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Gillian Anderson Is “A Vain Woman Trying To Embrace Her Aging Face.” WOAH

Celebrities Attend The BAFTA Awards In London

Gillian Anderson, you’re still freaking GORGEOUS, and telling ALLLLLL the truths!

The actress has been pretty open about the fact that she’s not into plastic surgery or injectables, and it shows. At 47, her face looks like her own, which feels extremely rare in her profession. Anderson tells People that she’s not ruling out plastic surgery entirely, and it sounds like she’s not shaming women who opt for it, but that she is doing her damndest to age naturally. Pretty healthy outlook, I’d say. People reports:

At 47, I feel quite strongly that I wouldn’t do plastic surgery, but also, I know that I am a vain woman,” The X-Files star tells PEOPLE. “Talk to me in ten years – they may have invented something which feels less invasive, and then it’s possible that the line will be easier to cross.”

“I don’t want to say never,” she continues. “I don’t want to be hypocritical about it. But also, at this juncture, I just hope that I would be able to embrace these stages of my aging face, and not feel like something was wrong and that it needed to be fixed through surgery.”

Get it, girl.  If I could look half as good as Gillian at her age, I’m 100% in.

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Here’s How Susan Sarandon Feels About Breastfeeding

Susan Sarandon Promotes Soda Stream

Just in case you had a BURNING NEED to know how Susan Sarandon feels about breastfeeding…

The actress weighed in during a Q&A after a MOMS-hosted special screening of her new film The Meddler, in which she plays Rose Byrne‘s overbearing mother:

“Nursing can be really, really challenging. I was very lucky in terms of nursing, but every baby doesn’t respond the same way, and then you get mastitis and it hurts if you choose to nurse — not everybody does. And then the relationship with the pump really becomes a nightmare.”

Sarandon, a mother of three – daughter Eva Amurri Martino, 31, and sons Miles, 23, and Jack Henry Robbins, 26 — also shared her own experiences with nursing.

“The first time, I had a [breast pump] unit in my house that looked like an iron lung that I had to rent from Bigelow’s because they were the only ones that had it,” the actress said. “This was 30 years ago.”

Sarandon also advised soon-to-be mothers:

“What I always tell any woman who’s telling me they’re thinking of having a baby is that no matter how involved or well-intentioned your baby daddy or husband is, it is up to you in the beginning. That’s the way it’s designed, there’s just no getting around that.”

She continued, “Try to have the best time you can with the birth and everything else because it’s a pretty crazy, sci-fi adventure, and try not to think you have to be perfect.”

(Via People)

Ya hear, moms?

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Katherine Heigl Has A Weird 90’s Mom Hairstyle Now.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 12.53.14 PM

This was then…

But in the past couple days generally unlikeable actress Katherine Heigl has shocked people with her not-so-flattering shorter and much darker ‘do. Want to see for yourself? Yeah you do.

Check out Katherine’s new hair, after the jump!


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Selena Gomez Has…Leukemia?

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Just when you thought you forgot Selena Gomez was in rehab…new info surfaces. Or maybe it’s just a Freudian slip?

Selly covered GQ‘s May issue, and in her interview she explains why she chose to abruptly enter rehab back in 2014. It’s no secret that she’s been battling the auto-immune disease lupus, but her odd slip of the tongue makes it seem like she has something…a little more serious than that.

When asked about her diagnosis, the 23-year-old said:

“First off, this is something that everyone always wants to fixate on. I got diagnosed with lupus. My mom had a very public miscarriage. So I had to cancel my tour. I needed time to just be okay. And I was going through leukemia and I went to two different locations for those treatments. It’s really frustrating, because I am 100 percent allowed to have that, but I think people just want to have some sort of—”

The writer of the GQ piece, Zach Baron, did note that Selena probably meant chemotherapy instead of leukemia. Weird slip, though- especially because she was very specifically treated with chemotherapy during her two-week stay in rehab, for LUPUS. She continued:

“I understand what you’re asking, but I’m just saying, I don’t think it really matters. My past seems to be way more fascinating for people than my future, which bums me out.”

Gomez furthered her point, by sharing a story of when she first shared her diagnosis with a patient at a children’s hospital:

“And there was this kid that wouldn’t look me in the eye at all… I wanted to get his attention, even though maybe it was too much. So I just said, ‘Ask me anything you want.’ And he was the first person that I told, besides my best friend and family, because he asked me, ‘Have you ever dealt with anything like this?’ And I said, ‘I have lupus. I was in the ICU for two and a half weeks. I was in this exact same room.’ And it was the first time that he looked at me… I don’t ever really like to sit and dwell on what that experience was. Was it fun? No. Is it fun to have it? No.”

(Via GQ)

Does anyone else find her weird slip of the tongue interesting? Or do you just think she’s confused? WEIGH IN BELOW!

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