To rehash, make sure to join our Facebook group Blog For Profit so that you are getting the most you can out of this seven day course. It is integral to share everything with the group using the appropriate hashtags so that your posts and, more importantly, your blog gets seen by all of our members.

If you have already taken the steps to signup and get your domain registered through BlueHost, then remember to share the awesome news with our Facebook group using the hashtag #celebrationtime.

For those of you who have yet to get going with WordPress because you’re scared of throwing yourselves out there, WordPress seems daunting, or funds are tight – let me convince you now once and for all: it’s worth it. There isn’t a day that goes by that I regret starting any of the websites I’ve started. Even the websites that have failed – I don’t regret those because all of my time spent failing means that you can benefit from my successes.

If you need help getting domain name ideas or are stuck, check out Nameboy – Domain Name Search. Seriously, you’ll be glad you did.

Now onto business!

Once you’ve gotten your domain and hosting all squared away, you’re going to want to access your WordPress dashboard. You can do so using the url

Be sure to replace with your actual domain url so that you’re brought to the appropriate page to login to your dashboard.

Once there, you will see links to the left: Dashboard, posts, appearance, settings, etc.

Go to Posts and scroll down to “Add New.” From there you will see the main page you’re going to see a million times during your blogging journey.

Where you see “Enter title here” is where you’re going to type in the title that you want to use for your blog post. Underneath that in the bigger box is where you’re going to add pictures, text, and links so that people can read what you have to say.

On the right you should see a blue “Publish” button. Prior to publishing, you should make sure that your blog posts are categorized properly. Keep your categories to a comfortable amount so that when you have tons of posts your content doesn’t get disorganized. Before you publish select a category (or two) that best fits what you’ve written. When you’re ready for the world to read your thoughts, hit publish!

When your post is published, you can view it by either going to your home or posts page — or by clicking “view post” underneath the title section.

Once you’re viewing your post, click the URL in the address bar and copy it (CTRL+C or right-click the mouse button when the URL is highlighted in blue). Go to our Facebook group and share the URL with us using the hashtag #firstpost

We are excited to see what you’ve come up with!

Follow the link to these WordPress tutorials if you find yourself in trouble.

The idea is to familiarize yourself with WordPress the best way possible. So if you’ve published a bunch of test posts and want to start again, you can start over easily. Just go to “All Posts” on the left-hand side of the Dashboard and hover over the ones you want to delete. From there you can go down to the “Trash” link and click it to send the posts you want deleted to the trash can.


If you are strapped for cash, then there is nothing like finding a cute free theme to work with. While that is great, there may come a time when you’re going to want to up the ante on how your website looks to other people. Maybe you want to change your brand to something that is more befitting of your message…

No matter the case, you can always use a free WordPress theme until it no longer suits you to do so. Once the time is right and you’re ready to go the paid route for a nicer, spruced up theme, check out the themes offered by the good folks over at ThemeForest.

There you can find great themes that may be more along the lines of what you’re looking for to use for your website. Many themes come in different colors and come with different features that you may find useful. As with anything, check them all out before making your decision.

If you happen to have a free or premium WordPress theme, there is a good chance that you may not like it straight out of the box. It happens! If you’ve found a theme — that’s great! That is one of the hard parts. Many people struggle with finding a theme for so long that they continue to put off blogging!

If you have a theme and want some changes done, you can always put a few bucks towards one of the Fiverr workers (cheaply!) and get some work done on your website. Fiverr uses a ratings system along with reviews so you can get an idea of the type of work you can have done prior to hiring someone. The best news is that you’re not going to break the bank if you hire someone from Fiverr because many of the jobs on there are super cheap!

If you have an idea of the type of content you want written but don’t have the time, you can always reach out to a writer on HireWriters for some help.

If you need help with your blog from any of us, feel free to email me at bertieATicydkDOTcom (bertie @ icydk . com – remove the spaces), hit us up on Facebook, or send us smoke signals.

Just kidding, no smoke signals – this isn’t 1896! >;)

All in all, we are tied to your success and want to help you as much as possible so that you can turn your blog into a success. Get in touch with us if you need anything and we will do our best to help you.