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Lady Gaga: Actually, “Oprah is infinitely more important and influential than me”

As I mentioned two days ago, Lady Gaga landed this year’s #1 spot on the Forbes 100 list this year, followed by Oprah and Justin Bieber.

Although honored to be at the top of the world’s richest list, the music superstar does tells ‘Extra’ news show that she does not let money define who she is as a person.

“That’s very nice. Only, Oprah is infinitely more important and influential than me,” Gaga told Extra of the honor. “I’m just grateful to have even ever met her, really. What matters most to me is how the fans feel about the work that I’m doing and the music. But it’s always really, really nice to get compliments like that. I really appreciate it.”

Gaga also chatted with Extra about how proud she is of the new album.

Born This Way is about living halfway between reality and fantasy,” Mother Monster explained. “I wrote the whole record myself. It’s my metaphor about the real you and the magic that’s inside of you. The fans are what keep that alive in me. Born This Way is now our attempt as a community to tell the world, ‘Magic is not artificial, it’s real. Theatre is not artifice; theatre is not a joke.’ ”

The outpouring of support Gaga received from her little monsters, in response to her latest chart-topping album, made her so overjoyed that she cooked herself a nice Italian dinner.

“I was so happy. You know what I did? I went into the kitchen and I made spaghetti with mussels and shrimp and a white wine sauce,” she shared.

As for Gaga’s crazy costumes, where does she find the capacity to store them?

“They go to that Planet G.O.A.T., the place I was in for the ‘Born This Way’ video — the Government Owned Alien Territory in space. I just send it all there,” she said. “It’s in a giant archive, just in sort of a centrifugal gravity situation.”

I case you didn’t know, Lady Gaga is the special guest in THIS Saturday’s episode of ‘Saturday Night Live,’ hosted by Justin Timberlake. Gaga’s album ‘Born This Way’ drops officially May 23!

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Lady Gaga makes “Country Road” version of “Born this Way”

Want a little bit of Lady Gaga and some harmonica and electric guitar?  Then check this video out:

Lady Gaga – Born This Way (The Country Road Version)

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Not Quite Gaga!

Lady Gaga, known for her outlandish media pranks and outfits boasts a fan base unparalleled in ridiculousness who came out in full force for her NYC, NY concert last night. Her devoted “little monsters” dressed in their favorite Gaga-esque outfits despite the 18 degree weather and long waits.

Among the audience were celebrities like Paul McCartney, Michelle Pfieffer, Beyonce, Madonna, Snooki, The Edge, and Lance Armstrong.

The show last night was filmed by HBO who will air the concert, along with other footage, on an upcoming Lady Gaga HBO special (set to air on May 7th). I can’t wait to see it, not gonna lie. Yesterday I posted pictures of Gaga filming the special – wearing nothing but underwear, a leather coat and fishnets. See the pictures here!

Due to technical difficulties at her performance last night,  Gaga performed “Born This Way” accapella! Watch the performance after the jump! (more…)

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Pictures of Lady Gaga inside her stanky egg!

Earlier this morning I posted the “explanation” of Lady Gaga’s egg arrival last night at the Grammy Awards. Now I have the pics to go with it.

Here are the pictures of Lady Gaga arriving at the Grammy Awards last night via giant egg.

Gaga was nominated for 6 awards last night, and came home with three, including Best Pop Vocal Album for The Fame Monster.

After performing ‘Born This Way’ Gaga was spotted chatting with Usher, Justin Bieber and Willow Smith (pic below).

I’m over the horns and pointy shoulders. NEXT!

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