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Beyonce and Jay-Z are struggling to sell concert tickets

Beyonce and Jay-Z are struggling to sell concert tickets

According to reports, Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z are struggling in order to sell tickets for their upcoming concert dates. The duo are doing their “On The Run” tour, but people aren’t biting. One snitch close to the situation said that their personal lives along with their lack of radio airplay are contributing factors in their lack of sales.

A source said, “Beyonce’s album had a big first month with ‘Drunk In Love’, but the last several singles have tanked on the charts. If you’re launching a stadium tour, you have to have airplay, and she’s had no hits lately on the radio.”

Things went downhill for the superstar couple right after Beyonce’s sister Solange busted a cap (figuratively speaking, of course) on Jay-Z in an elevator. The source added, “It’s overload. The public has been left with a sour taste in their mouth because of the elevator fight and all the information that leaked about Jay and B’s relationship afterward.”

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Beyonce is devastated over Jay-Z’s cheating!

Beyonce is devastated over Jay-Z's cheating!

After the fallout from ElevatorGate 2014, new news items keep trickling out about the state of Beyonce’s marriage to Jay-Z. Her sister Solange had to be super miffed over something that Jay did because she went OFF on him! Afterward, it appeared as if Bey was Team Solange, but with everything regarding Bey and Jay, it eventually gets swept under the rug.

From Celebitchy:

*Their marriage is “in peril” because Jay-Z is a compulsive cheater. Allegedly, he’s slept with Rihanna, Rita Ora, Rachel Roy, the former Miss Belgium, etc.

*Beyonce has been “destroyed” by revelations about Jay’s wandering dong. She “finally learned the truth after being left alone night after night.”

*He also asks ladies for their numbers on a regular basis.

*Beyonce’s new album is all about her sex life with Jay because she’s desperate to keep him sexually satisfied.

*Jay thinks Beyonce has been banging Julius De Boer. Jay is reportedly “very jealous.”

I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that it was Beyonce who leaked the video from the elevator attack. What do you think?

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Beyonce “Bugged Out” at 50 Cent

Beyonce can't stand Kim Kardashian!

Count rapper 50 Cent as one person who isn’t surprised about the recent fracas in Beyonce and Jay Z’s lives.  The world has been very… interested in the recent elevator fight between Beyonce’s sister Solange Knowles and Jay-Z at the Met Gala. However, in a radio interview on Monday, 50 Cent indicated this behavior is not abnormal for the family.  He spoke of an incident he had with Beyonce in Las Vegas:

‘One time [Beyoncé] jumped off of a ledge and came running over cause she thought me and Jay had issues,’ the ex-boyfriend of Chelsea Handler said. ‘And I’m like, “What the f***? Did she really just jump and run up on me like that?”‘

Though the In Da Club singer never stated what Beyonce thought he had an issue with Jay over, he did hint she was very aggressive.

‘She jumped out and I was like this, “What?! That Bonnie and Clyde for real! You try this or what, boy?! I’m here!” She bugged out at me,’ he added.

‘I looked and Jay starts laughing. He’s like, “Yo, you know what it is.”

Guess they don’t call her Sasha Fierce for nothing.

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Beyonce can’t stand Kim Kardashian!

Beyonce can't stand Kim Kardashian!

Well, it looks like some celebrities really are like the rest of us! As it turns out, Beyonce really doesn’t like Kim Kardashian whatsoever. Join the club!

Reportedly, Beyonce feels that Kim is just using herself and Jay-Z in order to achieve a higher social status. A source close to the Jayonce said that Bey doesn’t actually mind Kanye West, but it’s Kim that she really can’t stand.

“Bey does not like Kim at all. She’s cool with Kanye, but can’t stand Kim,” the source told Radar.

And what’s more, the source claims, “B calls Kim a ‘scandalous social climbing wh*re’ behind her back.”

And as Radar previously reported, Jay is also guilty of mocking the couple behind their backs, comparing their upcoming wedding to a circus.

“Jay thinks the entire Kimye wedding is a joke and it’s being blown way out of proportion,” an insider told Radar. “He likes Kanye and Kim, but totally talks smack about them behind their backs. When he was asked about the wedding he just laughed and said, ‘The circus goes to Paris!’”

The Kimye wedding was a joke and was most definitely blown out of proportion. Beyonce is right, too. Kim would sell her own mother in order to achieve a higher social status, so why wouldn’t she use their friendship to do the same?

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Is Beyonce cheating on Jay-Z with her bodyguard?

Is Beyonce cheating on Jay-Z with her bodyguard?

Beyonce’s bodyguard Julius De Boer saved Jay-Z from Solange Knowles’ elevator attack, but now there are rumors making the rounds that there is more to Bey’s relationship with him. Uh oh! Trouble in paradise?

We’ve heard reports that while he appears professional in the eyes of the public, there is more to the story behind closed doors.

“Jay definitely thinks that there was and may still be something romantic going on between Bey and Julius,” an insider tells Star of the hip-hop mogul, whose own rumored cheating was the reported cause of Solange’s attack. “He wanted to fire Julius last February, but Beyonce said, ‘Julius isn’t going anywhere.’”

The “XO” singer and her bodyguard have raised eyebrows for years for their unusually close relationship. In 2009, they were spotted leaving a hotel, his lips stained with the signature’s signature red lipstick. Despite being subject to numerous cheating rumors himself, Jay is, nonetheless, “very jealous” of his wife’s friendship with Julius — and friends believe he may have a reason to be.

“They’ve spent a lot of time together behind closed doors,” the source explains. “He’s even stayed in her hotel room.”

It isn’t out of the realm of possibility — and where there’s smoke, there’s fire. What do you think? Could Bey be hooking up with the bodyguard behind Jay’s back? Perhaps it’s revenge for his flirtations or cheating with other women?

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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