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Women Soloists Lead Billboard Music Award Nominations

Lady Gaga,  Rihanna and Adele lead in nominations for the Billboard Music Awards, which will be held in Vegas on May 20th.

But is anyone surprised? Glad to see some powerful female artists at the top of their game!

Adele has been nominated in 18 categories:  Top Female Artist, Top Billboard 200 Artist, Top Artist and more. And of course, hit single  “Rolling in the Deep” is  up for awards in seven categories. Rihanna is at her heels,  nominated for 13 nominations at the awards, while Lady Gaga garnered 10 nominations.

Those are the big lady nominees, but also up for awards are  Lil’ Wayne in 10 categories and LMFAO in 17 categories. Not bad,  gentlemen- but I have a feeling these ladies will steal the show!


Photo: Fame/Flynet

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Billboard Announces Top 40 Money Makers In Music – Taylor Swift #1

Taylor Swift ranked at the top of Billboard’s Top 40 Money Makers in a list released today. Taylor came in at #1 with $35,719,000!

After wrapping the final leg of her Fearless tour, Taylor Swift’s blockbuster success two years ago left music industry observers wondering what she could possibly do for an encore. The pop-country superstar answered them with her smash Speak Now album and accompanying tour, which jetted through Asia and Europe in addition to making its way across North America. Grossing $88.5 million in the U.S. alone, the tour netted Swift a remarkable $29.8 million. Honored as Billboard’s Woman of the Year in December, she racked up U.S. album sales of 1.8 million units last year-led by booming business for late 2010′s Speak Now, which sold 967,000 units and digital single track sales of 7.8 million. Songwriting royalties were another highly beneficial source of income, given that Swift wrote all 14 Speak Now tunes herself.

See the rest of the list after the jump!  (more…)

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Rihanna, Adele, Florence Welch, Lana Del Rey and more at the BRIT Awards in London!

Here are some new pictures of the ladies from last night’s BRIT Awards in London. They’re basically the Grammys, but overseas. Rihanna took home the international female prize for a second year. Rihanna wore this Givenchy gown, which in my opinion, just makes her look old. I’m not a fan.

Lana Del Rey won the Breakthrough Award. “This award means much more to me than you know,” said the singer. She wore a gorgeous Vivienne Westwood gown. (Can I just add that I love the name Vivienne? What a beautiful name! If I were having any more kids, I’d keep it!)

Adele was again the big winner of the night, taking home the award for Album of the Year and Best British Solo Artist.

“It’s been an amazing year,” Adele said as she received the female artist statuette from petite pop star Kylie Minogue.

“I feel like a drag queen next to you,” joked the winner, who wore a sleek black Burberry gown but towered over Minogue. She thanked her record company “for letting me be the kind of artist I want to be.”

The show’s host, actor James Corden, cut off Adele’s second acceptance speech, prompting the singer to make a rude middle-finger gesture in frustration.

She stressed afterward that it was aimed at industry leaders, not her fans.

“I’m sorry if I offended anyone but it was the suits that offended me,” Adele said. “Thank you all very much and thanks to my fans. I don’t want them to think I was swearing at them.”

The show’s broadcaster, ITV, issued a statement apologizing to Adele for cutting her off.

“We regret this happened and we send deepest apologies to Adele that her big moment was cut short tonight due to the live show over-running,” ITV said.

Florence Welch wore a Alexander McQueen gown. Nicole Scherzinger wore a gorgeous yellow Versace dress. Jessie J wore a revealing red lace Falguni & Shane Peacock dress. Very Gaga-ish if you ask me.

Source, Photos: Fame/Flynet

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Adele makes shocking announcement: “‘I am f***ing off for four or five years. If I am constantly working, my relationships fail.”

After sweeping the Grammys on Sunday, Adele has made a shocking revelation. She wants “four or five year off” to focus on her relationship with boyfriend Simon Konecki.

The singer said in a recent interview that in the past she has put her career before her love life, and that ended in heartbreak. For the future, she told Vogue magazine: “I am f***ing off for four or five years. If I am constantly working, my relationships fail.  So at least now I can have enough time to write a happy record. And be in love and be happy. And then I don’t know what I’ll do. Get married. Have some kids. Plant a nice vegetable patch.”

