, I love how streaming actually IS a huge thing, but whatever. Hey, if Demi doesn’t want the money, there are a ton of perfectly qualified other actors who will gladly take her roles. BYEEEEE.


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Natalie Portman Is Over Making Marvel Movies. -And Other LINKS!!!

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Natalie Portman‘s done with making Hollywood hero garbage Dlisted

Teen Mom has achieved the impossible Fishwrapper

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Britney Spears has her own lil FREAK SHOW ASL

Malia Obama is a PARTY GIRL Celebitchy

Frances Bean Cobain celebrates her 24th in a bikini TooFab

Amber Heard is donating her divorce settlement to charity Dlisted

Amber Rose isn’t ALLLLL bad Fishwrapper

This is Rihanna‘s world, we just live in it Celebslam

Henry Cavill‘s spit-curl made it’s instagram return ASL


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Diddy And Cassie Broke Up Again After A Bizarre Phone-Stealing Incident

'The Perfect Match' Los Angeles Premiere

Diddy and Cassie have called it quits…again.

The two had an explosive argument in a car Wednesday afternoon after Cassie told Diddy she wanted to break up. TMZ reports that Diddy got pissed off and suspicious enough to grab her phone and start scrolling through, and then he JUMPED out of the car and she took off with the driver.


The rapper/producer eventually came home and returned the phone, but then took 2 cars parked outside. Now, while Diddy was out Cassie explained the phone incident to her mom and before Diddy came home, Cassie’s mom called the cops. So, cops ended up at Cassie’s home and she explained she got the phone back so they left, but not before writing up a domestic incident report. I know, it’s like, the two have broken up a LOT, so who knows what kind of BS they’re used to.

You can’t get arrested for immaturity, can you?

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