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Christina Aguilera Breaks Up With Cheating Boyfriend Via Twitter?

Did current boytoy Matthew Rutler cheat on Christina Aguilera?!

Because a weird, cryptic tweet from the Lotus songstress totally seems like that’s what’s going on.  Today Christina said, via her twitter account:

“We are like dominoes. I fall for you and you fall for another…”

Rutler is the 26 year old movie production assistant that’s currently dating the pop diva, and though the two seemed head over heels on halloween, who knows? Aguilera first denied dating the PA and guitarist, saying instead she wants to focus on raising her 2 year old, Max. Still, the 30 year old can’t seem to be photographed without Rutler, these days…

Thoughts on her text? Maybe it’s just something to contemplate, but maybe it’s reflective of her life?

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Posted Wednesday, November 7th, 2012 at 2:14pm
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The Voice Clashing With X Factor Premiere!

Those NBC execs are really messing with Britney Spears‘ mind!

You see, The Voice‘s third episode is going to clash with the premiere of Simon Cowell baby The X Factor this week.  Eek!

The Voice starring Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Cee-Lo Green, and Blake Shelton was supposed to only air Mondays and Tuesday nights in NBC’s fall lineup.  In that way, fans of both shows could watch both and not feel like they had to prioritize one or the other.

Will the newly revamped X Factor featuring Britney Spears and Demi Lovato have a chance? We hope so, and so does a very irate Simon Cowell. Says the reality mogul:

“This is a cynical, cold-hearted, unprofessional way of doing business. Britney’s not going to appreciate the fact that Christina — who has been a bit of a rival — isn’t allowing Britney to have a night of her own. These guys have really got it in for us. It’s nothing short of dirty tricks… [Britney's] going to be devastated because she’s put her heart and soul into this…. I can’t bear it that the network is playing political games and playing with the audience.”

Simon’s gotta be right- why would NBC put their third Voice up against the premiere of The X Factor if not to make it some kind of rivalry? I think NBC is going to regret this, too. Who wouldn’t watch a premiere of a Brit Brit show for the third episode of ANY other television program?

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Posted Thursday, September 6th, 2012 at 12:12pm
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Christina Aguilera on Being Skinny

The October issue of Lucky Magazine does a Christina Aguilera “makeunder,” but also talks to the star of The Voice about all kinds of music and personal shiz.

Here are some highlights of the interview, via Celebitchy:

Christina’s response when she’s complimented about the song “Fighter”: “Awww. That’s why I wrote ‘Fighter,’ I have that need in me to help people. I am all about the underdog.”

Starting out in the music industry: “When you’re young, it’s so easy to get bull­dozed,” she says. She was surrounded by people trying to control what she said, what she sang and what she wore. “There were these two ladies who worked at the record label who always wanted to come to fittings and dress me up like a Barbie doll. It was disgusting.”

The success of her Stripped album: “I was 21 and fearless. It was a really great turning point for me to be the artist I’d always wanted to be.”

The difficult years: “Difficult moments in life can either get you down or they can inspire you.”

Her new album: In the next few months, she’ll drop a new album. “If you love ‘Fighter,’ ” she says, “you’re going to love my new album. As a 30-year-old woman, I’ve been uncovering my independence, and it’s been really fun to explore in the new songs.”

Her role on The Voice: “It’s a big responsibility to help someone express themselves as an artist. I take it seriously,” she says.

Showing off her curves: “Actually, the challenge I’ve always had is being too thin, so I love that now I have a booty, and obviously I love showing my cleavage.” Her advice for her curvy sisters? “Hey, if you can work it and you can own it, that confidence is going to shine through.”

Hmmm…some of this stuff seems kind of simplified and hokey (do not tell me Christina has always been stick skinny, and that she’s not trying to work towards that!), but overall it’s optimistic, at least.  Read the whole interview HERE.

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Britney Spears Conservatorship Update

Britney Spearsconservatorship has lasted over four years…but there’s more to it than what you might think!

TMZ has just learned that Brit Brit’s conservatorship (which has no definitive end in sight) is still ongoing because she has a serious medical issue that prevents her from making consistently sound decisions.

Say what?

Let me backtrack.  Documents were filed Tuesday in Britney’s conservatorship case, urgently asking the judge to seal certain extremely sensitive records.  In the papers, lawyers of the songstress called the records “highly sensitive,” adding “irreparable harm and immediate danger” would befall Britney if the documents weren’t sealed. TMZ has reason to believe the info in these documents allude to Britney’s condition and how doctors are treating it.

As a reminder, there are 2 components to Britney’s highly controversial conservatorship:  personal and the business.  Personally, Britney’s conservatorship allows Jamie Spears and Jason Trawick to make personal decisions for the star.  The business conservatorship, also runned by Spears and Trawick, involves the management of Britney’s career and fortune.  The business side probably go on indefinitely because it’s really turned Brit Brit’s career around. The personal, however, may come to an end when Britney (who is doing really well) becomes more stable.

We wish Spears all the best with her medical issues!

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Posted Thursday, August 23rd, 2012 at 3:15pm
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