Making Money Online – Day 2

If you have yet to go through the first portion of this course, then I can only urge you to go back to step one and complete the first lesson. It is critical to the success of this course for you that these steps remain in place. Let’s not put the cart before the horse – shall we?

Also, if you have yet to join our Facebook group Blog For Profit, then you should know that it is an integral part of the course as well. This statement is especially true if you would like to receive feedback, get inspiration, ideas, or ask questions about the process.

Assuming that you have gone through the steps in the first part of the course, then you should have an idea of what you plan on writing about. It’s even better if you have already selected a niche for which you would like to blog. Remember, having between two and six topics is the sweet spot in blogging. Having one topic is great if you’re an expert in your field, but why limit yourself, your audience, or your brand? Having more than six topics to write about isn’t ideal just because you may find it harder to find an audience who will follow you just to get to the parts of which they relate.

Today will be fun if you’re really to get this party started! Today is the day that you will get to select your domain. Your domain is your website’s URL (like ours is Hopefully since you’ve narrowed down your niche or topics, you will have some ideas that you’ve thrown around.

We love the domain ICYDK because it stands for In Case You Didn’t Know. It started out as a gossip website in 2006, but we can really mold our websites to be anything we want. It’s a brandable name for us so we chose to let the past stay in the past and roll with the things we would like to talk about.

If at all possible, you may want to select a domain that is specific to your niche. For instance, if you want to blog about black cats with red hats, you may choose the domain That way, if there are like-minded people out there, they would only have to Google “black cats with red hats.” Your domain should be at the top of the search results. (Your mileage may vary…)

Having said that, if you wish to blog about black cats wearing hats, you may want to change up the domain to correspond with your ideas. In doing so, you aren’t limiting yourself to just talking about black cats with red hats – but instead, you could write about black cats wearing any colored hats. If that niche is too small still, you could go with cats wearing hats and try to get that domain registered.

All in all, the moral of the story is that you simply don’t want to limit yourself when it comes down to it. Give yourself room to grow with your domain.

When not limiting yourself, stay away from domains that may change as you do. What I’m saying is that even if you’re in your twenties and want to write a blog about Toasting Your Twenties – it may not be such a grand idea when you hit the age of thirty.

Now, making money online with a blog isn’t an easy process, but it is easier if you’re organized and focused on your end goals. Making money is the end goal, but it should not be your only goal when blogging. Yes, we all want to make gazillions of dollars online, but it’s not that simple. You should prepare yourself for some hard work ahead. Of course, if you have selected a niche that you enjoy talking about – that makes it much easier in the long run.

For today, I want you to compile a list of potential domain names that represent the list of things that you enjoy writing about. Put your possible URLs in the group using the hashtag #domainadvice. From there, we can all offer our input on your domain name selections and you can narrow it down to one or two that resonate with people.

Of course, if you would like to take the fast track to registering your domain and getting your blog setup, we can only recommend using our link for BlueHost. Using that link means that you will get a free domain name for your self-hosted WordPress blog and only have to pay $3.95 per month.

If you have decided to fast track your success, head to our Facebook group and share the wonderful news so that we can celebrate with you. Congratulations on taking that hard first step into making your blogging for profit dreams come true! Use the hashtag #celebrationtime to share everything with our group members.

If you are still on the face and need some inspiration beyond the group, you can use Nameboy – Domain Name Search for looking up your potential domain names. Nameboy is great because the site will not only give you the names of available domains, but it will also give you ideas based on keywords that you put into the system. Go ahead, click the link, and give it a shot!

You are nearly over the hump with regard to getting everything up and running!

Assignment: Check out Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to see if any usernames related to your potential URLs are available. Keep track and share them with our Facebook group using the hashtag #socialmediatest