We got the keys to the new place that we’re renting with Holton-Wise so tonight, we have pies cooling on the window sill to celebrate!

We had been looking for a place in a good area that accepts dogs for quite some time, but had no luck. We were running out of time and decided to go with a property management place because it was more likely that they’d have something available at a good price. After looking at several of their available properties, we went in to apply with our $80 ($40 each) and give it a whirl. On the 11th, we gave them our money with the hopes that they’d rent us one of their cool places. We had to wait 24 hours to hear back on whether or not we were approved and that time inched by!

On the 12th, Scott came across an ad online for a two bedroom SINGLE FAMILY HOME in a decent area with that same company. So we went and took a look at it. It was perfect despite having to wait for an entire hour while the guy arrived to let us in. We were there with one other couple to have a look. Before they turned to leave, I overheard the girl sneaking and telling the agent not to rent the place to us. So, because of this, we neglected to tell Little Miss Thing that we had already paid the money and got pre-approved to rent any place they had available.

Long story short: Be nice to people and they’ll be nice to you. Had I not overheard that, we would definitely had told this girl to save her application fee and look elsewhere. But – because she was trying to be snide behind our backs, we let her waste her $40. Still, I hope that she was able to find a place to rent from them.

I am beyond happy to announce that because my children have both flown the coop – I HAVE AN OFFICE!!!