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JUST IN: Gretchen Rossi proposed to Slade Smiley!

The Real Housewives of Orange County star bucked tradition on Sunday night, April 14, and proposed to her boyfriend of four years, Slade Smiley, In Touch can reveal exclusively.

“She proposed to him on top of the AT&T building in LA,” a source close to the couple tells In Touch, adding that it was a complete surprise and will be televised. “She had him flown up there via helicopter for the dramatic proposal.”

Gretchen has hinted in the past that she’s comfortable reversing roles when it comes to a customary engagement. “A guy doesn’t always have to do it [propose],” she said. “He can still do it, but maybe I might, too. If he doesn’t do something soon, I might have to!”

Although the reality star has previously said marriage is not a priority, she has voiced how she values commitment and wants a “boatload” of kids. “I’m so happy right now,” she recently told In Touch of her relationship with Slade.

Slade echoed her sentiments, dishing to In Touch, “We have such a fun, outgoing relationship. There isn’t any aspect of Gretchen that I don’t think is absolutely delicious!”

This will be the first marriage for Slade, who was previously engaged to Jo De La Rosa, but broke it off in 2007, and the second marriage for Gretchen, who was married to Chris Rossi, but divorced in 2007, and engaged to Jeff Beitzel, but lost him to cancer in 2008.


Source, Photos: FameFlynet

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Brandi Glanville posts shocking picture of her burned face following beauty treatment

Yesterday afternoon, Brandi Glanville tweeted the photo above, showing her burned face. OUCH, right? Brandi Tweeted, “Doctor said he could get rid of my melasma. It was too hard for my skin. Still healing, it’s been depressing #skinobsessed.” Melasma is a skin discoloration disorder.

All in the name of beauty. What women won’t do to look more beautiful!

This is Brandi’s second burn in the last month or so. Last month, she burned her hand, not really sure how that one happened. The burned hand is a bit much for the front page, so if you want to see it – follow the jump! (more…)

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Brandi Glanville at Bravo’s Upfront: Slutty or sexy?

All of Bravo’s biggest stars came out last night to celebrate the  2013 Bravo New York Upfront at Pillars 37 Studios in New York City. The stars of all the ‘Real Housewives’ shows were there, as well as ‘Lisa Vanderpump Rules,’ ‘Top Chef,’ and MORE!

Okay, I have a confession… I may watch ALL of these shows.

Anyway, one of the stars who definitely got attention last night was Brandi Glanville! What do you think of her dress? Does it look slutty or sexy?

Check out all of the other pictures from last night below! All your favorite Bravo stars were there! Including the b**ch Stassi!

Photos: FameFlynet

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‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ star Taylor Armstrong spotted leaving her hotel in NYC

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Nasty voicemail released: Camille Grammer threatens her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend “I will desecrate you”

Camille Grammer is back in the press today, after a very nasty audio-tape has surfaced painting her in a nasty light.

Camille has been dating a lawer named Dimitiri Charalambopoulos for over a year now. Up until now, things have seemed to go well. Dimitiri tags along with Camille to red carpet events, where they’re pictured all over each other.

Apparently Camille is so in love with this guy – that she’s making sure to squash his ex-girlfriend.

During a video desposition in Dimitri’s custody case with his ex, Lisa, an audio tape was played in which Camille threatens Lisa from going to the press. Apparently Camille was concerned that Lisa would go public with information about her or Dimitiri, so Camille threatened to destroy Lisa if she opened her mouth.

During a videotaped deposition Dimitri was asked to listen to a phone call that took place between Camille and his baby mama, Lisa, in which Camille threatens her if she goes to the press. “If you go to the press, I have lawyers that are beyond what you can imagine and they will pull stuff on you and you will be so mortified about your life and your family and what you have done. You don’t want to do that to Marcus. I will desecrate you, believe me, and that I can do, so be careful what you say and what you do because my defamation attorneys are huge..they will hunt down and research every nook and cranny of your life,” Camille says during the phone call. It’s unclear when the phone call took place, or who recorded it.

In the video, Dimitri, wearing a black hoody and white t-shirt, is asked if he recognizes Camille’s voice when he hears it and responds yes, and after listening to it asks, “Is there a reason I have to listen to all of this?”

Lisa’s attorney asks Dimitri if he thinks it’s ok that Camille threatens his ex and his son, and he replies, “I’m not going to answer that because I didn’t hear the rest of the conversation and I don’t want to hear the whole conversation…I didn’t hear a threat and I don’t know what that conversation was about and it was a little snippet and that has absolutely nothing to do with this…I didn’t hear a threat, it sounded more like a rebuttal.”

Dimitri then storms out of the deposition after refussing to discuss the phone conversation further.

It’s not shocking to me – Camille’s tape. I also feel like who knows what the whole story is. Is Lisa really just a nasty person? Was she threatening Camille to go public? Or is Camille just a crazy jealous bitch?

Watch the video – and listen to Camille explode on Lisa!


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