Rex Reed refuses to apologize for comments he made regarding Melissa McCarthy’s weight.

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Rex Reed is refusing to back down from his ongoing feud with Melissa McCarthy. The film critic, who attacked Melissa’s weight in his review of ‘The Identity Thief,’ is standing by his offensive comments.

“I can only repeat what I have said before — that I do not have, nor have I ever had, anything personal against people who suffer from obesity,” he wrote to Us in an email. “What I object to is the disgusting attempt to pretend obesity is funny. It is not remotely humorous, and every obese comedian who ever made jokes about the disease are now dead from strokes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes.”

“As a critic whose opinions are constitutionally protected by law, I stand by all of my original remarks about Melissa McCarthy’s obesity, which I consider about as amusing as cancer, and apologize for nothing,” he concluded.

In February, the film critic slammed McCarthy, calling the Bridesmaids actress “tractor-sized, a “female hippo,” and a “screeching, humongous creep.”

Reed’s comments immediately outraged fellow industry insiders and fans alike, many of whom criticized Reed for being unabashedly mean-spirited.

“It’s fair to comment on any actor’s appearance if it’s relevant to the character the actor is playing, the performance, and how that actor’s physical traits add to or detract from the performance,” veteran film critic Richard Roeper told Us exclusively. “But this just smacks of mean-spirited name-calling in lieu of genuine criticism.”

Director Paul Feig, who worked with McCarthy on box office hit Bridesmaids, was a little less forgiving with his words.

“For his catty and school bully name-calling of the supremely talented Melissa McCarthy, I cordially invite Mr. Rex Reed to go f–k himself,” he tweeted.

McCarthy herself remained mum on the matter for a few months, and finally spoke out about the incident in a June 13 interview with the New York Times.

“I felt really bad for someone who is swimming in so much hate,” she told the paper. “I just thought, that’s someone who’s in a really bad spot, and I am in such a happy spot. I laugh my head off every day with my husband and my kids who are mooning me and singing me songs.”

Where do you stand on the matter? I think Rex Reed is a disgusting pig, and should be fired or ordered to retract his statements. Thinking someone should lose weight is one thing. Hell, even saying something like “Melissa McCarthy should lose weight for the sake of her health,” is fine. But come right out and call her a “tractor-sized hippo” is just downright mean, and a form of bullying. I don’t care what Mr. Rex Reed thinks.

What an ugly person he is.


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Friday, June 21st, 2013 at 10:10am
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ADORABLE! Reese Witherspoon steps out with her cute son Tennessee!

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Ok seriously – is he the cutest celebrity baby??

Photos: FameFlynet

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Friday, June 21st, 2013 at 9:09am
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Miranda Kerr’s secret to a happy marriage? Let Orlando Bloom feel like a man!

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Miranda Kerr appeared in this week’s online magazine, and in this week’s issue she models new swimwear. (Just shoot me already.)

In the interview, Miranda opens up about being victim to the ‘Bling Ring,’ leaving Victoria’s Secret, and the secret to keeping her marriage strong.

On having her lingerie lifted by the teen thieves now immortalized in a movie with Emma Watson:

“The weird thing is that I am not attached to things: they come and they go,” she said. “It could have been worse, that’s what I always say about everything. I mean, no one was hurt.”

On the supposedly acrimonious split with Victoria’s Secret:

“Ed [Razek, who has been casting the models for 15 years] and I are really good friends, and we both decided it was impractical for me to continue. I have such fond memories of working with them.”

On her marriage to actor Orlando Bloom:

“I am quite dominant in my career, so what really works for me when I come home, is to relax more into the feminine side,” she says. “If you’re really an alpha female, you don’t allow [your partner] to have the space to feel like the man in the relationship. Maybe I am too traditional, but men feel important when you ask for their help, instead of thinking you can do it all on your own.”

What do you think? Is letting your MAN be the MAN the trick?


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Friday, June 21st, 2013 at 9:09am
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Kim Kardashian’s baby birth certificate released – she has no middle name!

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West decided to name their daughter North West, and she isn’t going to get any help from her middle name……because they didn’t give her one! She’s just plain ol’ stuck with NORTH for a name!

The birth certificate was only signed by Kim, and states that North was born at 5:34 AM on June 15th. She was just shy of 5 pounds at birth.

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Friday, June 21st, 2013 at 8:08am
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