After seeing the above picture on Club Pet Adoption’s Facebook page, we had to learn more about these adorable beagles. It wasn’t that long after we lost our three-legged beagle Jessie, but we know that he’d want us to help more beagles if we could.

We saw the picture of Chip and Princess looking all cute and talked it over for hours. Finally, we agreed that we would look into adopting them together. We weren’t used to being a two beagle household, but we were willing to give it a try.

Club Pet shared:

Princess and Chip still waiting for their forever homes. Product of an amish puppy mill used for breeding. Chip is a senior at the age of 10 (front) and Princess (Dutchess) is approx. 6 years old. They are loving, affectionate beagles that would be a great addition to any family. Please Share. They have lived their whole life in a coop.

We were later informed that the Amish people who had these two lovable beagles dumped them after Princess had a miscarriage. They were already bonded so Club Pet agreed to go and pick them up.

We adopted these loving beagle babies on April 22, 2017. Since, it has been a life filled with aroos and love!

A week later, we learned that we actually adopted them an entire year after their arrival at Club Pet — to the day. What is even more significant about that day is that WAS the day that I got married (later divorced, thank heavens). So basically, we have reclaimed the day and made it special!

Now these two wonderful family members are couch commandos with a penchant for pig ears, daily walkies at the park, and BITES galore. They’re loving life and filling ours with love and aroos.