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Mos Def Was Kicked Out Of Africa

50619783 08-07-10 Maui, HI Actor/Rapper Mos Def performing at the Maui Theatre in Maui, HI. Tom Green was spotted at the show with a bunch of young ladies after performing there the night before... Non-Exclusive Pix by Flynet ©2010 818-307-4813  Nicolas 310-869-0177  Scott FameFlynet, Inc - Beverly Hills, CA, USA - +1 (310) 505-9876

Africa is not having any of Mos Def‘s BS.

When leaving South Africa, the entertainer apparently tried to use a “world passport” (whatever that is), but since there is no such thing as a “world passport” he was arrested and banned from the country for five years.

So…how did he get in?

TMZ says that A Department of Home Affairs spokesman in S.A. tells us Mos overstayed his visitor’s permit, but he can apply for permanent residency if he wishes, he just needs to go through the proper channels. Which means no more “world passports” or “global punchcards” or anything of THAT sort.

The rapper/actor has been living in Cape Town since 2013, but he’s gotta find a new home in 14 days, OUTSIDE South Africa.

Mos Sorry!

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Back Off, Y’all: Oscar Issac Is Taken

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 8.25.32 AM

Oscar Isaac is dating a documentary director named Elvira Lind, so errybody, back OFF!

Yes, we all know The Star Wars: The Force Awakens is dreamy as hell, but he brought Lind as his date to the 2016 Golden Globes in Beverly Hills so you know, it’s not just some casual thing. This is coupling of Amy Schumer proportions!

Up until now, Isaac has been pretty quiet about his private life. With all the glamour, a little champagne- of course he showed some affection by planting a sweet kiss on Lind after he won for his work in Show Me a Hero. So who is she’? An artist based in NY and Copenhagen, with a lot of documentary shorts under her belt.

Wanna peep the blonde beauty and check out her work? Go to her website HERE.  Let us know if you think they make a good couple BELOW!

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Madonna Is Still In Love With Sean Penn

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 11.50.01 PM

Madonna still supports Sean Penn 100%…like, it’s almost like she’s TOO supportive, know what I’m sayin?

The actor didn’t have much to say Saturday night about his just-released bombshell interview with notorious drug lord “El Chapo,” his best bud/ex wife/good pal/who knows did…

“I want to say Sean, I love you, from the moment that I laid eyes on you,” she said in a speech to Penn while attending the Help Haiti Home charity gala in Beverly Hills, California. “I just wish you’d stop smoking cigarettes,” she added.

The pair appeared close at Saturday’s event,  arriving together and holding hands. So what’s the deal? Well, Penn’s kid, Dylan, explained it this way in October:

“I think he just really admires her work,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “They’re just really good friends and [I think] it’s sweet that they can have this relationship.”

(Via People)

Hmmmm….Penn checked out a show at Madonna’s Rebel Heart tour, she defended him in his defamation suit…I dunno. I kinda think this couple was destined to be together. Or you know, at least have one more tumultuous marriage left in them. Don’t you?

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Kristen Stewart Has Some Advice For Star Wars Newcomer Daisy Ridley

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Premiere in LA

Actually, this advice might actually be useful..

Mostly I find Kristen Stewart‘s words to be sanctimonious and trite, but she actually uttered some pretty good pieces of wisdom when she sat down and spoke to The Hollywood Reporter‘s Scott Feinberg about her new film Clouds of Sils Maria, where she plays an assistant to a movie star:

“As somebody who’s dealt with the more absurd, really surreal, oftentimes insanely superficial, empty circus of what the media can be — and perception versus reality — I thought it was really funny and appropriate for me to play that part.”

Cool, but then she went on to give a ‘lil bit of advice to current media sensation Daisy Ridley, who killed it in Star Wars: The Force Awakens:

“Focus on the fact that you’re stoked ’cause you’re doing the work that you want to do… It’s literally mainly just about focusing on what makes you happy. And if losing your anonymity or whatever doesn’t make you happy, then focus on something else.”

Yep, girl speaks from experience, doesn’t she?

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