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Will Smith: ‘Racism is rare, but prejudice is everywhere’

Will Smith: 'Racism is rare, but prejudice is everywhere'

Will Smith appeared alongside several actors during The Hollywood Reporter’s Actor Roundtable and was asked about the topic of racism. He said that he and his wife Jada were just talking about the difference between “racism” and “prejudice”.

He revealed, “Everybody is prejudiced. Everybody has their life experiences that make them prefer one thing over another – it makes them prefer blond hair over a brunette; if you see somebody with dark skin walking down the street, you have a different reaction than you have someone who is 5-foot-1 and white.”

The word “racism,” he said, implies something worse: the feeling that “your race generally is superior.”

“And I have to say, I live with constant prejudice, but racism is actually rare — someone who thinks their race is superior,” Smith continued.

Smith said that, on the rare occasions when he’s encountered someone in Hollywood who’s actually racist, he’s immediately decided not to work with them. And, he said, it does happen.

A moment later, the interviewer asked if actors could do anything to fight this kind of racism. The other African-American actor on the panel, Samuel L. Jackson, answered with a simple “No.” But Smith was more optimistic about their chances.

“As actors, we have the ultimate power,” he said. “Historically, story combined with imagery moves humanity forward. What we do — not that it’s a responsibility, but it is the ultimate forum for changing people’s hearts and minds.”

What do you think of Will’s comments on racism and prejudice?

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Will Smith Responds To Divorce Rumors Via Facebook

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith to divorce?

Woah, the lady doth protest too much?

17 hours ago Will Smith went a little facebook wild, writing a kind of disjointed, defensive post about how Jada Pinkett-Smith and him weren’t getting divorce. It went a little something like this:

Under normal circumstances, I don’t usually respond to foolishness. (Because it’s contagious) But, so many people have extended me their “deepest condolences” that I figured – “What the hell… I can be foolish, too!”

So, in the interest of redundant, repetitious, over & over-again-ness… Jada and I are…

NOT GETTING A DIVORCE!!!!!!!!!!!!! : -)

I promise you all – if I ever decide to divorce my Queen – I SWEAR I’ll tell you myself!

‪#‎Dumb‬ People Should Have to Wear Scarlet D’s

(Via Facebook)

Yep, that happened.  And he sounds pretty pissed about all the rumors.  But still…wouldn’t a simple statement do?

Do you think this FB post is childish or appropriate?

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Will and Jada Pinkett Smith to divorce?

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith to divorce?

There are rumors floating around once again that Will and Jada Pinkett Smith are gearing up for a messy divorce.

After 17 long years of marriage and many rumors surrounding their union, there are reports that the couple have decided to pull the plug on their marriage. Can you believe it?

An insider said, “For Will and Jada, holding it together these past few years has been tough because their marriage has been on life support for a long time. They’re exhausted from trying to maintain the facade of a happy union. They’ve decided to pull the plug in a carefully choreographed manner, [and] agree announcing their split at the end of the summer is the right move.”

The duo reportedly has already worked out a “confidential settlement to protect their $240 million fortune, and prepare their kids for the fallout.”

There has been cheating rumors on both sides, but if this is true, my guess is that it’s because Will is the main offender. She has long said that he’s grown and can basically do whatever he wants.

Another spy said, “They tried to fix things with therapy, but it’s not happening.”

Lastly, another source said, “They’re already moving on with their lives. All that’s left is the inking of the divorce papers.”

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Jada Pinkett Smith And Will Smith Probably Have An Open Marriage

FOCUS Premieres in Hollywood

I guess after almost 20 years, Jada Pinkett Smith doesn’t sweat, like ANYTHING.

The Gotham starr sat down with Howard Stern on Wednesday to discuss her marriage to Will Smith, which to be honest makes it seem like they’re in a pretty open relationship, even though she doesn’t say that directly. Us Weekly reports:

On marriage being a journey: “We have traveled and you’ve gotta be strong. It takes work — you know that!” she said to Stern. “Here’s the deal, Howard. You’ve gotta trust who you’re with. And at the end of the day, right, I’m not here to be anybody’s watcher. I’m not his watcher. He’s a grown man.”

On the basics of marriage: “Here’s what I trust: The man that Will is… is a man of integrity. He’s got all the freedom in the world,” she dished. “As long as Will can look himself the mirror and be okay? I’m good.”

On Any “affairs:” “I’m gonna know anyway,” she continued, saying not all Hollywood couples were on the same page. “It can sometimes [suck] if you’re not clear about where your man is.”

On Will being attracted to other women:  “When you can look in your man’s eyes and know that he’s holding you down and that he loves you,” she dished. “Here’s what’s real: I’m not the kind of woman that believes a man is not going to be attracted to another woman.”

What do YOU think? Is this about men in more general terms or do you think that this marriage is open and she’s cool with it?!

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