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Ray J Released From Hospital

Looks like Ray J is as good as new!

31-year-old singer checked into a Las Vegas hospital on Monday morning after The Billboard Music Awards, for exhaustion and jet lag.  Yesterday, he got the all-clear from his docs.

His rep said,

“Ray J has been released from the hospital in Las Vegas and is back home in Los Angeles following an extensive battery of tests to make sure that he did not have a blood clot in his lungs which is potentially a deadly condition that can occur following a long haul plane flight.”

Clotting isn’t exhaustion, thankfully.  All right, Ray J.  You’re back in the headlines- at least it isn’t for a sex video.


Photo: Fame/Flynet

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WATCH: Katy Perry performs new divorce anthem at the Billboard Music Awards!

Katy Perry
not only picked up the Spotlight Award for matching Michael Jackson’s record of five No. 1 hits on a single album, but she also debuted her new song “Wide Awake” live on the Billboard stage.

The song was written for her upcoming 3D movie, “Katy Perry: Part of Me”. “I’m wide awake. I was in the dark, I was falling hard with an open heart. How did I read the stars so wrong. I was dreaming for so long. I wish I knew then what I know now. I wouldn’t dive in, I wouldn’t bow down,” she sings about her divorce from comedian Russell Brand.

“Not losing any sleep, I picked up every piece and landed on my feet. Need nothing to complete myself. I am born again, outta the lion’s den. I don’t have to pretend. The story’s over now, the end.”

Take a listen!

Here’s a clip from the show!

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Women Soloists Lead Billboard Music Award Nominations

Lady Gaga,  Rihanna and Adele lead in nominations for the Billboard Music Awards, which will be held in Vegas on May 20th.

But is anyone surprised? Glad to see some powerful female artists at the top of their game!

Adele has been nominated in 18 categories:  Top Female Artist, Top Billboard 200 Artist, Top Artist and more. And of course, hit single  “Rolling in the Deep” is  up for awards in seven categories. Rihanna is at her heels,  nominated for 13 nominations at the awards, while Lady Gaga garnered 10 nominations.

Those are the big lady nominees, but also up for awards are  Lil’ Wayne in 10 categories and LMFAO in 17 categories. Not bad,  gentlemen- but I have a feeling these ladies will steal the show!


Photo: Fame/Flynet

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Ready to start a family: Fergie & Josh Duhamel

It seems like everyone in Hollywood is having a baby!

Except for the Black Eyed Peas queen. Right now, Fergie isn’t pregnant, but she and hubby, Josh Duhamel, may have plans to start a family… do they have babies on their mind?

“Oh yeah, of course. Not right this second. Not pregnant, for the record. But, yeah,” Fergie tells Hollyscoop.

While her bandmates are using the time off to work on solo projects, the singer is happy to have more time at home.

“We’re taking a break … getting more of that personal time,” she says. “Josh and I have gotten to spend a lot more time together this year than other years, which is great.”

In my opinion, if and when they have a Ferghamel (aka baby), it will be totally cute!

In case you didn’t know, the Black Eyed Peas won Top Duo/Group at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards this past Sunday (May 22).

Source Image via Fame

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