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PICS: Rosario Dawson strips down for GQ Magazine!

Rosario Dawson stripped down for a pictorial in the May issue of GQ.

Rosario is promoting her new movie, ‘Trance,’ which was directed by her former boyfriend, Danny Boyle (‘Slumdog Millionare,’ ‘127 Hours’). Rosario looks absolutely stunning, if you ask me. I saw ‘Trance,’ the other day, and I actually really liked it. I liked it more than I thought I would. It’s a pretty good thriller. Rosario is GORGEOUS. If it doesn’t come across in print, it certainly does on film. She has the most flawless body, seriously – try and find an imperfection. She’s gorg.

In ‘Trance’ – she goes COMPLETELY nude…. I was a bit shocked to see her (shaved) lady bits on film…. it’s actually part of the movie. That was a bit of a shocker. So if you go see the movie – be prepared for a bit of lady business.

That’s probably why she’s dating my man, Michael Fassbender. According to sources, “She’s since been linked with Inglourious Basterds star Michael Fassbender — they’ve been spotted hanging out together near his Hackney home recently.” Now THAT is hot.

There are more pictures of her after the jump – PLUS video!! (more…)

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LeAnn Rimes was never anorexic, her heart was just breaking.

Remember when LeAnn Rimes was anorexic? I mean…. anorexic-looking? Allegedly? Well apparently, LeAnn was NEVER anorexic, but instead lost all that weight because she was under immense pressure surrounding her personal life.

“People said I was [anorexic], but I didn’t have a problem with eating, as I ate a ton all the time — I could eat my husband under the table!” she tells the U.K. publication. “But I was going through a time when I just wasn’t sleeping — my mind wouldn’t shut off and my heart was breaking.”

That heartbreak was a result of her very public affair two years earlier with now-husband Eddie Cibrian. As first revealed by Us Weekly, Rimes, 30, and Cibrian, 39, met on the set of Northern Lights in 2009 when both were still married to other people — she to dancer Dean Sheremet, he to future Real Housewife Brandi Glanville. They fell in love and eventually tied the knot, but the last few years have not been easy.

Rimes describes the period after their affair as a “turbulent” one. “To say I’ve been on several roller coasters is an understatement,” she admits to the Daily Mail.

These days, though, she’s in a much healthier place, both emotionally and physically. At least part of that is attributable to her decision last August to enter a 30-day rehab program for “anxiety and stress” issues. The other part, she says, is thanks to the support she gets from Cibrian. NEW BIKINI PIC AFTER THE JUMP – CONTINUE READING! (more…)

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Jennifer Aniston looking AMAZING at the premiere of ‘Call Me Crazy’

Jennifer Aniston hit the red carpet last night for the first time in quite a while! She showed up in support of ‘Call Me Crazy,’ a Lifetime “Five Film” series which she helped produce.

The 44-year-old looked gorgeous in a short, strapless, black short suit. Her legs look great, her body perfectly tanned. She actually wore her hair up, and she looked great!

This morning everyone’s talking about her cupping marks on her back. Looks like they tried to cover them, but you can still see them. Click on MORE to see her back! (more…)

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Kristen Stewart confirmed for ‘Snow White & the Huntsman 2’!

So Kristen Stewart is going to be in the ‘Snow White & the Huntsman’ sequel after all. It was all up in the air after she was caught bumping uglies with the director the first time around. Rumor has it Kristen will be back, but the director will not (which really is too bad, because he did a great job the first time around).

Anyway, at CinemaCon this week, Universal confirmed that the SWATH sequel is a go – and Kristen’s in it.

Looks like Snow White is still the fairest of them all. After months of speculation about a possible Snow White and the Huntsman sequel, Universal Pictures chairman Adam Fogelson confirmed that the studio is indeed planning a second installment of the movie, which starred Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth in the title roles.

Fogelson announced the news at a CinemaCon presentation in Las Vegas, Nev., on Tuesday, April 16. The film is apparently in development for a targeted 2015 release date.

Last summer, Stewart’s future with the franchise seemed uncertain after she and director Rupert Sanders were caught cheating on their respective significant others. She was in a relationship with her Twilight costar Robert Pattinson at the time; he was married to model Liberty Ross, who played Snow White’s mother in the movie. (Ross has since filed for divorce.)

In December, however, the actress suggested to Indiewire that she was “absolutely” on board for a sequel but under strict instructions not to talk about it. “It’s gonna be f–kin’ amazing. I’m so excited about it, it’s crazy,” she gushed. “The other day I said that there was a strong possibility that we’re going to make a sequel, and that’s very true, but everyone was like, ‘Whoa, stop talking about it.’ So, no, I’m totally not allowed to talk about it.”

There’s no word yet on the plot of the second film, or who from the original will be returning. Sanders is reportedly not directing, but the cast members’ fates are still up in the air.

2015! That seems so far away! Won’t we be in flying cars by then?

Here are more pictures of Robert and Kristen lovin it up at Coachella. Yes, they’re still together. No, I don’t get it.

Source, Photos: FameFlynet

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