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Charlize Theron and Sean Penn may get married one day


Charlize Theron and Sean Penn have been dating for a while now, and while reports that things are getting serious seem to come out several times a week, it seems like they may actually decide to tie the knot at some point soon… just not yet.

Sean Penn and Charlize Theron are getting more and more serious about each other, but recent reports that the actor popped the question are false.

Friends of the couple “wouldn’t be surprised” by a proposal, says the insider. “But she’s not engaged – yet.”

The two took their romance public in January at Penn’s third annual Help Haiti Home gala after appearing to be more than just friends during a holiday trip to Penn’s beachfront home in Oahu, Hawaii, where the pair celebrated the New Year together.

The Oscar winners then spent Valentine’s Day weekend together in Cabo San Lucas.

“They were inseparable,” an eyewitness told PEOPLE of their Mexican vacation. “They held hands everywhere they went.”

Aw, isn’t that sweet? Who says romance doesn’t exist? I actually think these two make a pretty cute couple!

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Well hello there, Zac Efron!


Why is it that Zac Efron always looks like he’s up to something? Like he’s in on some joke or getting one over on us and thinks he’s really clever? I’m not quite sure, but that cheeky grin was still there at last night’s MTV Movie Awards!

He kept it pretty casual with his fashion choices, but when you look like that, I suppose you can wear whatever you want!




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Johnny Depp discusses life after 50


Johnny Depp is out promoting his new movie, Transcendence, and stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show to chat about that and… his rage issues, apparently. Since he recently turned 50, he’s feeling a lot calmer about things in life, which I think is probably a good thing for all of us.

“I think when you’re younger, 50 sounds old, and…you have this image of yourself,” DeGeneres told the Transcendence star. “But don’t you think you’re just getting better and better?”

“Well, calmer. You know, more calm,” Depp replied. “Less…well, not less weirdness, but less rage, maybe.” He noted, too, that there’s “less drama” in his life now. “Far less drama,” he stressed.

“It feels good,” he continued. “You definitely feel you’ve earned your stripes and you’re a little bit wiser, having been predominantly ignorant for the majority of your life.”

Good for him for embracing aging in Hollywood gracefully… then again, it’s a bit easier for the men folk, isn’t it, ladies?


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Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin are acting “lovey-dovey”


It’s only been a few weeks since Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin announced their plan to “consciously uncouple”, but it seems like things are going well between the pair as apparently they’ve been enjoying some very couple-like time together!

Not even two weeks after announcing their decision to “consciously uncouple,” Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin still seemed very much together at Robert Downey Jr.’s 49th birthday party, held at Downey’s home on Sunday.

“They were lovey-dovey and playful,” a source tells PEOPLE. “They were with the kids, they held hands and laughed and joked as a family. It was not the typical picture of a divorce. If the reports had not come out you would think, ‘Wow, they are a perfect couple.'”

On Sunday, “the kids looked happy,” the source went on to say. “Gwyneth was in such good spirits. She had her hair pulled back in a ponytail and she looked amazing.”

Martin also made a good impression. “He seemed so engaging and nice,” the source says, adding that the musician is easy on the eyes. “He looked like he’d been working out. He’s ripped!”

Well, that’s good for the kids’ sake, I suppose – there’s nothing worse than a nasty divorce to really mess them up. However, it is a little bizarre for them to be holding hands when they’ve just announced their separation, but to each their own, I suppose!

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