The 23-year-old likes to think of herself as a good girlfriend, because she loves to cook, laugh and have sex.

She also admits, “I love a bit of drama. That’s a bad thing. I can flip really quickly. I am not bipolar, but I go from, ‘Oh, my God, I love you’ to, ‘Get the f**k out of my house!’ really quickly. And I never sit there and talk about it. I give them the silent treatment. They’re like, ‘Tell me what I’ve done so I can say sorry!’ What else? It used to be that I loved a drink a bit too much. But I don’t drink no more.”

“The good things: I am attentive. I will do anything for my man. I am a good cook. I’m funny. Always want to have sex – Well, most girls don’t!”

Here’s to hoping she’s NOT going to take time off! I can’t imagine 4-5 years until the next Adele album is out!

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Adele covers Vogue’s March issue – see the pictures!

Vogue Magazine released their March 2012 issue on Sunday, same day Adele took home six Grammy Awards, including one for Best Album.

Here are some pictures from Adele’s beautiful editorial. In the interview she gives a peek inside her life.

She quit drinking last year:

She gave it up cold turkey right around her birthday (May 5) last year. “Don’t like drinking anymore,” she says in an accent that falls somewhere between Eliza Doolittle and David Beckham. “I think I got it out of my system. D’yaknowhaImean?”

On having a loud presence:

“I am quite loud and bolshie,” she says (British slang for unruly and clamorous). “I’m a big personality. I walk into a room, big and tall and loud.” Indeed. There is no doubt when Adele is in the building. The rule of thumb for protecting one’s vocal cords, she tells me, is: If people are more than an arm’s length away, you shouldn’t talk to them. “But I am like, Wah! Wah! Wah!,” she says, laughing. “It’s really bad.”

On what happened with her throat:

Her voice troubles actually began in January, right at the outset of the world promotional tour for 21. “I’ve been singing properly every day since I was about fifteen or sixteen,” she says, “and I have never had any problems with my voice, ever. I’ve had a sore throat here and there, had a cold and sung through it, but that day it just went while I was onstage in Paris during a radio show. It was literally like someone had pulled a curtain over it.” She flew to London the next morning to see her doctor and was diagnosed with acute laryngitis. After a couple weeks’ rest, she continued her European tour, came to America, and then her voice went again in May. “That was a hemorrhage,” she says, “a burst blood vessel on my vocal cord. That healed, I did a tour, and then it happened again at my best friend’s wedding on October 1.”

Adele and her team began to suspect that the problem was more serious. “I knew my voice was in trouble,” she says, “and obviously I cried a lot. But crying is really bad for your vocal cords, too!” When word spread in the insular music industry that Adele had throat problems, other artists’ managers began calling with the same piece of advice: Go see Steven Zeitels, M.D., in Boston, widely considered to be the preeminent throat surgeon in the world. Zeitels discovered a polyp on one of Adele’s vocal cords that would require surgery. “When I met him I loved him,” she says. “He made me feel safe.”

On being a celebrity:

“I hate the red carpet. I don’t feel insecure, I just feel like, Oh, I don’t want to do this. I literally get a stomach cramp. At the VMA’s last year I felt really out of my comfort zone because there were so many superstars there. But that’s been the case from day one. I never feel like, Oh, yeah, I should be here. And I was missing my best friend’s hen night. So I was a bit bitter that I wasn’t there, to be perfectly honest.”

On performing Grammy night:

 “I’m definitely going to be singing ‘Rolling in the Deep,’ ” she says. “Because that’s been the biggest hit off the record in America. But I’m going to mix up a little bit—do a bit of a Beyoncé—to make it exciting. It’s kind of my comeback, really. There are a lot of people who probably think that I’m never going to sing again. So I will come for them and kick their arses.” (Heh! Heh! Heh!) Is she nervous? “I’m nervous whenever I perform,” she says, her already big eyes growing huge. “But seeing that it will be the first time opening my mouth again onstage in front of my peers? I’m shittin’ myself.”

She did perform last night, and did so beautifully. I had the biggest goosebumps after watching her. She’s just spectacular! Read the rest of Adele’s interview with Vogue here!

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