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Now that’s better…

Zac Efron also stopped by ‘Good Morning America’ this morning, and he’s a little easier on the eyes.

Photos: FameFlynet

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PHOTO: Look who got an owie.

Zac Efron was spotted arriving with a cast on his wrist while on the set of “Townies”. The movie production called in a doctor to check him out and was released from work an hour later. The actor reportedly fell during filming on Wednesday and injured his wrist.

Posted Friday, April 12th, 2013 at 1:13pm
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Zac Efron films ‘Are We Officially Dating?’ in NYC

Here are new pictures of Zac Efron and costar Imogen Poots filming the romantic comedy ‘Are We Officially Dating?’ in New York City.

The movie’s plot follows three Manhattan bachelors after they make a pact to live it up while remaining single in the Big Apple.

But in a decisive, and some would say generic, twist, it seems Zac’s character will end up torn between his determination to be as debaucherous as his friends and his blooming love for Imogen.

Earlier the day were looking suitably love-struck as they filmed another series of exciting scenes in the city.

At one point Zac even seemed to be sneaking out of her bedroom window as the pair hammed it up for the cameras.

Did any of you see Zac’s movie ‘The Lucky One’? I never saw it, not my thing. I think he really needs a good movie. Scratch that. I know it. Like Jessica Biel, I don’t think romantic comedies are his thing. I think he should try something different….. try Indie movies. Something less romantical.

Source, Photos: FameFlynet

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Zac Efron: “I Just Can’t See What’s So Wrong About Being Gay”

Zac Efron sat down with The Advocate magazine, and gave a shout out to his gay fan base. The actor voiced his support for same-sex marriage, and the gay community. “It’s very flattering. After High School Musical and Hairspray, I’ve always felt embraced by the gay community, and I feel incredibly grateful and honored.”

Efron admits he first became aware of his following after starring in ‘High School Musical’. “I think the gay audience related to my character Troy, because it really was a story of embracing who you are, no matter how different you might be, and not being afraid to show it. That’s a universal theme for everyone, but it specifically resonated with the gay community, and I felt very proud of that.”

Growing up in California, a young Efron found his passion in musical theater. During that time, he also realized “being gay was just another way you can be. I never really had time to think about it or have any preconceived notions. I don’t judge anyone and I never have.”

“I might’ve been less aware of it back then,” the 24-year-old adds, “but without question I had gay role models.”

Though he was in a relationship with High School Musical‘s Vanessa Hudgens, 23, from 2007 to 2010, and briefly romanced Lily Collins, 23, in early 2012, Efron’s own sexual orientation has sometimes been questioned. The actor, who is straight, isn’t bothered by the rumors. “I don’t like to live in fear about things like rumors and backlash to begin with — that’s the way I was raised — but I just can’t see what’s so wrong about being gay,” Efron says.

Expressing his support for legalizing same-sex marriage, Efron tells The Advocate, “It’s an issue that affects so many people in my life — a lot of my close friends and some of the most influential people around me. I just want them all to be happy. It would make me so happy to see them able to live their lives and do what they want to do.”

 Source, Photos: FameFlynet

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