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BREAKING: Zach Efron & Vanessa Hudgens Split!

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens are over, according to E!.

The two, who started dating when they were just teenagers costarring in the hit High School Musical franchise, recently called it quits.

“It’s nothing dramatic,” one source said. “There’s no third party involved.”

Says another source, “They were together for so long. It just ran its course.”

Sources insist they remain friends.

Efron, 23, is currently filming The Lucky One in New Orleans. Hudgens, who turns 22 tomorrow, wraps Journey 2: The Mysterious Island later this week in Hawaii.

Awwww, they were cute together.

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Zac Efron hits the Radio One studio

Zac Efron signs autographs at the Radio One Studio on September 16 2010 in London England.

Fame Pictures

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Zac Efron’s Moostache: Hot or Not?

What do you think of Zac Efron’s facial hair? Like it? Not so much?

Here he is at the ‘Charlie St. Cloud’ photocall in Madrid, Spain this afternoon.

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Nice stache!

Zac Efron stopped by a gas station in LA today sporting an unsexy mustache! Maybe it’s for a new role. He had a movie script in hand…so what’s up next for Mr. Efron?


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Zac Efron is Details’ September cover boy!

Zac Efron appears on the September cover of DETAILS magazine in a photo shoot that took place at the Aviation Warehouse in El Mirage, California.

On contracting poison oak:

Efron arrived for the interview sporting a “homeless-urban-ninja look” with a black hoodie pulled over his head and only one arm through the sleeve. He refused to shake hands with the reporter making him wonder if Efron had taken a Howard Hughes-like turn. Thankfully, that’s not the case. Efron was suffering from “a bad case of poison oak.” Later on in the interview we learn that he contracted the horrible rash on a hiking trip with friends through a California park. “Dude, it’s like everywhere. Everywhere. I can’t even begin to show you, ‘cause you’ll get so grossed out. I look like a zombie from Dawn of the Dead.” Photos from the infamous trip are included in our story online!

On not dating around Hollywood:

“I think a lot of guys would enjoy that. But I’m not really like that. Believe me, I rack my brain thinking ‘Why am I not out there playing the field?’ One of my buddies was like, ‘You have no idea what’s going on right now. You’re peaking on Ecstasy and you’re watching TV.’ But it’s not in my heart.” He goes on later to say about his relationship with Hudgens, “It’s exactly how it should be. It’s real.”

Of Shia LeBouf’s attitude:

“I’m so jealous of that,” Efron says of LaBeouf, whom he doesn’t know personally. “Yeah, that’s awesome to not give a sh*t. And Shia still pulls it off. That’s so cool. It’s just awesome. It just comes easy to some people.”

Tom Cruise recently flagged Efron down in the lobby of CAA to ask:

“You ride motorcycles?” When Efron said he didn’t, Cruise asked “You wanna learn how?” and proceeded to invite him out to his house, taught him how a motorcycle engine works, and showed him the hangar which houses his collection including the Triumphs he rode in the Mission:Impossible movies. When asked why he thought Cruise did that, Efron said: “I don’t even want to know. It’s just so cool that he gave a sh*t, the fact that he cared at all. No one else did that.”

On turning down Footloose:

“all the things I loved about Footloose I couldn’t find in the project. They just weren’t there. I couldn’t see myself doing it. I love Kenny (Ortega) with all my heart, it was literally the hardest phone call I’ve ever made.”

On the location of the photoshoot:

The airplane graveyard was challenging since it was in the middle of the dessert, “It was really hot and bright and dusty and windy,” says photgrapher Norman Jean Roy. Efron became a true collaborator in the shoot and according to Roy, “was very accommodating and very involved.”

Bonus Content at the source!

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