Kris Jenner Fell In Love With Caitlyn Jenner 150 Percent

When Bruce Jenner first revealed that he was transitioning into a woman, his manager wife Kris Jenner felt absolutely devastated. Now that the world has accepted Caitlyn Jenner as one of our own, it appears that Kris is following suit.

According to the latest reports, Kris fell in love with Caitlyn 150 percent when they first met. Now that things have calmed down, Kris is talking about how much she helped Caitlyn — when Caitlyn was still Bruce. Kris revealed, “I fell in love with him, 150 percent. I’ve always looked at things like, ‘We’re just going to figure this out.’ I don’t stop and think about, what’s the plan here? I just went for it. I realized after we got married and I had a limited amount of money, and I said, ‘We’re going to move into this house. We’re going to work hard.'”

Bruce Jenner Had Nothing?

She went on to say that when they met he didn’t have a business card or any type of press or bio. So she worked with what she had – which turned out to be a brick cell phone, a typewriter, and a Rolodex. She recalled, “I remember thinking, ‘Lisa, this is what we’re going to do. We’re going to get every fabulous picture of Bruce Jenner. We’re going to do a photo shoot.’ I had a friend take photos, and I had another woman I know make a sizzle reel that we could use as an intro to his speech.”

She had limited money but still had enough to pay her assistant Lisa? Hmmm…

Kris Jenner Springs Into Action

She also talked about how she became Bruce’s manager immediately after marrying him because he didn’t have a lot going on. She saw the potential that he had and knew that he would be an incredible public speaker. She figured that she and Lisa would have to do something because Bruce only had $200 in the bank and they had kids who needed to eat.

Are you buying it?

Photo Credit: Twitter

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