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Kate Bosworth, Kate Beckinsale and MORE at the LACMA Art + Film Event

Ok, this is my LAST post on the LACMA Art + Film Gala in Los Angeles on Saturday. There were just too many beautiful celebs to put it all in one post! Here are the last of the pictures from the event, which honored Clint Eastwood.

PICTURED: Kate Bosworth and boyfriend Michael Polish, Amy Poehler, Elisabeth Moss, Jon Hamm, Ryan Kwanten, Nick and Joe Jonas, Kate Beckinsale and husband Len Wiseman, Amy Adams, Rashida Jones, James Van Der Beek, Leonardo DiCaprio, Zac Efron, Rachel Zoe, Uma Thurman, Olivia Wilde and Julie Bowen.

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Zac Efron leaving a club after celebrating his 24th birthday!

Zac Efron celebrated his 24th birthday last night in London, England, with champagne at the Chinese restaurant Hakkasan.

Zac and about 15 friends (including a movie producer) partied the night away.

Rumor has it, Zac is in talks to play a Marvel superhero, Namor the Sub-Mariner.

Marvel movies have become big box-office draws, turning Robert Downey, Jr. into Iron Man; Chris Hemsworth into Thor; and Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield into Spider-Man. Chris Evans will be playing patriotic Marvel superhero Captain America this weekend, and many actors and actresses have experienced success playing the X-Men. So since Marvel superhero movies are so successful, it’s safe to say that Zac should be extremely flattered to be offered a role in one, right?

There’s just one tiny little problem — he’s been offered a role playing Namor the Sub-Mariner.

The Sub-Mariner is one of Marvel’s earliest superheroes, debuting in 1939. He’s the mutant son of a princess from Atlantis and a human sea captain with a variety of superpowers, including strength, speed, flight, and the ability to breathe underwater (he’s like a merman with legs). The Sub-Mariner has been portrayed in comic books with Spock-like eyebrows and pointed ears, wearing a green Speedo® that looks like fish scales. In short, he looks just a bit silly, and it’s really hard to imagine Zac Efron— or anyone– playing him.

However, Namor has teamed up with the Avengers and interacted with some of the characters from the X-Men in the Marvel universe, so landing the part could possibly lead to more lucrative movie opportunities for Zac.

What do you think about Zac playing a superhero? Hey, I say if Andrew Garfield can pull off Spider-Man, anything is possible.

Source, Photos: Fame

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Ashely Tisdale Slams Zac Efron Hook-Up Rumors

Recently, photos of High School Musical friends and stars 26-year-old Ashley Tisdale and 23-year-old Zac Efron surfaced of the pair frolicking on the beach and having fun looking pretty innocent. Of course, people picked up that the pair looked a bit flirtatious and may have hooked-up over the 4th of July weekend, a claim that actress Ashley turned down via her Twitter account.

Ashley Tisdale is setting the record straight about her relationship with Zac Efron. Rumors raged over the weekend that the High School Musical co-stars were too-close-for comfort after photos of the duo being playful along the shore of Malibu surfaced. Ashley’s bikini-clad fun with Zac led to speculation that she was breaking the best friend code and betraying Vanessa Hudgens.

“Don’t believe all pictures. People r gonna come up with stuff to say bc it sells! I had such a great birthday party with my friends,” Ashley Tweeted, adding, “Family, and BOYFRIEND Scott. I will not let stupid rumors ruin all the fun we had! Xoxo”

Ashley has been happily dating music video producer Scott Speer.

Zac and Vanessa ended their relationship earlier this year.

Friends can’t give each other bikini clad piggyback rides? Apparently they can…


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PICS: Ashley Tisdale and Zac Efron spend the 4th together (flirting?)

Is there anything going on between Zac Efron and Ashley Tisdale? The ‘High School Musical’ stars spent their fourth of July holiday together!

Zac Efron gives Ashley Tisdale a ride on his shoulders at a 4th of July party in Malibu!

UPDATE: No such luck…. the two are just buds! Too Fab has the scoop:

After some curious photos surfaced this weekend of the two looking very cozy during Ash’s birthday party, the rumors started — suggesting Efron had moved on from his ex-girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens with another “High School Musical” star, one who also happened to be one Hudgens’ best friends.

Moments ago, Tisdale responded to the Disney dating controversy, tweeting “Don’t believe all pictures. People r gonna come up with stuff to say bc it sells! I had such a great birthday party with my friends, Family, and BOYFRIEND Scott. I will not let stupid rumors ruin all the fun we had! Xoxo”

Anyone looking for more proof that the two are just friends need look no further than the photo below — showing Ashley getting a kiss on the cheek from boyfriend Scott Speer the night of the party.

Photos: Fame

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