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Bethenny Frankel reveals she suffered a miscarriage.

Bethenny Frankel went on the Today Show this morning to promote the third season of her Bravo show, ‘Bethenny Ever After’, and ended up talking about a recent hardship. She and husband Jason Hoppy suffered a miscarriage when she was only 8 weeks pregnant.

“We were pregnant with a second baby, and at eight weeks I miscarried. That was a very emotional experience, and it had a lot of different things that came with it.

There are so many emotional things that come with it that it’s hard to really put into a small conversation. You go through a roller coaster of emotions. About your age, about being a woman, about can you have another baby, are you a failure to your partner, about what if my husband married someone younger you go through a million different things.”

She said the miscarriage didn’t happen during filming, and she’s not sure if she’ll try for any more children.

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‘Real Housewife’ Taylor Armstrong to write a book – and include pictures of abuse injuries.

This news is sick – and I really hope it’s not right.

According to RadarOnline, Taylor Armstrong has already inked a book deal, and the book will include personal photos of injuries sustained at the hands of her recently deceased husband, Russell Armstrong.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star’s book will be about domestic abuse, but desperate for money, a source reveals Taylor will be including the photos hoping it will boost sales.

“Taylor’s acting like she’s not trying to bank off Russell’s suicide, but by including photos of her injuries after he allegedly beat her, that’s exactly what she’ll be doing,” an insider told

“It’s no secret that Taylor’s been strapped for cash since Russell died, and since she hasn’t received the advance on her book yet, a few of the Housewives have been helping her out financially.”

Taylor kept photographic evidence documenting the abuse she was allegedly enduring at the hands of Russell.

“Taylor is hoping to have the book out by the end of November, just in time for the holiday sales,” the source said.

“Not only is Taylor going to write about her own personal experiences, but she wants to spotlight other celebrities who have been involved in domestic abuse situations.”

It’s one thing to write a book about domestic abuse – but it’s something entirely different when the accused has recently committed suicide. I hope she wouldn’t do that. If it’s something she felt strongly about – she should have waited… years.

In other news, Russell Armstrong’s family is speaking out today claiming they believe their son was murdered. More from US Weekly:

“We want a murder investigation,” Armstrong’s mother, John Ann Hotchkiss, told Us Weekly. “We will do whatever is necessary to proceed.”

Russell, the estranged husband of Taylor Armstrong, was found hanging from an electrical cord tied to an exposed beam in a private L.A. home Aug. 15. He was 47 and left behind three children.

Although his grieving mom acknowledges that Russell was “feeling a little overwhelmed because of finances” (he had been accused of defrauding investors, amid other woes), Hotchkiss insisted he was never suicidal.

“Russell was personable and warm and had a giving heart more than anyone I have ever known,” she said. “He cared about people, and loved his children almost to a fault. Knowing him as a person and how he valued life, I don’t think he would do this,” she said.

“The general consensus of everyone we know who loved and knew Russell,” she explained, is that “he was murdered and there was a set up.”

Hotchkiss didn’t go into further detail about her late son’s potential killer. “No one is accusing Bravo. We think someone conspired to have him murdered and it is open as to who did it.”

This whole thing is just so sad!!

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POLL: Should Bravo cancel this season of ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’?

Ever since last week’s suicide of Taylor Armstrong’s husband Russell, I’ve really been struggling with whether or not I’d watch the upcoming season of ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’. It’s obvious from the previews that the new season is largely about Taylor and her mental condition – as she nears the end of her marriage. From what I’ve heard majority of the season will play out the end of Taylor and Russell’s marriage, and Taylor’s constant pain and anguish.

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After Russell committed suicide, the airing of these episode would be in such bad taste, in my opinion. I think Bravo either needs to cancel the season – OR – remove any scenes involving Taylor and Russell.

People Magazine believes they should shelve the whole season:

A reality show may present itself as a grand mansion, but it’s essentially a prefab house plunked down on what the owners hope looks like solid ground: If an earthquake rumbles below and splits open a fissure, the foundation of the house goes, goes, goes down, down, down.

Bravo has set about trying to repair the tragic mess that is now season 2 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The season, which was scheduled to premiere Sept. 5, will be reedited and possibly postponed in light of the suicide of Housewife Taylor Armstrong’s estranged husband, Russell. According to Variety, it’s likely that Russell’s presence – that is, his life – will be reshaped or reduced.

The fact remains that public interest in the show is now higher than ever. But, in a better world, Bravo would just go ahead and scrap not just the season but the entire series. And I say that as a fan of the show. The first season was one of the most entertaining things ever to come out of Bravo.

The death of Russell can’t be treated merely as an act of God or some incidental tragedy. His suicide by hanging weeks before the premiere was intimately connected with Taylor’s public and personal life. It may very well be that his death would have happened without press scrutiny, without Taylor’s overnight fame and the disturbing revelations about his abusive behavior, but the possibility can’t be eliminated. This isn’t a garnish of parsley that can be scraped aside and off the plate.

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Russell, although unseen, figured heavily in the season premiere screening disc Bravo sent out to critics earlier this summer: At a dinner reuniting the Housewives, Taylor, 40, was openly distraught over the state of her marriage – weeping in the powder room – but assuring everyone she was doing all she could to save her marriage.

Lisa Vanderpump suggested that Taylor knew how to turn the tears on and off, and her husband, Ken, mocked marriage counseling. Even before Russell’s suicide, they came across as stupendously cavalier. How much of this will remain?

Even if Taylor were to quit the show and move to an undisclosed island, claiming the need to shelter her daughter and her own spirit, Camille Grammer and the others would still be required, somehow, at some point, to address the issue. Awkward, one might say. And if Taylor remains, as the show spills into seasons 3 and even 4, how naturally can she be expected to mourn and recover with women who are not so much friends as costars? Or even possibly hostile costars?

What do you think? Should Bravo scrap the series? Cancel this season? Remove Russell from all episodes?

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Alex McCord being booted off ‘Real Housewives of NYC’?


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