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Feast Your Eyes on Laverne Cox’s Hot Boyfriend

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 11.20.27 AM

The one on the left!

Laverne Cox has a Canadian hottie boyfriend and we ALL jelly. According to US Weekly,  The Orange Is the New Black star is dating Jono Freedrix, president of The Virtual Stage, a Vancouver-based film and theater company. Don’t believe me? His insta is full of pics with famous actors (Laverne included)!

Cox and Freedrix attended the Weinstein Company/Netflix SAG Awards after party at Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood on Saturday, and the two were getting DOWN- I’m talking pants splitting, ass slapping drunken SAG FUN!

So what do YOU think of Lav’s new beau?

Photos: Instagram

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Amy Schumer And Her Boyfriend Got A Dog

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 9.41.40 AM

Nothing brings people together like puppies!

Especially a couple as solid as Amy Schumer and her new boyfriend, Ben Hanisch.

The couple might have bought a puppy together- at least that’s what this insta suggests. While it’s not 100% confirmed that the duo has adopted the cute pet, they look pretty happy petting the thing in the photo.

“It’s a girl,” Amy captioned the Instagram photo, taken Wednesday. Which also alludes to this lil guy being their personal fur baby.

What do YOU think- is this puppy the first member of the Hanisch/Schumer tribe?

Photo: Instagram

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Amy Schumer’s Boyfriend Is The Sweetest!

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I fall more and more in love with Amy Schumer’s dreamy furniture maker boyfriend Ben Hanisch and this is NOT HELPING!

The 29-year-old furniture designer instagrammed a very cue throwback snap from last Sunday’s Golden Globes, where the couple are posing with friends and family. Ben said:

“Last Sunday night with these amazing people”


Even Jennifer Lawrence digs the dude, so you know he’s a keeper.

Congrats to Amy, who went public with her new boyfriend in December. I kinda think this could go the distance, but I’m only oogling from afar.

What do YOU think of Ben and Amy?

Photo: Instagram

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Amy Schumer Is In LOVE

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 12.07.36 AM

Awww, LOVE, y’all!

Amy Schumer walked the Golden Globes red carpet with sister Kim Caramele, but hot new boif Ben Hanisch got to tag along, too!

“We’re in love and it’s really exciting,” she told People Sunday on the red carpet.

And let it be known, Hanisch is NOT Amy’s first boyfriend.

“I’ve never been dating anyone that the public’s really known about,” she said. “But I like that everyone thinks I’ve been single my whole life. They’re like, ‘She got her first boyfriend!’ and I’m like, ‘No, I’ve dated people over the years.’ ”

(via People)

We all found out about the A list comedian’s relationship with the Chicago-based furniture designer last Tuesday, and later it was confirmed that Hanisch would be at the Globes even though he wouldn’t be her official date (chicks before DICKS, y’all. Especially when that chick’s your sister).

Though she didn’t win her Golden Globes category (best actress in a motion picture), sounds like she’s doing pretty well for herself! GET IT, GIRL!

Photo: Instagram

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