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FIRST LOOK! Nicole Kidman, Zac Efron, Matthew McConaughey and John Cusack in ‘The Paperboy’!

This poster is certainly interesting, no? It looks so good!!

Director Lee Daniels has only helmed three films, but each one has boasted a fascinating, eclectic cast: There was 2005′s Shadowboxer, starring, among others, Cuba Gooding Jr., Helen Mirren, and Macy Gray; 2009′s Oscar-nominated Precious, starring the Oscar-nominated Gabourey Sidibe, Oscar winner Mo’Nique, and Mariah Carey; and now The Paperboy, starring Matthew McConaughey, John Cusack, Nicole Kidman, and Zac Efron. And seeing the latter four actors together on one poster has left me really intrigued.

The film, which is adapted from Pete Dexter’s novel, centers on a reporter and his brother who attempt to get an innocent man off death row in the mid-1960s. Efron’s always looked best in mid-20th century garb (see: Hairspray), and the retro poster is no exception. (It’s rare that an actor looks so good, he pushes McConaughey into the background.) But the poster’s real draw is Cusack, whose eyes are so intense, it’s easy to question his character’s proclaimed innocence. I’m in — are you?


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Michelle Pfeiffer, Fergie, Zac Efron, Hilary Swank, Sofia Vergara and MORE at the ‘New Years Eve’ premiere!

‘New Years Eve’ premiered in Hollywood last night, and most of the movie’s many stars were there!

Michelle Pfeiffer wore a beautiful purple Dolce & Gabbana dress (what do you think about her shoe choice?). She looks incredible for 53!!

15-year-old Abigail Breslin wore a cute ballerina dress with a wire petticoat. Looks cute on her!

Alyssa Milano could definitely look better. I know she just had a baby, and I’m not even talking about the extra weight. I think the dress is ill-fitting.

Sofia Vergara is beautiful, but her dress looks so budget. Meh, not a fan.

Hilary Swank is wearing Elie Saab, which I don’t totally hate…. only slightly hate.

And FERGIE…. ugh, don’t even get me started. She’s wearing a dress by Monique Lhuilllier. The dress might be okay, I’m just not a big Fergie person. I cannot unsee what she wore yesterday.

Photos: Fame

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Johnny Depp to play Michael Jackson in biopic

Johnny Depp has been tipped as the hot favorite to play Michael Jackson in a biopic about the life of the King of Pop.

Other contenders include Usher, Zac Efron, Will Smith or Justin Timberlake.

The director will have his hands full trying to cast the right person with a source revealing: “It’s going to be one mammoth task trying to get someone good enough at acting and dancing to fill Michael Jackson’s moon-walking shoes. They will need someone with edge, with uniqueness about them.”

Ghostbuster director Ivan Reitman and Up In The Air producer Tom Pollock are currently in talks regarding the project.

Who do you think should be cast as Michael Jackson?


Photo: Fame


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Kate Bosworth, Kate Beckinsale and MORE at the LACMA Art + Film Event

Ok, this is my LAST post on the LACMA Art + Film Gala in Los Angeles on Saturday. There were just too many beautiful celebs to put it all in one post! Here are the last of the pictures from the event, which honored Clint Eastwood.

PICTURED: Kate Bosworth and boyfriend Michael Polish, Amy Poehler, Elisabeth Moss, Jon Hamm, Ryan Kwanten, Nick and Joe Jonas, Kate Beckinsale and husband Len Wiseman, Amy Adams, Rashida Jones, James Van Der Beek, Leonardo DiCaprio, Zac Efron, Rachel Zoe, Uma Thurman, Olivia Wilde and Julie Bowen.

Photos: Fame

Zac Efron leaving a club after celebrating his 24th birthday!

Zac Efron celebrated his 24th birthday last night in London, England, with champagne at the Chinese restaurant Hakkasan.

Zac and about 15 friends (including a movie producer) partied the night away.

Rumor has it, Zac is in talks to play a Marvel superhero, Namor the Sub-Mariner.

Marvel movies have become big box-office draws, turning Robert Downey, Jr. into Iron Man; Chris Hemsworth into Thor; and Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield into Spider-Man. Chris Evans will be playing patriotic Marvel superhero Captain America this weekend, and many actors and actresses have experienced success playing the X-Men. So since Marvel superhero movies are so successful, it’s safe to say that Zac should be extremely flattered to be offered a role in one, right?

There’s just one tiny little problem — he’s been offered a role playing Namor the Sub-Mariner.

The Sub-Mariner is one of Marvel’s earliest superheroes, debuting in 1939. He’s the mutant son of a princess from Atlantis and a human sea captain with a variety of superpowers, including strength, speed, flight, and the ability to breathe underwater (he’s like a merman with legs). The Sub-Mariner has been portrayed in comic books with Spock-like eyebrows and pointed ears, wearing a green Speedo® that looks like fish scales. In short, he looks just a bit silly, and it’s really hard to imagine Zac Efron– or anyone– playing him.

However, Namor has teamed up with the Avengers and interacted with some of the characters from the X-Men in the Marvel universe, so landing the part could possibly lead to more lucrative movie opportunities for Zac.

What do you think about Zac playing a superhero? Hey, I say if Andrew Garfield can pull off Spider-Man, anything is possible.

Source, Photos: Fame

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