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Wyclef Jean Drops Out of Haiti’s Presidential Race

Wyclef Jean has officially dropped out of the running in Haiti’s Presidential race this November.

The singer has withdrawn his candidacy for President in his home country he announced today.

“This was not an easy conclusion to reach; but it is one that was thoughtfully made, taking into account many, many competing factors and weighing the course that will best advance the healing of the country and help it find the quickest path to recovery,” Jean, 40 explained.

“Some battles are best fought off the field, and that is where we take this now,” Jean said, adding that he doesn’t regret his attempts to appeal the Council’s decision. “It’s not about my candidacy–this appeal was meant to address the shortcomings of the process for every Haitian. Though my run for the presidency was cut short, in this way, I feel it was not in vain; it’s something we can use to improve conditions for my Haitian brothers and sisters.”


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Wyclef Jean calls Sean Penn out as a cocaine user!

The war of words between Wyclef Jean and Sean Penn continues! After Sean’s public doubts of Wyclef’s presidential bid in Haiti, Wyclef is fighting back – alleging Penn was “too busy sniffing cocaine” to notice Jean’s presence in Haiti after an earthquake devastated the nation in January.

The insult came during a concert performance this weekend where Wyclef changed the lyrics to his 2004 hit ‘President,’ singing: “I got a message for Sean Penn: Maybe he ain’t see me in Haiti because he was too busy sniffing cocaine.”

When Wyclef announced that he intended on running for president in Haiti, Penn quickly cast his doubt on CNN’s Larry King. “I have to say I’m very suspicious of it, simply because he, as an ambassador at large, has been virtually silent. For those of us in Haiti, he has been a non-presence.”

Sean Penn’s rep quickly wrote a vehement denial of cocaine use, telling JustJared:

“Mr. Jean is clearly unfamiliar with the physical demands put upon volunteers in Haiti. As aid workers there, the notion of depleting the body’s immune system thru the use of illicit drugs is ludicrous. More specifically, J/P Haitian Relief Organization (a.k.a. JPHRO) has a ZERO tolerance policy for any and all illegal drugs. As the leader of this organization, Sean Penn has not only set this policy, but adheres to it. That Mr. Jean would make such a false accusation is reckless and saddening, but not surprising.”

Jean was disqualified from the presidential running when he did not meet Haitian residency requirements.

Watch the video of Wyclef’s performance!

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Sean Penn said he questioned Wyclef Jean’s motives

Hip-hop artist Wyclef Jean says he has submitted the necessary paperwork to run for president of Haiti, a country he left when he was a child.

“Now that our country has toppled, it’s a chance to rebuild from the bottom on up,” Jean said, adding he will be the voice of Haiti’s youth.

Jean’s announcement quickly became a top topic on the internet, with many debating whether the music star best known for rapping, playing the guitar and dancing, could actually lead a country.

One outspoken critic was actor Sean Penn, who has lived in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, for months to help manage 50,000 displaced Haitians living in a camp.

Penn said he questioned Wyclef Jean’s motives.

“What the Haitian people need now is a leader who is genuinely willing to sacrifice,” Penn said. “I haven’t seen or heard anything of him in these last six months that I’ve been in Haiti. I think he’s an important voice. I hope he doesn’t sacrifice that voice by taking the eye off the very devastating realities on the ground.”

Penn mentioned past allegations that Jean mishandled funds from his nonprofit organization Yele Haiti and used some of the money donated for Haitians.

“He claims he didn’t do it. That has to be looked into it,” Penn said. “I’ve been there. I know what $400,000 could do for these people’s lives.”

At the time, Jean tearfully denied the allegations that he misappropriated funds from his Yele Haiti charity and experts on nonprofits said they couldn’t find serious wrongdoing.

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Wyclef Jean Will Run For President Of Haiti

Wyclef Jean is planning to run for President on Haiti for the islands Nov. 28 election. According to Rolling Stones, Wyclef is going to make the official announcement on Thursday’s Larry King Live.

Wyclef was born in Haiti but left the country at age 9 with his family. In 2007, he was named ambassador at large by Haitian President Rene Preval.

“I knew I’d have to take the next step,” Jean, 37, tells Time. “If not for the earthquake, I probably would have waited another 10 years before doing this.”

“If I can’t take five years out to serve my country as President,” Jean argues to Time, “then everything I’ve been singing about, like equal rights, doesn’t mean anything.”

The star is part of Haiti’s reformist party, Ensemble Nous Faut (We Must Do It Together), and admits to Time that, “it’s a hard thing for people to take artists seriously.”

Still, he argues, “I’m the only man who can stand in the middle and get the diaspora and Haiti’s elite families to cooperate that same way.”

“A lot of Haitians are excited about this,” Marvel Dandin, a Port-au-Prince radio broadcaster, told Time. “Given the awful situation in Haiti right now, most people don’t care if the President speaks fluent Creole.

Wyclef will be running against his uncle, Raymond Joseph. Currently Raymond is Haiti’s U.S. ambassador.

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