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Harry Lloyd, Vanessa Kirby, and Douglas Booth for US Vogue.

The stars of the latest recreation of Great Expectations Harry Lloyd, Vanessa Kirby, and Douglas Booth out promoting their PBS’s Masterpiece Classic.  Such a beautiful heartbreaking story, I can’t wait to see this new version!

Charles Dickens’s Great Expectations premieres on PBS’s Masterpiece Classic. The story is a familiar one: Pip, a young orphan living with his elder sister, is unexpectedly invited to the house of a reclusive wealthy old woman, Miss Havisham (Gillian Anderson). After months assuming she is preparing him as a potential husband for her adopted daughter (the callous Estella), she unexpectedly breaks all contact, and he reluctantly returns to his life as a blacksmith’s apprentice. Fast-forward a few years, and Pip (now played by up-and-comer Douglas Booth) learns that a “mysterious benefactor” has set aside a large inheritance for him if he can transform himself into a gentleman. Convinced it is a test by Miss Havisham, he sets off for London with the goal of becoming a well-respected man about town, finally worthy of Estella’s hand.

Much of the cast of Great Expectations is brilliant (particularly Booth who, despite his chiseled boy-band good looks, fits the role of a dashing, out-of-place, Victorian dandy very well), but it’s the supporting roles that deserve the most praise. Ray Winston deftly captures the growling, mud-soaked convict Abel Magwitch, who accosts the young Pip in the book’s famous opening scene. And Gillian Anderson (who, at the tender age of 43, was a controversial choice for the usually decrepit-looking Miss Havisham) twitches and fidgets her way through the role with an uncanny kind of fragility—a fresh interpretation, which paints her as a child refusing to grow up, as opposed to an embittered old hag.

The premiere of Great Expectations airs on PBS’s Masterpiece Classic at 9:00 p.m., both on Sunday, April 1.



Photos: US Vogue


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