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Britney Spears’ new boyfriend is a “true Southern gentleman”, ya’ll!

Britney Spears certainly doesn’t like to be single! For as long as we can remember she hops from one guy to the next, never taking a moment to be by herself!

ENGAGEMENT PHOTO: Jamie Lynn Spears is engaged!

She called off her engagement to Jason Trawick only three months ago, and already the singer is getting serious with her new boyfriend, David Lucado. Brit’s friends insist that David is a good guy, and has her best interests at heart.

“He’s a true Southern gentleman and I could never see him doing anything to hurt her,” his aunt Gayle Lucado tells In Touch, adding that he originally moved to LA for “a girl he’d met while working in Atlanta.” That relationship didn’t work out, and now the 27-year-old “regular Joe” is smitten with the superstar.

And his friend Eddie Pinigis insists David could be the best thing that’s happened to the singer. “He’s a nice, grounded person,” Eddie says. “He isn’t a drinker or a party type either — he’s got really good family values.”

But it’s hardly the first time she’s acted impulsively with a guy. On a whim in 2004, Brit wed childhood friend Jason Alexander and, less than a year later, popped the question to Kevin Federline on, of all places, a plane.

Says an insider, “Her family thinks it’s crazy she moved on so quickly from Jason, but they aren’t surprised. It’s her pattern.”

It would be nice if Britney could settle down with a regular NON-gold digger (which I think Jason was). I do hope she can be happy – and clean – and sane! We don’t want a 2007 redo!

Source, Photos: FameFlynet

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Britney Spears looks like she could use a nap.

A tired looking Britney Spears departs from LAX airport in LA with her family.

Photos: Fame/Flynet

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Britney Spears Has Been Working Out Like Crazy

When I think Britney Spears, I don’t necessarily think “healthy.” These days, though, I guess I should!

The star has been sporting a bangin’ little bod and seems to be doing some good work keeping up her health.  According to an insider, Britney Spears has definitely been smoking and eating her signature favorite food, fried chicken, but she’s also feeling totally motivated to keep herself working out!

Says the source:

“She’s looking so great because she has been on a total fitness and workout kick recently. She’s all about it. She’s been feeling really motivated and happy and it shows.”

Hey, anything to keep you motivated, am I right? The Scream & Shout actress has a new boyfriend, a new lease on life, and hey, so what if she’s eating some fried chicken every once in a while? You gotta have SOME fun, sometimes!

Photo: FameFlynet

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Britney Spears Goes To The Dentist

Britney Spears goes DENTAL!

Even pop stars need their teeth cleaned, no? And this one not only get the usual, but looks like she’s been a good girl and is wearing retainer!

Pap spotted Britney in Thousand Oaks today going to her dentist, and not only does she look fairly calm and collected, but eager to put her new dental apparatus to use!  Maybe her new boyfriend is inspiring some mouth-care?

Photos: FameFlynet

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Britney Spears hangs out with her friend.

Singer Britney Spears is getting in some girl time. She is spotted at a friends house and then they head out to Cafe Habana for lunch.

Photos: Fame/Flynet

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