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George Clooney is having Brad Pitt be his best man

George Clooney is having Brad Pitt be his best man

As George Clooney’s wedding to Amal Alamuddin inches closer, more and more details have been leaking out. According to reports, George is going to have Brad Pitt be his best man. Will that be awkward for Jennifer Aniston if she’s also invited?

George Clooney’s Aunt Staria is spilling on the Gravity actor’s upcoming nuptials to Amal Alamuddin and claims that none other than Brad Pitt will have a key part in the wedding.

Staria, who is married to George’s paternal uncle Joe Clooney, told the Daily Mail she thinks the handsome former bachelor will pick fellow A-lister Pitt as his best man for the big day.
“I would say he’d choose Brad Pitt for his best man,” Staria said. “They are good friends, I would think that’s who he’d choose.”

When it comes to where the wedding will be, Clooney’s aunt went on to hint at Italy; the Oscar winner keeps a home there in Lake Como.

“I do know that Nick and Nina [George's parents] are planning a trip over to Italy in the next week or so to, I guess, scope out some stuff,” she told the Daily Mail.

Staria, who works as a non-denominational minister in Ohio, added she’d be pleased to officiate Alamuddin and Clooney if asked and would do so in a “heartbeat.”

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Brad Pitt’s Clothes Are Designed by His Kids

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Catch A Flight Out Of LAX Airport

The ridiculously beautiful Jolie-Pitt clan was spotted at LAX on Friday.  This is exciting news enough- but what people are most focused on about this particular siting, is Brad Pitt’s shirt- which appears to be a hand drawn picture – perhaps by one of the kids???

Brad Pitt showed off a homemade t-shirt, probably made by one of his six children, when he caught a flight out of LA on Friday while accompanied by his fiancée, Angelina Jolie. The t-shirt — which still fit within Brad’s new favorite outfit — showed a childlike drawing of a couple who bore a strong resemblance to the A-list couple, holding hands. If the cute top was a gift from one of Brad’s children, it wouldn’t be the first time that they gave a homemade gift to their parents. In May, Angelina revealed that her children made her hand-drawn items for Mother’s Day. “I loved Goofy when I was little,” Angie said. “So Pax drew me a Goofy shirt.” She also revealed that Knox turned a picture he had drawn of his mom as Maleficent into a ring and Vivienne had crafted pillows and stationery for her famous mom.

I can’t decide what I would prefer more- that one of his kids made him this delightful shirt and he wears it loud and proud, OR that it’s an expensive designer shirt that people have decided was done by a child.  My guess is that it was a gift from one of the kids- mainly because I did this exact same art project with my own children last week- and me and my kids are exactly like the Jolie-Pitts.

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Catch A Flight Out Of LAX Airport Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Catch A Flight Out Of LAX Airport

Photos: FameFlynet, Source

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Jennifer Aniston is seeing a confidence coach ahead of George Clooney’s wedding

Jennifer Aniston is seeing a confidence coach ahead of George Clooney's wedding

In September, George Clooney will be tying the knot with his fiance Amal Alamuddin. According to the latest gossip, both Brad Pitt and ex-wife Jennifer Aniston will be on the guest list. Naturally, being at the same event lends a tendency for people to run into each other. But never fear, Jen is preparing herself with the help of a confidence coach!

A source revealed, “Jen’s no stranger to therapy, so she decided to seek some help. At the wedding, she’ll have Justin there for support, but the thought of seeing Brad and Angelina is quite overwhelming. The therapist has been helping to build her confidence and eliminate the fear she seems to have built up about coming face-to-face with them. She has also been having hypnotherapy.”

The source added, “The Oscars were one thing, but George’s wedding will involve being in a smaller, far more intimate group where they won’t be able to avoid one another. Jen wants to be as breezy as possible. She has been doing role plays with her confidence coach and will be as prepared as she can be.”

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Don’t Go Putting Your Head in Brad Pitt’s Man Bits!

Brad Pitt rushed by prankster at Maleficent premiere

As was reported last week, while Brad Pitt was attending his partner, Angelina Jolie’s, premiere of Maleficent, and minding his own business, he got attacked by a crazy ex-journalist, Vitalii Sediuk.  Sediuk has, on multiple occasions, stormed red carpets and accosted various celebrities.  Pitt opened up to People about the incident:

“I was at the end of the line signing autographs, when out the corner of my eye I saw someone stage-diving over the barrier at me. I took a step back; this guy had latched onto my lapels. I looked down and the nutter was trying to bury his face in my crotch, so I cracked him twice in the back of the head – not too hard – but enough to get his attention, because he did let go. I think he was then just grabbing for a hand hold because the guys were on him, and he reached up and caught my glasses.”

“I don’t mind an exhibitionist,” Pitt continues, “but if this guy keeps it up he’s going to spoil it for the fans who have waited up all night for an autograph or a selfie, because it will make people more wary to approach a crowd. And he should know, if he tries to look up a woman’s dress again, he’s going to get stomped.”

The ‘look up a woman’s dress’ referring, of course, to Sediuk’s incident prior to the Pitt attack, where he hid under America Ferrera’s gown at Cannes.  Seriously- how is this guy getting past all the security guards and ropes?  What a creeper!  Pitt’s remarks are extremely forgiving in my opinion.  I wish I could forgive him that greased back hair and porn star sunglasses.  You are so handsome Brad!  Own it!

Photos: FameFlynet, Source

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