Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx Dating Again Following Brief Breakup

Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx Dating Again Following Brief Breakup

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx were said to be dating, but keeping things on the low down. According to the latest gossip, the twosome called it quits because she wanted to be more public about their romance – but he disagreed. After splitting up last month, the couple have rekindled their romance.

A source said, “Jamie is tired of being pressured by Katie into going public. He’s asked for a few months out and made no promise he’ll be available after that. It’s heartbreaking for Katie, who would marry him in a heartbeat if he were keen. She’s hoping he’ll change his mind and come running back, which to be fair he’s done numerous times before.”

Just a few days ago, Page Six reports that the duo is back together. Rumors hit the internet stating that following their breakup, she was dating Kiefer Sutherland, but that turned out to be false.

The source said that the two might split for good at the time. However, Page Six has learned that Holmes and Foxx have patched things up and they secretly rekindled their romance just a few days ago. The publication’s sources claim that the actress’ close friends are thrilled to know that the two are together again.

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