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Cameron Diaz Flashes Her Engagement Ring

Cameron Diaz Flashes Her Engagement Ring

Here’s Cameron Diaz flashing what looks to be her engagement ring while out and about in West Hollywood today. As ICYDK reported,  Cameron and her beau Benji Madden just got engaged, and are rumored to be planning a wedding for early 2015…

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Benji Madden and Cameron Diaz are ENGAGED!

Cameron Diaz & Benji Madden Stepping Off Their Yacht In France

A whirlwind romance turns into lifelong commitment!

 Us Weekly reports that Cameron Diaz just got engaged to her boyfriend, Good Charlotte rocker Benji Madden!

Though she’s never been engaged, The Charlie’s Angels star has quite the celebrity track record, previously dating Justin Timberlake and Alex Rodriguez, amongst others. She first stepped out with Madden, 35, in May of this year and after seven months, the happy couple are ready to make things official!

“Everyone thinks it’s wild but are so happy for them,” one source told Us. “Benji always tends to fall in love easily, but this time it’s for real and he landed a great girl. They obviously both make each other incredibly happy and there’s nothing better than that.”

Know who else is supportive of this relationship? Cameron Diaz’s mom, Billie.

“Billie has been gushing about Cameron’s new relationship,” a source told Us previously of the union. “She absolutely loves Benji and she hopes this is the man her daughter will finally settle down with.”

Congrats you crazy kids!

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Cameron Diaz & Benji Madden Fighting Over His Bad Habits?

Cameron Diaz & Benji Madden Fighting Over His Bad Habits?

I thought Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden were doing really well together, but even perfect couples bicker, right? According to reports, Cameron and Benji have been fighting over his nasty habits.

A source said, “Cameron’s going nuts over Ben’s filthy habits, and he’s starting to feel like he’s moved back in with his mom! The problem is they’re both at a point where their habits are hard to change.”

Cameron is said to be a germaphobe who is losing it all of the time over Benji’s dirty habits. The source said, “She washes her hands incessantly and even opens doors with her elbows to avoid getting germs on her hands. Cameron lost it after he left a pile of dirty laundry in the bathroom. Benji told her he’d had it, and he feels like a naughty teenager living at home.”

The spy went on to say, “She realizes she went too far over something minor. They kissed and made up less than an hour after he walked out. She said she’ll chill more, and he agreed to tidy up after himself.”

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Cameron Diaz Reveals The Worst Moment Of Her Career

Cameron Diaz Reveals The Worst Moment Of Her Career

Cameron Diaz is in the middle of promoting her new movie “Annie” and in doing so, has revealed the worst moment of her entire career. Coincidentally, it has everything to do with Annie!

The actress has revealed that singing in the movie was the worst part of her career as a whole. She revealed in a new interview, “It was the most terrifying thing I’ve done in a movie.”

This is coming from a woman who has taken off her clothes in movies and even starred in “The Other Woman”, which was a total flop — and she calls singing in “Annie” the worst part of her career? Now we need to see this to judge for ourselves….

She added, “I am comfortable just being who I am.”

Now that she is rumored to be engaged to Benji Madden, she recently talked about relationships to “Cosmopolitan” magazine.

With regard to past mistakes she said, “You make the same mistake over and over again until you learn your lesson. We girls sometimes do the thing where we pick the same person over and over again – they look and seem different, but deep down, they’re the same. And that’s on us.”

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