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Gigi Hadid’s Got Palestinian Pride!

Gigi Hadid Lunches With Friends In NYC

Gigi Hadid  loves her some of her own Palestinian culture.

The supermodel spent the evening with childhood friends Tuesday night, and sounds like the bunch did a lot of reminiscing. Gigi shared a photo of hands in Instagram, decorated with henna tattoos, to commemorate the event. She said:

“Had the best night with some of my oldest friends last night. Feel so blessed to have a foundation of friendships that will bond us for the rest of our lives. The way we can all sit around and talk like the clock’s been turned back 10 years is the most beautiful and grounding feeling. It’s so important to be with the families that raised you and the friends that were raised with yours. So much love in my heart this holiday season !!!!!
(& before you go all “cultural appropriation” in my comments, check out the last name. Hadid. Half Palestinian & proud of it).”

Is henna a Palestinian thing? I don’t know, and I feel weird saying yes or no.  But Gigi’s Dad probably knows- the 20-year-old’s father Mohamed Hadid is Palestinian and her mother Yolanda Foster is Dutch.

So which hand is Gigis? 5 bucks if you can guess (disclaimer: I don’t know).

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 3.40.57 PM

Photos: FameFlynet, Instagram

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Teresa Giudice Is Going HOME!

Teresa Giudice Signs Copies Of Her New Book "Fabulicious!:On The Grill"


Teresa Giudice drove away from Federal Correctional Institution Wednesday morning, and she NEVER LOOKED BACK!

After spending just under a year in prison, Giudice got herself back to her home (Jersey) where husband Joe and daughters Gia, Gabriella, Milania and Audriana had festively decorated in eager anticipation of her arrival.

Also waiting for her: A black Lexus SUV with a large red bow, cause nothing says freedom like consumer culture!

“She is thrilled that she is finally going home,” a source close to the reality star tells PEOPLE exclusively.

A source tells PEOPLE that Giudice took “some time to get herself together” and primp. She was seen in photos with a full face of makeup.

“Teresa was smiling when she emerged,” the source says. “She was wearing all black and looked happy.”

Guidice’s attorney, James J. Leonard, Jr., told reporters outside the family’s home that the star was “extremely upbeat” during the drive home, and they listened to Christmas music. She enjoyed a cappuccino as soon as she got in the car.

Upon her arrival, the source tells PEOPLE that “Joe was waiting for her in the driveway smiling, he looked like he was anxiously anticipating her arrival.”

The family then had a “very emotional, very private” reunion and that it was “something to see,” Leonard said.

Gia even took to social media to express her excitement over her mother’s return, writing, simply, “welcome back,” with a smiley face.

(Via People)

Well, I know I’d be happy if I was coming home from prison, a fresh capp in hand.  And how “emotiona'” and “private” could this reunion REALLY be, what with the MEDIA? I mean, congrats to Teresa, but don’t get it twisted- she’s still a reality star and loves that sweet, sweet reality attention.

Photo: FameFlynet

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Boring Ol’ Chris Evans Is The Most Valuable Actor In Hollywood

'Before We Go' Los Angeles Premiere

The end of the year, and all the fun Forbes lists are coming out. And Chris Evans is gonna like this one!

According to Forbes magazine, the actor is at the top of the list of best valued Hollywood stars and pulls in $181.80 for every $1 he’s paid. DANG.

Of course, this only takes into account the actor’s three most recent movies before June 2015, and it doesn’t include independent films, animated movies or cameo roles. But still.

While boring Evan’s position surprises me, it’s not the most interesting person on the list. Check out the rest of the best valued celebs after the jump!


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Bennifer And Their Brood Will Spend Christmas Together!

The 2014 Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Los Angeles

The holidays are great for bringing families together, even families where the parents are huge millionaire celebrities and and one such celebrity decided to bang their nanny.

Why yes, we ARE talking about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, who will indeed be spending Christmas together with their children, a source tells E! News. “They will be together as a family,” the insider explains. “They continue to put the kids first and spend time with each other for the sake of their children.”

And they’ll also be in a different context, which might be nice:

The insider explains that they’re “in a good place right now.” The former couple won’t be spending the holidays in Los Angeles, though. Instead, another source tells us that they’ll be packing their bags and heading to snowy Montana, the perfect weather for a white Christmas.

“They are a unit,” a source previously told E! News. “They are all about the kids and making sure they are okay. They are committed to parenting together.”

And I guess thinga are way chiller between the two, which helps.

“There was a lot of tension between them for a while, but it wasn’t all about the nanny,” a source close to the couple told E! News in October. “It’s never easy for a couple going through a split.”

“There are still a lot of issues, but she has put them aside for the sake of her family,” added the source. “Jen’s number one priority is the kids and always has been…When they [she and Ben] spend time together, it is for the kids.”

(Via E! News)

Okay, fine. But I predict some kind of food fight, or maybe crying underneath the Christmas tree.  How do you think the Bennifer holiday spectacular will go?

Photo: FameFlynet

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