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Emily Maynard as the new Bachelorette: “it’s a done deal”

Remember this season when several of the Bachelor’s joked that they wished Emily was the Bachelorette instead of the highly annoying Ashley? Looks like they chose the wrong season to sign up, because rumor has it Emily is in talks to be the next Bachelorette!

Brad Womack’s Bachelor ex, 25, is angling to become the next star of ABC’s spin-off series, The Bachelorette — less than a month from splitting from Womack, 38.

“She hasn’t officially signed on yet, but it looks like a done deal,” a source tells the new issue of Us Weekly, on newsstands Wednesday.

Though the single mom to 6-year-old Ricki has said appearing on the series was “the last thing on my mind,” the insider tells Us Maynard wants to use her stint on the show to jump-start a broadcast career. “She wants to be famous,” the source says of the aspiring TV host.

In addition to boosting her profile, Maynard seems eager to move on from Womack.

“He has issues, and you could tell from the start that it was never going to work with Emily,” another insider says. Still, Maynard tried her best, a pal confirms to Us: “She gave it everything she had.”

I would totally watch a season of The Bachelorette with Emily. I’m finding Ashley so incredibly annoying I have to fast forward half the show. (You may ask why I even bother watching, but I feel I have some sort of sickness that makes me tune in every week.)

Team Emily!

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Emily Maynard on her relationship with Brad Womack: “There’s nothing going on between us anymore.”

Ever since Emily Maynard stopped wearing the $90,000 engagement ring that Bachelor Brad Womack gave her, there have been conflicting reports about who actually did the dumping.

Now, for the first time, Emily has broken her silence, revealing that it was Brad who ditched her — over the phone!

Life & Style can reveal that the 24-year-old told a reporter on June 1 that it’s definitely over between her and the Texas bar owner. “There’s nothing going on between us anymore,” she admitted sadly. “It’s over. He called me and broke up with me. That’s it — he ended the relationship.”

The pair spent a weekend in Austin at the beginning of May, as Life & Style previously reported, in a final effort to save their relationship. “The last time we were together was when we said goodbye at the airport in Austin,” Emily, photographed (above) on June 1 without her ring, confessed. “That was the last time I saw him.”


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Katie Couric gets ABC talk show

ABC has made a special announcement! Leading news lady Kate Couric will get her own syndicated talk show on ABC.

The network announced the deal today, unveiling the plan which puts Katie in as host and producer.  We’ve learned Katie’s mentor – former “Today” show EP Jeff Zucker — will be the Executive Producer.

As we reported, Katie will make $20 million, mostly for the talk show but there’s a relatively small amount for contributing to various ABC news shows.

Sources tell TMZ, the likelihood is … Katie will get the 3 PM time slot when the show debuts in September, 2012.  That’s the coveted slot Oprah owned for a quarter century.

Matt Lauer will NOT be part of the show.

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Elton John: Lady Gaga is my son’s godmother

In an interview airing today (April 22) on ABC’s ’20/20′, Elton John and his partner David Furnish confirm that Stefani Germanotta, aka Lady Gaga, is indeed the godmother of the couple’s four-month-old soon, Zachary.

“Yes, yes, she is,” John says. “When you get to the real person under there, there’s a real simple person under there who loves her parents.”

Furnish says their son is “going to inherit an incredible musical legacy from his father one day, and she will be a good person to guide him through the ins and outs of the music business, ’cause she sure knows everything about the business now.”

Gaga had been rumored to be the child’s godmother, but neither John nor Furnish confirmed rumors.

When John hosted SNL earlier this month, he joked about the speculation. “For those of you concerned that we are unusual parents, do not worry. It’s not like we are the only two people involved in the child’s life. His godmother is Lady Gaga. That’s true, that’s not a joke … which is ironic because I’ve always said that Mars ain’t the kind of place to raise your kids. And Gaga loves Mars. She says Mars has good schools and great discos.”

After all, godmothers don’t really come with pumpkin carriages… They come in eggs!

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Brad Womack & Emily Maynard officially SPLIT over the weekend!

Life & Style has exclusively learned that over the weekend of April 9, Emily Maynard made a phone call to her fiancé, Bachelor Brad Womack, to tell him it’s over.

“Emily told Brad that she can’t picture them getting married,” an insider reveals to Life & Style. “Brad’s not acting like a fiancé, and she knows that he’s not going to change. Emily knows in her heart of hearts that the relationship is finished.”

A second insider confirms that the relationship fell apart in recent days. “Emily was very close to moving with her daughter, Ricki, to Austin, Texas, just weeks ago, but that’s not true anymore,” the insider says. In fact, a friend tells Life & Style that Brad put an offer on a new home — without even consulting Emily or asking her to come to see it first. “She obviously feels that it isn’t the behavior of someone who plans to be with her.”

The reason for the split stemmed from Brad’s hurtful and erratic behavior. Emily became fearful he was cheating on her. “Brad seemed very complacent all of a sudden,” says the insider. “He did everything he could to woo and charm Emily on the show, and then it just slowed. Emily knows he likes Texas, he likes his bars and booze, so she’s just wondering if he likes someone else. It started to really worry Emily. She felt like, ‘If he’s not wanting to see her, who is he with?’”

So why hasn’t Emily simply announced a split?

Her contract with ABC prevents her from speaking out about the relationship without the network’s permission — and Life & Style has learned ABC called her on April 13 specifically to remind her of that point. Though the network can’t force them to stay together, a source says they have encouraged Emily to try to work things out with Brad, because they want Bachelor couples to make it down the aisle. “In the end, they try to control it,” Deanna Pappas — who competed on Brad’s first season and went on to star on The Bachelorette — tells Life & Style.

The friend, who has spent time with Emily recently, confirms Emily has taken off her Neil Lane engagement ring. “She doesn’t wear the ring anymore.”

Isn’t that BS! ABC prohibits her from talking about their relationship!? What a crock!


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