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Whitney Port Shares Her Engagement Story

Whitney Port Shines In The Big Apple

Whitney Port’s been in blingy engagement bliss for more than a year now, but she’s just now revealing the intimate details behind the design and proposal by fiance Tim Rosenman
Port told PEOPLE that Rosenman hadn’t wanted her input on the ring, as he wanted to design a surprise one with Australian designer Ron Bensimon while the couple vacationed in Sydney. But the whole thing got derailed when Whitney overheard a conversation between the two…

“My stomach immediately dropped. I thought to myself, ‘Does he need to talk to me about something? What the f does he need luck for?’” she wrote. “I immediately asked him and he tried to brush it off but I just couldn’t let it go.” After a while, Rosenman gave up on the surprise and proposed right there in their living room — spoiling the surprise. “He told me he had this elaborate plan … to propose to me on a boat in the Sydney Harbor!” she wrote. “I couldn’t believe I had basically ruined that magical moment we would have had, but I was so happy to be engaged to him that it didn’t even matter!”

But the upside? She got a say in the ring like she always wanted. “I had the gift of being able to give Timmy a little insight into my taste. I told him I loved oval shape and rose gold. He met with the jeweler Ron Bensimon, who went above and beyond and found the most beautiful stone ever in Israel. It was flown across the world to him, where he set it and then delivered it to our hotel in Sydney.” she said.

And in the end, Rosenman got the proposal he imagined as well. “Once Timmy had the ring, he wanted to make it official — he came back to our hotel room, got down on one knee, presented me with the most beautiful ring I had ever seen and popped the question!”

(via People)

So what’s next? Well, everything’s pretty set…save a little thing, oh, you know, just the gettin’ hitched part…

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Whitney Port Tweets Sneak Peek At Her New Jewelry Line.

Whitney Port just tweeted a peek at her new Bits and Bobs line. What do you think?

I’ve been mentioning this jewelry line for a little bit now but I finally can share with you a sneak peek of what’s to come. This is my first time designing jewelry and I now introduce you to Bits and Bobs by Whitney Eve. I’ll be posting the Look Book soon so keep checking back. xoxo, Whit

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Whitney Port: Fashion Miss?

Former reality star Whitney Port stepped out for the 2012 Rodial Beautiful Awards in London.  This dress could’ve been a fashion hit, but it looks more like a wardrobe malfunction, in my humble opinion.  I don’t like the swoop under the breast – it looks like the material slipped down by accident. I think if the “swoop” would’ve been hoisted up where it “should” be, it would’ve been a much more flattering style.  Whitney’s shoes are GREAT, though!

What do you think of her overall look? Hit or miss?

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Whitney Port arrives at the 2nd Annual Elle FASHION/NEXT event held in NYC

What do you think of her dress?

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