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TRAILER TIME: Seth Rogen and Zac Efron are at war in the hilarious new trailer for ‘Neighbors’


Zac Efron and Seth Rogen team up for the absolutely hilarious-looking new movie by the creators of ‘This is 40.’ Here we have ‘Neighbors,’ a new movie about a frat house that moves in next door to Seth Rogen and his wife, played by Rose Byrne.

Also starring in the movie is Dave Franco, James Franco’s brother. Dave plays Zac’s frat brother.

“Neighbors” hits theaters on May 9, 2014.

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What on earth is Zac Efron doing??


Zac Efron’s new movie looks….interesting. And also hilarious.


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Zac Efron Did 2 Stints in Rehab?!

The 2013 Toronto Film Festival - 'Parkland' Premiere

It was big news that Zac Efron was in rehab…but the fact that he did two stints is a little hard to swallow!

TMZ reports:

Zac has been doing cocaine for more than 2 years — he was also into Molly.  He tried to clean himself up in March by getting professional help.  We’re told he left California and stayed in a private residence where he received intensive outpatient care for several weeks.

In April he returned to L.A. and began shooting Seth Rogen‘s film “Neighbors.”  During the shoot Zac relapsed in a big way.  TMZ broke the story … Zac was not showing up on the set and it was common knowledge he was using again.Our sources say after the film wrapped up he got a second dose of outpatient care.

There are lots of reasons that people abuse substances, and TMZ also gives some possible reasons for Zac’s fall from his squeaky-clean Disney start, including hanging out with the wrong people (duh), girl issues (but c’mon, Vanessa Hudgens is ancient history), a career that’s meh, and parental troubles.  Sure- we ALL have these issues, but we all a. aren’t famous, b. don’t go to rehab for them.

What’s up with these Disney stars?!

Photo: FameFlynet

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UPDATE: Zac Efron was in rehab for a SERIOUS Cocaine addiction!

Lea Michele and Ashton Kutcher at The New Year's Eve Premiere in Hollywood

Just a few minutes ago I reported that Zac Efron had undergone a stint in rehab earlier this year, but it wasn’t clear what he went to rehab for.

Sources tell TMZ that the actor was NOT in rehab for alcohol abuse – but a serious cocaine addiction!

We’re told the problem spiraled out of control during the filming of Seth Rogen’s movie “Neighbors,” which was shot during a narrow time frame beginning in April.

Sources tell us Zac — who also starred in the movie — was a no-show on a number of days. As one source connected with the film tells us, “It was common knowledge he was struggling with cocaine.”

Three other sources confirm … Zac’s problem was rooted in cocaine, but say he also dabbled in Molly — a pure form of Ecstasy, and a popular drug in clubs and raves.

We contacted Zac’s rep … she said, “Don’t think we’ll be making a comment.”

I don’t know why I’m surprised to hear it was cocaine. Maybe it’s that sweet baby face??

Either way – I hope he really is clean now. What a nasty thing to be addicted to. Strongest drug I ever dabbled in was marijuana. Everything else scares the CRAP outta me. Could be because I was convinced I would die if I ever tried a strong drug. Just like my mom also convinced me that all sex leads to babies. Want to have sex? Well get ready to call me grandma!


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